LG Celebrates Roe v Wade, Sort Of

Admittedly, as a doctor, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam is probably not that well-versed in constitutional law.  But as the presumptive Democrat nominee for Governor, one would hope he’d have some clue as to what issues Supreme Court decisions are about – particularly since he, as a pediatric neurologist, often claims the “moral” high-ground when it comes to “women’s health.”

Now, it isn’t at all surprising that on Sunday the Lt. Governor sent out an email celebrating the infamous Roe v. Wade decision that imposed abortion on the states.  He obviously doesn’t believe that 60 million abortions are nearly enough.  He opens his email by saying:

As a doctor, there are few Supreme Court decisions that I applaud more than Roe v. Wade.

That’s a pretty strong claim in and of itself, but still, it’s standard stuff for someone who champions taking the lives of unborn children with all the vigor they can muster.  But then his email gets a bit, well, awkward. 

You see, nowhere in the entire email does the Lt. Governor (oh, and did I mention he’s the presumptive Democrat nominee for Governor?) ever mention abortion, you know, the thing Roe v. Wade was about.  Predictably, he uses the euphemism “women’s health,” but even there, he goes off on why he thinks you should be forced by the government to pay for the contraceptives of others, in particular, “long-acting, reversible contraceptives (LARCs).”

Now, that may be all well and good, except for the fact that Roe doesn’t have anything to do with contraceptives.  That issue was decided a decade earlier in the Griswold v. Connecticut case.  To be fair, the Court used the Griswold case as a building block for Roe, but still, one would hope that the LG could keep the two Supreme Court cases straight.  Then again, based on his (and other “progressives”) hysterical claims that those dastardly Republicans are somehow going to take away birth control – despite Griswold – maybe he is completely unaware that the Court decided the issue half a century ago. 

Or, perhaps he inadvertently just admitted that many “LARCs” are abortifacients that end life at the very start?

Regardless, the LG probably isn’t too worried about these kinds of details.  The people he’s emailing are likely disinterested in facts, accuracy, truth – all those silly things that we once at least pretend we wanted in our candidates.   As long as he’s okay with adding to 60 million abortions, he's got their vote.

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