Save the Babies!

The definition of “women’s health care” is as fluid it seems as the definition of gender, at least to the political left.  Yesterday’s floor debate in the state Senate is another example.

As the Senate was debating Delegate Ben Cline’s bill to redirect non-Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood to comprehensive health care facilities, Senator Barbara Favola lamented that such a prohibition would end a contract the state has with a Planned Parenthood affiliate to provide STD testing.  She worried that such a change would endanger “women’s health” and put unborn babies at risk (no, really) because they are more likely to have health issues if their moms have an STD:

The clinics our colleagues are targeting help women treat infections like Hepatitis B to make sure these infections are not passed on to newborns through no fault of their own.

Never mind that being killed in the womb is “no fault of their own” either, Favola and Planned Parenthood itself sure are awfully concerned about STD testing all of the sudden, which is kind of surprising.  You see, over the past year plus while the industry was fighting to dilute abortion center health and safety standards, they fought to remove a requirement that abortion centers provide STD testing!

That’s right, the same people lamenting that they aren’t going to get paid by taxpayers to do STD testing also fought against having to do STD testing.  Apparently, it’s only women’s health care when you profit off of the taxpayers.

And by the way, there is no reason that community health clinics can’t apply for the same grant and provide the same service.  And they can do so in really “underserved” areas because they actually have clinics in underserved areas.  There are no Planned Parenthood abortion centers west of Roanoke. There are dozens of community health care centers.  

It really is remarkable that the abortion industry seems absolutely incapable of being honest in any way.  Or they are completely blind to their own distortions.  But they can get away with it because there is absolutely no one in the media that is going to challenge their claims.