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What Have You Done Over The Last 925 Days?

We're upon Labor Day and instead of our attention being focused on the American worker, it's on getting America working. Our country is in a jobs crisis. Today's unemployment report reflected the predictable and continued job creation stagnation that surely envelops societies that binge on government expansion, takeovers, bailouts, regulation and massive debt. PGA golfer and ESPN analyst Paul Azinger had a headline grabbing tweet last week that pretty much summed up the situation (see Rick Moran at The American Thinker): Of course, ESPN scandalized Azinger at its hypocritical best (see Dana Loesch at But that's another blog post when I'm on another deadline and need an easy target. What Azinger's comment did do was ring a bell with me when I received this from our friends at Let Freedom Ring. It's a new campaign to highlight the productivity of Americans while their president embarks on golf trips, vacations and creates excuses (though he sought the job) rather than jobs. It's called 925 days — the time from the day he signed his crippling and cynical stimulus into law — to his Martha's Vineyard vacation. It calls our attention to our situation, but also calls us to action.

He still has his: Do we pay him to work or golf? Actually, maybe he should stay out on the course.

Left Wing Economist Guru Krugman Admits To Death Panels In Obamacare; Amanpour's Reaction Sustains His Truth!

When conservatives, such as Sarah Palin, first brought up the fact that the health care legislation in Congress at the time, and eventually passed, included death panels, the Left threw a hissy fit (see Saul Relative at Yahoo! as an example). Her statement was called, "Lie of the Year," among many other unflattering things. So, where's the Left's outrage at economist Paul Krugman?  Mr. Krugman is the leading voice in America for government intervention in the economy. Liberals revere him and has won a Nobel Prize for economics. He writes frequently in the New York Times, where he deviates from economics to thrash conservatives, adding to his prominence among the ruling class elites who think they know everything and that they must control your decisions through an increasingly larger government. We he speaks and writes, the Left — activists and those in government — take heed.

Last weekend, on ABC's This Week, Mr. Krugman went well beyond what Governor Palin said about Obamacare — and it wasn't the first time either. Not only did he adamantly claim there were death panels, he was proud of it! He said the "death panels" — his term — will save the government money (see by denying and choosing which treatments will be funded (not to mention his call for a behemoth new national sales, or "VAT," tax). So, the hyper left should be furious at Mr. Krugman. Either he let the cat out of the bag, exposing Obamacare advocates as the real liars, or, if they truly believe there are no death panels, they should impale his intelligence as they did (and still do) to Governor Palin (see Ethel Fenig at American Thinker). 

Hear it all for yourself. The first video is from last weekend. But, remarkably, without much notice, he said the same thing in the spring without much attention paid to it. But don't believe me: Check the shock on liberal host Christiane Amanpour's face in the first video. A facial expression is worth more than a 1,000 blog posts.

 Krugman: Endorse the "Death Panels!" Amanpour: Darn it Paul, you're giving it away!

 Krugman: "Death Panels" will save money and make "binding judgements" on treatment!

Pelosi's Pronouncements In The Age Of Obama

The video below comes from a friend of mine and it's not bad. The focus is on President Obama, but there are slivers of other guest appearances. Note House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's cameo. She says health care "reform" is the best way to provide jobs. But a quick check of her pronouncements shows that we should have near full employment by now, not the chronically high 9.6 percent unemployment that stagnant Euro-statist-welfare-states tolerate. For example:

» She said over the summer that extending unemployment benefits is the best method for immediate job creation (see American Thinker).

» She told the country in May that guaranteeing health care allows people to quit their jobs to pursue the arts because artists typically can't afford insurance.

» Way back when she said the best way to create jobs was to pass the "stimulus."

Meanwhile, we're spending into oblivion in a debt-and-spend cycle of cataclysmic proportions, worthy of a third world country, with results that aren't much better. The video sums it up well:

Fiddling while America burns.

Obama's August Surprise: Forgiving Mortgage Payments?

Sinking in the polls and facing the largest wave election since 1946 (a GOP gain of 55 House and 12 Senate seats, see, the Obama administration reportedly isn't waiting for October. Instead, as several sources report, the president is planning an August surprise and deal a "fairness card" (again, turning the language on its head); a Main Street bailout rather than a Wall Street bailout (which he engineered, though he blames it on Republicans). The reported plan is that Barack Obama will instruct Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which he the federal government now owns, to forgive up to 20 percent of underwater mortgage balances (see Liz Peek wowOwow's sheconomics blog). Forget redistribution of wealth and spreading the wealth around. Just outright order it to be given away. 

