Friday, April 15th has been “designated” as this year’s annual “Day of Silence” at schools across the country promoted by the LGBT activist group “GLSEN” (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network). If you haven’t heard about it, perhaps it’s because the premise of the event is that no one is allowed to speak. Over the course of the school day, students from middle school to college take a vow of silence to “stand up” for those who identity as “LGBT.”

And don’t think your local schools are going to defend your values.  Most are complicit in supporting or are downright afraid to stand in the way of anything that promotes lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender sexuality.

More likely, you may not have heard about it because, while according to GLSEN, the Day of Silence seeks to “address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior…bullying and harassment” among middle and high-school aged kids, the last I checked, today’s tweens and teens have embraced the concept of “LGBT” lifestyles more than any other sub-group.  So this so-called “problem” (and therefore this ‘Day of Silence’) has evidently not made enough waves to enter into the average person’s consciousness.

As an aside, it is highly ironic that the LGBT movement is promoting a day to tell its proponents to stay silent when they are doing all they can across the nation to bully anyone who disagrees with them into silence.  The cries of “bigotry” and “discrimination” at the mere mention of the possibility that there are sexual ethics that don’t condone LGBT behavior has silenced teachers, college professors, business owners, politicians and, yes, clergy.  Silence is indeed the goal.

Nevertheless, this event is something you need to be aware of, especially if you have school-aged kids. Granted, I realize that the idea of your kids being voluntarily silent for an entire day in some ways seems like a dream come true.  But don’t take the bait, lest you wake up one day and realize that your children have been conscripted into the pro-LGBT cultural crusade.

Lessons on acceptable sexual conduct and conversations about the significance of binary gender roles are best reserved for parents at home with their kids.  As the past several decades have shown us, schools are no place for kids to develop their fundamental values system, including their sense of sexual norms.  Today’s parents must be ever vigilant to guard their proper role of teaching their kids about sex and morality.  Especially in these matters, parents cannot afford to have public schools implant into their child’s mind its default worldview – secular humanism.   

One great danger here comes in that impressionable minds are being cleverly coaxed into believing that they are taking part in something noble and honorable – standing up for dignity and against injustice. I do wish that were so.  After all, we should all want our kids to be self-sacrificing for causes which are noble and honorable.  We should want them to treat every person with dignity and respect, and to fight against injustice wherever they encounter it.  We agree that there is no room for bullying in schools (which is why we helped pass anti-bullying legislation in Virginia several years ago).

But this is a Trojan horse.  Only here, it’s not the ancient city of Troy that’s in jeopardy; it’s the very hearts and minds of our kids.  The same kids who reflect our values and represent our future.

Make no mistake: remaining silent for a day will not cause some people to treat other people with more dignity and respect.  That will come when parents instill good values into their kids and show by their example how people are to be treated.  But it may very well cause many school-aged children to buy into cleverly disguised false premises and attractively veiled lies, all having the intended effect of polluting the minds of our kids at a time when their minds are most malleable.

Parents are the only ones who can and must ensure that doesn’t happen.