Local School Boards Teach Radical "Truth"

Last night I was at the Loudoun County School Board meeting, where the School Board added “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to their Equal Opportunity policy by a vote of 5-4. Just one vote made the difference.

This policy change puts Loudoun County in the same place as West Point – where teachers like Peter Vlaming can be fired simply because they refuse to use pronouns to describe students which do not match their actual sex.

That position – that sex is determined by biology – was mocked by many in the audience last night.

“No one has asked how many girls are uncomfortable getting undressed in front of a male.” School board member Jill Turgeon said as she explained why she was voting against the policy change.

“Speak the truth!” a person shouted from the audience. “They’re not males!”

The heckler was ignoring the biological reality of male and female. Jill Turgeon responded calmly, “That is my belief, and I am entitled to it as you are to yours.”

“You can believe the Earth is flat.” The audience member said, continuing to heckle her while the Chairman called for decorum and threatened to clear the room if any more outbursts occurred.

School Boards across Virginia are imposing policies that teach our children that male and female are arbitrary concepts that can be changed throughout a person’s life.

This isn’t just happening in Loudoun County and NOVA. West Point has adopted these policies. Stafford will vote on a comprehensive Transgender policy in the coming months. Earlier this year, the Fluvana School Board voted to change their school logo for the Gay Straight Alliance club. Discussions are underway in Gloucester County about changing their policy. It is everywhere.

Every local school board will be asked to answer the questions of whether Male and Female really are different. There are orchestrated efforts to change the policies of every school across the Commonwealth.

This is a call to action. This is your time to stand up and speak the truth. The heckler said that biological boys who think they are girls are no longer male. That is not truth.

Boys and Girls are different. While compassionate policies for young people experiencing gender identity confusion and distress should be adopted, those policies should not deny biological facts. Those policies should not compel others to set aside their deeply held convictions and speak messages with which they disagree. And those policies should not violate the constitutionally protected rights of boys and girls to bodily privacy when undressing or changing.

You must get involved to accomplish these true and compassionate policies. Without you being involved at every step, more and more school districts will follow Loudoun and impose a policy that insists “They’re not males!” and that anyone who disagrees is equivalent to someone claiming that the Earth is flat.

So I am calling on you to attend your next School Board meeting.

  • Look up the agenda and get educated about what policies are being considered.

  • Introduce yourself to the school board members and ask them what they think about boys and girls being different.

  • Remind them that privacy matters.

And get involved in your next School Board election.

  • Find out who is running.

  • If no one is running that you can support with your vote, consider running yourself!

  • Elect good men and women who will speak the truth.

When you see a policy or candidate that is true, let me know. The Family Foundation is here to speak the truth. Will you join us?

Sean Maguire can be reached directly at sean@familyfoundation.org or by phone at (804) 343-0010 ext. 240.