"Out of Context"

You never know during a General Assembly session which bill or issue is going to become the one the left and the media latch on to in an attempt to create hysteria.  This year, it appears to be the bill that (hold on tight) would ensure parents know if their kids are being taught sexually explicit material, and be allowed to opt their child out of that material.

Crazy, right?

Yesterday, as the bill was being debated in the state Senate, Janet Howell (D-32, Reston) labeled as “small minded” those parents who don’t want their children reading “Pulitzer Prize” winning books that just happen to contain some materials they might not like.  (Okay, she actually said passing the bill says Virginia is small minded, but come on, we all know what she meant.)   

So, in an attempt to show why some parents might not want to expose their kids to certain materials, Senator Tom Garrett (R-22, Hadensville) attempted to read an excerpt from one of the books in question.  Of course, the language was so offensive, his colleagues had to ask him to stop because, well, there were children present.  You can watch the exchange here (WARNING: anyone with taste or decency may find the excerpt read by the Senator to be offensive):

The Senate passed the bill 22-17, with one Democrat joining all Republicans in support.

While in the Senate, the bill was amended, so today, the House of Delegates had to vote on that amendment.  Delegate Alfonzo Lopez (D-49, Arlington) decided it was his turn to mock the bill and parents who might have decency.  During his diatribe, he was asked by Delegate Todd Gilbert (R-15, Woodstock) if he was aware of what happened when Senator Garrett attempted to read on the Senate floor from one of the books in question.  Lopez retorted he was, and that the excerpt was taken “out of context.”

Out of context?  I just wonder: in exactly what context is the excerpt Senator Garrett attempted to read okay for kids?  Perhaps it’s nighttime reading for some families?  That would explain a lot about our culture.

What the debate over this bill has again exposed is the outright hostility to parents and basic human decency displayed by the secular left.  Apparently, to them, there is nothing to vile for kids. 

Next thing you know, they’ll be saying our children should be exposed to the opposite sex in locker rooms and restrooms.