Religious Liberty Rules

The hypocrisy of the left is astounding.  For the past week, the left has cheered the Governors of Virginia and Georgia for vetoing legislation designed to protect the religious liberty rights of pastors and faith based organizations.  At the same time, the left cheered a new set of federal regulations establishing a “religious liberty rule” governing faith-based organizations operating in the social services realm.  

Under this new “religious liberty rule,” a person receiving social services benefits can request an alternative provider if they disagree with the religious beliefs of the organization providing the social services.   The rule also provides that those receiving services cannot be required to attend or participate in religious activities. 

In this case, what is good for the goose is certainly not good for the gander.

You see, it is religious liberty right for an individual receiving services or benefits, such as adoption, welfare, or job search, to choose to receive those services from a non-faith based organization.  But, it is discrimination when a county clerk requests that she not violate her religious beliefs and offers to have a deputy clerk issue the marriage license.

It is religious liberty for a beneficiary of social services to choose not to participate or attend a religious ceremony.  But, it is discrimination when a baker or photographer chooses not to provide services that would require their participation or attendance to a same-sex marriage ceremony.

For the left, “religious liberty” only exists to protect an individual from ever being influenced by religion.  It chooses to protect freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion.