Rally to Revive the ERA?

Advocates of the so-called Equal Rights Amendment are rallying today in one last attempt to bring this defeated Constitutional Amendment back from the dead. 

We encourage you to send an email, but also message your legislators onFacebook + Twitter! Tell them to Celebrate Womanhood on Valentine's Day, not ERAse it.

Click here to find your legislators' Facebook and Twitter accounts. Use the instructions at the bottom of the page to directly message your legislators a special Valentine's Day message!

Be creative in your social media messages. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Celebrate Womanhood this Valentine's Day. Don't support the ERA.

Women should be given flowers, chocolates, and good gifts on Valentine's Day. Don't give them the so-called ERA.

Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate Womanhood, reject the ERA!

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
The ERA's been Dead
Since before '82!

Click here to send a message right now by email.

Feel free to send as many messages as you want throughout the day! The ERA advocates have taken the time to come in person to try to convince our legislators that the ERA is a good idea, your voice on social media is needed today!