Rogue or Reality?

The self-proclaimed “brick wall” administration has now suspended the license of Dr. Steven Brigham’s Virginia Health Group in Fairfax County.  The Washington Post reports that the abortion center had “…dirty equipment, expired medication in unlocked cabinets, lax storage ofmedical records and a failure of staff to sterilize and maintain medical equipment and follow hand-washing protocols.”   The facility failed to have sutures available resulting in a patient being rushed to the emergency room for prolonged bleeding.  

All Virginians should be glad that the health and safety standards Governor McAuliffe and the abortion industry believed were unnecessary resulted in suspension of Virginia Health Group.  After opposing common sense effort to regulate abortion clinics in Virginia, the National Abortion Federation is now claiming Dr. Brigham’s facility “poses a significant threat to patient safety, and which cannot be allowed to go unchecked in Virginia.”  The ACLU argued that “’one rogue provider’s failure’ to follow standards of medical care should not draw increased political scrutiny on providers who follow the rules.” 

The irony and hypocrisy of these statements should be evident to all.  Not only did Governor McAuliffe, the National Abortion Federation and ACLU oppose even the most basic of regulations to protect women who enter facilities like Dr. Brigham’s, but for the standards they oppose, the deplorable conditions at Dr. Brigham’s facility would continue unchecked and women would be in danger.  Somehow, I don’t believe they will stop their assault on regulations designed to protect women.

Brigham’s Virginia Health Group license to do abortions is suspended, for now.  Women in Virginia are safer as a result.