Private Parts

It was quite an interesting morning outside the Governor’s Mansion on Capitol Square today.  Late yesterday Governor Terry McAuliffe’s office released his “Public Schedule” for the week:

McAuliffe Schedule.jpg

You’ll note that his “Public Schedule” includes “Governor McAuliffe to act on legislation impacting womens health” at 9:45 am today at the Executive Mansion.  Now, we are well aware that the so-called “progressive” left has some difficulty discerning what is public and private (see bathrooms), and we learned this morning that this apparently includes what constitutes a “public” event. 

You see, several of us who wanted to see the Governor’s “public” activity showed up at the Mansion and tried to gain access.  Only when we did we were informed that no, the event wasn’t “public,” it was private.  Yet we watched as several people entered the event without showing any form of ID, so how the Capitol Police could distinguish between those invited to the public/private event is anyone’s guess.  Perhaps it was the signs we were carrying that said things like “Defund Planned Parenthood” and “Planned Parenthood Lies” that made us undesirable.  

So undesirable, in fact, that we were then informed that we couldn’t hold up our signs because we “didn’t have a permit.”  This was a bit perplexing since we know that permits aren’t granted for any areas of Capitol Square with the exception of the area around the Bell Tower, far removed from the Capitol and the Executive Mansion; and this despite having witnessed numerous groups all session long being allowed to hold up signs wherever and whenever they pleased.  We’ve watched Planned Parenthood apologists line the sidewalks of Capitol Square with their signs.  Apparently, they are permitted to do that.  In all fairness to the Capitol Police, they were just “doing what we’re told,” apparently by the administration, because we did hold up signs when we first arrived, but then we couldn't. 

While standing outside the fence surrounding the Governor’s Mansion unable to hold up our signs, we were able to hear the Governor pontificate on how it is so important to have an “open and inclusive” Virginia where everyone feels welcome.  While we were standing outside the fence.  Barred from being welcome. 

The Governor then very publicly (sort of) vetoed legislation that would have redirected taxpayer dollars away from Planned Parenthood toward real health clinics that offer comprehensive care for women.  McAuliffe was joined at this public (oh, never mind) campaign rally by candidate for Governor Ralph Northam and candidate for AG Mark Herring. 

For the second year in a row, the Governor celebrated vetoing a bill supported by 54 percent of Virginians; last year he did so at a Planned Parenthood abortion center.  At least this year he did it in public/private/behind a fence.