Al Franken

It Took Less Than A Week

He hasn't been in office for a week, yet the misfit Al Franken has reverted to form, making jokes at the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor (per AOL news wire, here). Perry Mason jokes, of all things. Probably because he's so out of his depth he has no clue what to ask. He is a product of TV, after all, so, most likely, that's the basis for his frame of legal and political references. What's next, a quote from President Jed Bartlett (West Wing)? Webster. Clay. Taft. Dirksen. Franken. Embarrassing! The dumbing down of the U.S. Senate (and the country), a monumental achievement not worthy of celebration. (If you haven't done so, our Al Franken poll remains open. Click here to vote and comment.)

Funny Or Not?

Question: What's funnier than an Al Franken joke? Answer: Al Franken on the Senate Judiciary Committee!

Of course, it doesn't take much to be funnier than an Al Franken joke,  but a comedian instead of an attorney on the United States Senate Judiciary Committee? (See the Fort Worth Star-Telegram— "art" eventually imitated life as Franken once played a senator on that committee during a Saturday Night Live skit about the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Justice Clarence Thomas.)

Come to think of it, the bizarre is the new normal in the Age of Obama.

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Poll: What's The Most Embarrassing Loss?

It's official. We now have, thanks to Minnesota courts — which, similar to Iran's government, refused to investigate that there were more votes than voters in certain precincts — a "comedian" U.S. Senator in the person of know-nothing, erratic, hyper-liberal, Al Franken. Losing to a clown like Franken must be pretty embarrassing to former incumbent Republican Norm Coleman. After all, he was a successful mayor of St. Paul and a distinguished senator. It got me thinking, for the fun of it, this question:

These three jump out at us. Add your own answer and comment on any other U.S. Senate election result, or any campaign result you think is particularly embarrassing because of how, why or to whom the candidate lost.