As usual with this misguided regime, there's a better idea. Writes Capitol Securities Management Chief Economic Strategist and Managing Director Kent Engelke in his daily Early Morning Commentary today:    

There are rumors that on or about August 17 the Administration will propose up to a 20% deduction of any Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae or FHA mortgages balances that are underwater. In my view this would cause a political firestorm on both sides of the political aisle.

Instead of taking this radical step, I propose the doubling or tripling of the mortgage interest deduction for all home owners for the next two years. Yes this change would create a revenue shortfall but it will increase the monies in consumer’s pockets which should in turn increase housing prices and stimulate economic demand.

Engelke notes that such tax credits have worked in stemming, or even turning around, previous bubble-caused crises. For example, about eight years ago, the Congress and president approved an "accelerated depreciation schedule for many capital expenditure items purchased between 2001 and 2003," which accelerated the recovery in the aftermath of the dotcom bubble. 

Something needs to be done — and fast. Families are hurting. Weekly unemployment claims jumped again today, even above an upward revision of last week's increase (! Yet, the only answers — all devastatingly wrong — from Washington's liberal, left-wing leadership are more taxes, more borrowing and blowing it all on redistributionist themes. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said unemployment benefits create jobs? (See Neil Braithwaite at American Thinker.)  This new plan exceeds that.

Forget those who struggle and play by the rules and make their payments. Those who don't apparently will just get it for free, except that nothing is free. Instead, homeowners, already struggling, will have to pay twice.

Virginia News Stand: May 26, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations You Want Bipartisanship?

The president visited the Senate Republicans yesterday asking for bipartisanship, then promptly went to a partisan fundraiser to mock them. Classy. Not only that, he's disingenuous, as ever. There is bipartisanship in Washington — and it's all against his policies as evidenced by the large numbers of Democrats who voted against the health care bill and cap and trade. Now, Democrats are joining Republican calls for the White House to be more forthcoming on a brewing scandal — did the president offer a candidate a job to drop out of a primary? The candidate, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) says yes. By the way, if it happened, it wouldn't be your normal political patronage. It's against the law.

Elsewhere, we're sorry to hear the Jay and Stephanie Burkholder have given up their lawsuit against the city of Roanoke for stealing their land and giving it to a private company. It's been a long fight and the legal expenses are mounting. The Burkholders pledge to work for, as are we, a state constitutional amendment beginning the next session of the General Assembly to prevent such government abuse and protect property rights. We'll have more comment about this later this week.

More notes of interest in this News Stand: The GOP wants your ideas. It has started a Web site to take the ideas from every day Americans. U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia's 6th District explains in Human Events. Lawrence Meyers of Big Hollywood explains how we fuel Hollywood trash while Mark J. Fitzgibbons, usually of the Washington Examiner, goes national in the American Thinker, putting the lie on the G-Men's reply to Virginia's lawsuit against the health care law; and Ronald Kessler of News Max says it all when he writes that conservatives are the mainstream — and that's not partisan. All of the above is below. Check it out. 


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Virginia News Stand: May 18, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Battle Cry 

Old Dominion Watchdog steals the scene in today's narrative. For all the whining . . . it looks like state employees are better off than most and most still complain even in a recessesion. Now, it looks like they're going to get a bonus come fiscal-year's end. Granted, they haven't received a raise in three years, and state employees should be treated fairly (i.e., based on merit), but the consistent whining of government employees — state, local or federal — when things aren't as bad as they claim, when many are under or unemployed, leaves something to be desired. After all, aren't their unions the ones who raise the battle cry that they want to be treated as they would be in the private sector? Seems like they are — and more.

Speaking of earning money, in Commentary, check out Thomas Sowell's reply to the President Obama's assertion that at some point enough is plenty; Richard Olivastro explains that both sides have found scary aspects of Elana Kagen's career (so why is the GOP throwing in the towel?); and interesting comments from conservatives, pro and con, about the Tea Party movement. Most pointedly, Josepsh Farah, who warns that libertarian types better not forsake social issues.

But back to the Commonwealth and more national recognition to the AG. This time, someone with sense. In Analysis, Mark J. Fitzgibbons of the American Thinker, exposes another cry from embattled liberal bureaucrats (okay, college professors) and assorted liberal sky-is-falling types: That Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is picking on them. Apparently, it's fine to harrass job creators but not those who expect a life time of cush at the taxpayers expense. Cry on! 


Average pay for state employee slightly trumps private-sector pay (Old Dominion Watchdog)

State employees might get 3 percent bonus (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Gay-Straight Alliance winning battle for understanding (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

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