Saving the Littlest Ones in Virginia

Most people in this country are rightly horrified that we are discussing killing children by abortion literally moments before they are born. New York’s law allows that, now.

This week the nation watched as Delegate Kathy Tran (D-42) admitted that her bill would allow the same thing in Virginia. She was forced to admit that even while the mother is about to give birth to a healthy child, abortion could be legally allowed if her bill passed.

Delegate Tran was not alone in proposing this bill. She was joined by Delegate Debra Rodman (D-73) who stood in support of HB 2491. Three of the Committee members also voted for this atrocious bill.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Senator McClellan (D-9) introduced an identical bill (SB 1451) which received unanimous support from her party in the Committee.

Senator McClellan introduced this language last year, as well. Her effort to expand abortion on demand up to the day of birth has been narrowly defeated – by just one vote – two years in a row.

Life is really on the line in this deeply dividing legislature in Virginia. Senator McClellan and her friends want to allow abortion on demand up to the day of birth. All in all, 14 of the 19 Democrat Senators and 23 of the Democrat Delegates have gone on record supporting these abortion bills. Speaker Cox and his friends are holding the line against that effort, but it is just one vote away from turning the other way around.

Governor Northam has publicly supported the bill, and perhaps even goes beyond supporting abortion up to birth. He said in a radio interview that, "If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother."

Please keep the legislators in your prayers as they reach the half-way mark of this legislative session. Pray for them to support life. Pray that those who are supporting these radical abortion bills will have a change of heart. Pray that the lives of the unborn will be protected in Virginia.

We celebrate that Senator McClellan’s bill and Delegate Tran’s copy of it in the House were both defeated. Please thank all of the Delegates (Gilbert, Leftwich, Campbell, J.L., Ransone, Bell, Robert B) and Senators (Newman, Black, Carrico, Cosgrove, Dunnavant, Chase, Suetterlein, Peake) who voted against them.

We also want to urge the House of Delegates to pass a vital bill that would prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortions. Delegate Kathy Byron’s abortion funding Constitutional amendment needs to be voted on in the House before the end of the week! Click here to urge the members of the House Privileges & Elections Committee to vote that Constitutional amendment forward.