Media's Abortion Cover Up

Last week, the Washington Post printed an explosive story about a Fairfax abortion center owned by Steven Brigham having its license suspended because conditions found inside the facility by public health officials were too appalling for even the McAuliffe administration to ignore.

Yet, the rest of Virginia’s media seems quite comfortable ignoring. 

In fact, outside of what appears to be a cut and paste Associated Press story on the Richmond Times Dispatch website, a quick Google search (imperfect, I realize) finds no story in any other Virginia based media.

But there’s a story in the Philadelphia news.  That’s right.  Philadelphia.

Home of the infamous Kermit Gosnell.

A state where, in 2013, Brigham was “banished” because of the horrific conditions found in his abortion centers.

And neighbor of Brigham’s New Jersey abortion centers, where he “recently lost his license and was ordered to sell his seven clinics in that state after he was found to be illegally performing dangerous late-term abortions.”

Now, my guess is reporters for other daily newspapers in Virginia will argue that “it’s not a local story.”  Even though Brigham owns an abortion center in Virginia Beach, where the Virginian Pilot is located (which has in the past run stories (here and here) about Brigham, in part through our effort to expose him).  This time?  Not a peep.

But it’s a local story in Philadelphia.

But not, apparently, in Richmond.  At least not where an actual reporter sits down and makes a few calls, reads the inspection report, asks some tough questions.  You know, investigates.  And doesn’t just copy and paste from Planned Parenthood’s press release.  At a newspaper that has been obsessed with the issue of abortion center health and safety standards from the beginning – albeit to trumpet the abortion industry’s talking points – one would think a reporter would be interested.

But this story disrupts the narrative, and that is simply not allowed.