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Over And Over And Over Again: Proof The Obama Administration Is Insane

Everyone's heard the expression that explains the sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The Obama administration finds itself in this nutty circle. According to American City Business Journals, because several projects in the porkulus bill have come in under bid, the leftover money is getting spent on yet more pork projects!


"Bids came in far lower than we expected, but the upside is that because of that, we have been able to fund more projects," said Paul Prouty, acting administrator for the General Services Administration.

As it happens, Washington, D.C.; and Prince Georges County, Md., as well as other localities across the country, will get a pile of excess funds because they are classified as "Economically Disadvantaged Areas." What locality isn't right now and isn't this continued printing of money going to keep us all "economically disadvantaged" for a long time?

According to the article, one specific example of how the porkulus continues to get spent, even when there are savings, is  the Federal Aviation Administration. It is . . .

an agency that was able to fund more projects — 347 projects instead of its anticipated 301 projects with $1.1 billion —because of the low bids.

That's great. Instead of returning the money to help balance our mammoth deficit, which would actually help our economy, the Obama administration is spending what savings there are (the only bright light in a horrible bill) on still more pork — even as what has already been spent has failed to stem the rise in unemployment, which is climbing toward 10 percent.

If that sounds crazy, or insane, it is: And it's the same (debt-ridden) thing over and over and over again.