Owner of Virginia Abortion Facility Has License Revoked

We’ve just learned that Virginia’s most notorious abortionist has finally been stripped of his medical license in New Jersey, his home base of operation, by the state’s Appeals Court. This is encouraging news, since Stephen Brigham has been a lingering menace in the abortion industry for years, having been convicted of numerous crimes and found to be running a multi-state underground operation of illegal late-term abortions.

You may remember that one of Brigham’s abortion centers in Virginia was permanently shut down, after then-Governor McAuliffe’s own Health Commissioner suspended its license in April 2016, citing a 52-page inspection report full of egregious health and safety violations. The abortion center health and safety standards we fought hard to implement in 2011 made it possible for that to happen. Before abortion centers had oversight through these regulations, the Stephen Brighams and Kermit Gosnells of the world were left completely to their own devices.

Even though he is no longer licensed to practice in Virginia, Brigham still owns one abortion center here – Virginia Women’s Wellness in Virginia Beach. This latest development provides all the more reason to be diligent in making sure our abortion center health and safety regulations are robust and are being actively enforced.

That’s why we are currently engaged in a significant legal battle with the State Board of Health, which broke the law in numerous ways in order to strip the abortion center regulations of much of their force. We are determined to reinstate the original common-sense standards that helped lead to the closure of one-third of the state’s licensed abortion facilities. When these facilities are forced to live up to the same reasonable health standards as other realmedical clinics, so many of them continue to prove (through documented inspection reports) what we suspected all along – they are unsanitary, unsafe, and unfit to operate.

Meanwhile, all of this does not even take into account the most glaringly outrageous aspect of all – the fact that these centers kill thousands of babies every year. But rest assured, their days are numbered.