Obama's Game of Thrones

Last week, President Obama’s Departments of Justice and Education (DOJ and DOE) sent a letter to every school board in the country threatening that if they do not “provide transgender students equal access to educational programs and activities,” that the DOJ and DOE will strip them of all federal funding.

Understand what this means.  If your child’s or grandchild’s school does not immediately allow a student who merely “identifies” as another gender the school could lose its federal funding.  The school must permit that student to use the restroom, locker room, and shower of his or her choice – regardless of the student's biological OR anatomical sex.

But it doesn’t stop there.  The letter includes “sex segregated activities,” which would apply to sports.  Consequently, while the letter actually contradicts itself on this point, it could be interpreted as requiring schools to allow students to play on the school sports team of the gender that he or she feels like that day! (And, of course, shower with after the game.)

Yes, folks, this is actually happening. And yes – we’ve predicted all along that this was going to happen.

The policy doesn’t cover simply elementary and secondary schools, but colleges and universities that receive any federal funding as well – including private schools.  The implications for Christian universities are enormous. 

The Obama administration’s message to every one of our schools is unmistakable: Bow down to our demands and fully conform to our radical sexual ideology - or you will be punished.  Oh, and by the way, Congress and state legislatures are simply irrelevant. 

The President's letter, however, is only the latest contemptible overreach by the federal government into the province of states and localities, fueled by the a radical secular left that will clearly stop at nothing to impose its rigid ideology on our nation. Even though the President’s letter does not carry the force of law, it could prove to be a powerful tool to frighten principals and school boards into submission.

It is critical that these bully tactics by the Obama administration do not go unanswered.

Click here to sign our petition, urging Speaker of the House Bill Howell and Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment to make legislation protecting the the privacy, safety and dignity of all students at top legislative priority!  Our children should not be forced to share a bathroom, changing area, shower, or single-sex sports team with students of the opposite sex!

Lest anyone think they will just be able to “go along to get along” while maintaining their own beliefs about male and female in the school setting – think again.  The letter also addresses how schools (including all administrators, teachers, and students) will be required to use the gender pronouns for each student that correspond to his or her subjective feelings or face retribution.

For teachers, try calling a gender-confused junior-high boy a “he,” and be prepared to face a credible charge of federal civil rights discrimination on the basis of “sex.”  If little Johnny refers to little Suzie as “her,” when Suzie thinks she may be a boy, little Johnny is likely to get a trip to the principal’s office for “correction.”   And if Johnny persists, he’s likely to be suspended for “bullying.”

There is no end to the absurdity that comes when our government tries to impose on everyone a genderless society, and one in which all truth is relative.  At a minimum, we owe it to our school children not to let that happen. We urge our state school boards and our elected officials in Virginia to stand up to this astonishingly illegal overreach by the Obama administration and say no!