"Merry Christmas"

Virginia News Stand: November 13, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Built From Scratch

The communications department threw in the towel today, not providing its share of material for the News Stand. What to do? Build one from scratch. Go to traditional sources for national news and for the state stuff — raid blogs! You know what? I think this is one of the best News Stands, ever. Please read it all as most are short, but with loads of enlightening info. The Post's Virginia Politics Blog provides self-explanatory headlines. Tertium Quids was a source of much to note, including a free-market health care plan that will be introduced at this year's General Assembly. It's about two pages compared to the 2,000-page PelosiCare federal version. The Shad Plank connected the links in a compelling post about a possible challenger to Representative Bobby Scott (D-3rd District), which is rare. 

Elsewhere, the T-D contributes one article — about Representative Tom Perriello's tele-townhall on his health care vote, while TQ reports on a different type of meeting in Danville between Tea Partiers and the congressman. It looks like Representative Glenn Nye committed a mortal leftist sin. We also have reports on Governor Kaine's out-of-state fundraising while Virginia gets flooded. A VDOT land grab is chronicled in TQ. Nationally, the ACLU is trying to force a high school into allowing a same-sex prom date and the RNC is dropping staff health insurance plans that cover elective abortions. In Analysis, Bernie Quigley of The Hill's Pundits Blog debuts here with a look at the Dems and the South, while AFA looks at naughty and nice retailers (which ones say "Merry Christmas" and which don't).

Finally, our friends at TQ provide something we don't know how to describe, but it has to do with Glenn Beck, so we created our first ever Feature category. Look it over for a good laugh.


Perriello telephone town hall draws 8,000 (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Burning Perriello Effigy (Tertium Quids)

Nye Targeted From the Left (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

A challenger for Bobby Scott? (The Shad Plank)

McDonnell heads to Austin a GOP star (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Only 9th Street astir on quiet holiday (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

McDonnell, House Dems to meet (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

GOP criticizes Kaine for absence during storm (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

VDOT's costly attempt at a land grab (Tertium Quids)

Health Care Freedom for VA? (Tertium Quids)

National News:

GOP chairman ends abortion insurance for employees (AP/OneNewsNow.com)

ACLU defends lesbian student on prom issue (OneNewsNow.com

Evangelist gets 175 years for sex convictions (AP/OneNewsNow.com)


The South has won (Bernie Quigley/The Hill's Pundits Blog)

Retailers can be naughty or nice, too (OneNewsNow.com)

Governor's Travels (Tertium Quids


South Park does Glenn Beck (Tertium Quids)

It's Official: It's "Merry Christmas" After All

Despite what the secularists, liberal media and politically correct authoritarians claim, shove at us and demand, an overwhelming amount of Americans, from all political backgrounds, prefer to say and be greeted with "Merry Christmas" rather than the offensive "happy holidays." In fact, in a recent poll by Opinion Dynamics for Fox News (see here), most people are offended when others offer the "happy holidays" greeting, despite the years-long attempt by the above culprits to indoctrinate the public and dilute the culture with the "appropriateness" of using that slogan, so as to not "offend" anyone. As it turns out, it does offend people — the vast majority who understand that this holiday is a Holy Day and who have never bought into the secular left propaganda that has tried to strip it of its meaning (see this short blog post from Wilson Research Strategies). Overall, 77 percent of the public prefers "Merry Christmas," the same number as independents, while Republicans prefer it by 87 percent and Democrats by 69 percent. So, where's the basis for the "you will offend people by saying 'Merry Christmas' hogwash"? 

It has always been a cheap canard and always will be. Now, in perhaps the most politically left age of the Republic, we still see people holding on to their core religious values. So much for the secularists.