$13 trillion debt

It Had To Be Said

The Far Left and its mainstream media echo chamber have had a ball this summer with a constant and intentional caricature of the conservative candidates who have defeated moderate Republicans in GOP primaries (see Alexander Burns at Politico.com). It's about time someone stepped forward to fire back a volley of truth. Someone has. Earlier this week, U.S. Senator Jim Demint (R-S.C.) wrote in an e-mail to supporters of the Senate Conservatives Fund, that:

The mainstream media and the elites in Washington say our candidates aren't as electable as unprincipled moderates. They have tried to marginalize them by calling their support for the constitution "extreme" and constantly portraying them as different from the usual politician. Well, compared to the political class in Washington, they are different . . . and that's exactly what this country needs!

Americans believe what's truly "extreme" is a $13 trillion debt, reckless spending, and a lack of commitment to the Constitution. And voters are enthusiastically supporting these conservative candidates because they are authentic leaders with the common sense and faith in our founding principles that is lacking in Washington.

I am just as confident our candidates can win in November as I was that they could win their primaries. Conservative principles transcend political labels and they're attractive to a majority of Americans. It's not about right vs. left, it's about up vs. down and about surviving as a nation vs. losing our greatness.

We can win these races and we can take America back if we're willing to do the hard work that's required.

It had to be said. The actions of the Far Left are increasingly appalling. To distract the public from their own actions and policies that are making America another Greece, they belittle people and demonize them as extremists simply for adhering to constitutional principles. Since when is standing for the constitution "extreme," while violating it — forcing people to buy a product, mandating a certain technology in your home, and spending trillions of dollars in areas not mentioned by the constitution — not extreme? Senator Demint is right: limited government and liberty are universal appeals that no amount of left-wing social engineering and demagoguery of can obfuscate. 

Of course, talk is easy, but Senator Demint is backing it up. He started the Senate Conservatives Fund to back bona fide conservatives, not those bandwagon jumpers who campaign as conservatives because of the prevailing political winds, but then go to Washington and vote with liberals on many issues. These are men and women with proven track records (see list) who get hammered by the establishment of both parties, the special interests, left-wing radicals and the mainstream media in their states. They also have something else in common: They win elections.

It reminds me of a certain former Virginia senator who repeatedly won his Northern Virginia district while trumpeting conservative principles, yet was supposedly was "too conservative" to win statewide. Now he's our attorney general and single handedly taking on the progressive agenda of the President of the United States.