Quick, Run to Your Safe Space!

A leading psychiatrist with Johns Hopkins published a study recently that calls into question the veracity of the claim that homosexuality and gender identity confusion (SOGI) are biologically intrinsic or unchangeable.

Que the moral outrage and personal attacks.

Paul R. McHugh, M.D., a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and for twenty-five years the psychiatrist-in-chief at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, has already been the target of vicious, hateful attacks from the tolerant left.  He, after all, refuses to base his science on cultural whims and subjective feelings.  Consequently, he’ll be attacked as:

-          Bigoted

-          Hateful

-          Ignorant

-          Dangerous

-          A buffoon

-          Names I can’t write on a family-friendly blog

Mostly, his study will be completely ignored by the so-called “mainstream media,” and simply dismissed as “widely debunked” by those who refuse to allow for a rational debate. 

If nothing else, research by such esteemed scientists should call into question the progressive-secular left’s absolutism when it comes to sexuality.  But then again, their scientism allows for no debate, no challenges, no assertions contrary to theirs.  After all, the “science is settled” as they say, despite the fact that such a statement is contrary to the very nature of real science. 

Debate is welcomed by those who are intellectually and emotionally strong enough to accept challenges to their beliefs; that are confident that what they believe is true.  In a nation of people who need “safe spaces” to be protected from debate, reports like those of Dr. McHugh likely have many secular-progressives running for cover, and others hurling bigoted insults.  Not exactly an environment for rational conversation.