Sleeping Giant

After hearing from parents on Wednesday night into the wee hours of Thursday morning, and following weeks of intense opposition from county residents, the Prince William County School Board voted to postpone until at least next June any further discussion on elevating the subjective notions of sexual orientation and gender identity to a special protected status in the schools’ policy.

This is a HUGE WIN for parents and students in Prince William and all across the Commonwealth!

Prince William County residents and leaders, much like Fairfax County before them, are a shining example of how concerned parents can stand up and successfully push back against dangerous and politically-motivated policies that seek to blur all lines of truth and sanity while making our children the guinea pigs for Leftist social experiments. 

For over five hours, nearly 140 speakers passionately and compellingly addressed a proposed revision to the school system’s policy that would elevate the subjective notions of sexual orientation and gender identity to a special protected status. From our assessment, at least 90% of the comments were from parents, grandparents, students, pastors, and community leaders strongly opposed to the idea of putting boys in girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and bedrooms for overnight trips.

Backing them up with their support, booming applause, hand-made signs, with many wearing their characteristic red, several hundred Prince William residents – mostly parents – filled the meeting room, as well as an overflow room reserved specially for this meeting.

In fact, it was remarkable just how one-sided it turned out to be. Parents were having none of it. And as we saw, the School Board members got the message. The only member to oppose the motion to postpone discussion until the next year was Chairman Ryan Sawyers, the man singularly responsible for pushing this nonsensical policy change despite overwhelming reasons to back off.

While the School Board should have gone ahead and voted down this terrible policy, it was notable that they decided to take no action until after the courts provided more guidance on the matter. But after witnessing what parents in Prince William pulled together in just a few short weeks of learning about this policy, imagine what parents and residents can do with nearly a year’s worth of coordination!

Perhaps the School Board members are thinking to themselves, “I fear we may have only awoken a sleeping giant.”

For now, count this one as a win for parents, a win for student safety, privacy, and dignity, a win for the rule of law, and a win for sanity and common sense. In the meantime, other counties across Virginia should look to Prince William County as a great model for protecting our school children.