Privacy for Me But Not for Thee

To the secular left, the right to privacy has always been sacrosanct.

Remember, it is the right to privacy on which the “right to abortion” rests. 

It is the right to privacy on which “crimes against nature” laws were overturned by the Supreme Court, a decision on which the “right to same-sex marriage” rests.

And, it is the ACLU that has been at the forefront of fighting government over reach in looking at our communications data without a court order.

Apparently, however, the right to privacy has met its match.

The bathroom door.

Who knew?

Suddenly, a right that was heretofore beyond limit has, well, limitations.  A right used to justify the taking of millions of unborn lives, used to justify the redefining of a relationship that is un-redefinable, is unceremoniously flushed. 

Now, notice, there are no privacy limitations for the secular left, of course, but there are most certainly limitations for you.  Overnight, the very idea that you might want to use a restroom, locker room or shower without someone of the opposite sex hovering around is irrational, hateful and dangerous.  You wanting to exercise your right to privacy might cause someone to feel bad, so it’s jettisoned.

A privacy right to kill unborn children is limitless, but privacy for those who are living exists only to redefine cultural norms out of existence.  Only a culture that has no recognition of the value of human life and transcendent truth could possibly come to that conclusion.