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Vote For Question 1! New Ad, Editorials In Favor Of Property Rights Amendment!

On November 6, Virginians have a lot of important decisions to make at the ballot box. There are choices for President, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. In some cities, there will be choices for mayor, city council and school board. But there is another important decision to make that does not involve a candidate: Virginians will have an opportunity to amend the Virginia Constitution to protect private property rights. Protecting private property rights has become an urgent and priority issue for The Family Foundation and other concerned organizations since 2005 when the U.S. Supreme Court incredibly ruled in Kelo v. New London, Conn. that the U.S. Constitution did not protect one's private property rights in the case of a taking by a locality. (Funny, other protections, such as free speech, seem to trump state and local laws.)

Since then, state after state has enacted constitutional protections. Virginia, meanwhile, dragged its feet for seven years as the General Assembly, session after session, found ways to deny and delay its citizens' the opportunity to speak on this vital issue — and by the trick of a parliamentary maneuver came within a vote of killing it again this year.

Property rights are vital because without the guarantee of private property, there is no check on government's ability to grow in size or power. Without private property, you have nowhere from which to speak, worship or work. Without it, government is unchecked in its ability to do anything it wants, including taking property only after you have increased the value of it, as has happened time after time across Virginia.

The amendment specifically prohibits what happened in Connecticut — perhaps the most blatant abuse of governmental power in recent years — when New London took private property (in this case homes) and not only did not use it for a public purpose, such as a school or road, but gave the homes to a private company!  New London said the company could do something better with the property and create more tax revenue for the city. It's always about revenue to the government, isn't it?

So, who could be against this amendment? Precisely! Local governments, which use your tax dollars to lobby against your rights. They claim this amendment will prohibit economic development. That's a peculiar argument because securing private property is the best way to promote economic development. What entrepreneur wants to build a business if he or she knows the city or county will decide it can do something better with that land and take it for themselves?

Only local government can think this way because local government bureaucrats think their job is to run their county or city as their own powerful, controlling entity, and not as stewards of your money and rights. This amendment — which among its guarantees provides that government can only take the amount of land it needs when it truly has a public use; and that it must provide just compensation for that land, including for lost access to the property and for lost business profit — will be a necessary brake on that attitude. It will foster true economic growth by guaranteeing property rights as well as limiting government power. It will be another stroke for the liberty intended for us by the Founding Fathers.

We urge a vote for Question 1, to protect our basic liberty and rights to own property and to check the growth and power of government.

We're not alone. The amendment was put on the ballot by a bipartisan vote in the General Assembly. A coalition of organizations, including The Family Foundation, The Virginia Farm Bureau, Americans for Prosperity, The Virginia Agribusiness Council, Virginia Forestry Association, National Federation of Independent Business, and the Virginia Property Rights Coalition all are working hard for its ratification. In addition, two major papers, which typically have different editorial views, recently endorsed Question 1: The Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot.

Click on the image to hear this radio ad by the Virginia Farm Bureau. Then spread the word about Question 1, Virginia's Property Rights Amendment, by sharing this post, logo and radio spot!

There has only been one public poll released on Question 1, and it was done by Public Policy Polling, a Democrat polling firm based in North Carolina. While its results were favorable, it is from September and the local government opposition has been working in high gear ever since. (The Castle Coalition, a national property rights group, has a take on the poll here.)

Perhaps the biggest opponent of the amendment is unawareness. With the presidential and senate campaigns sucking up all the political oxygen this fall, most Virginians are not aware the question is on the ballot. When they find out, they are supportive. So the mission is to get the word out! Above is a radio ad released yesterday by The Farm Bureau. Please share it and this link with as many people as you can by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. After seven years, this is our one and only chance to protect our property rights in Virginia and to further secure our liberty and restrain government growth and power.

You Know You Live In A Battleground State If . . .

It almost sounds like a joke: You know you live in a battleground state if . . .  In this case, the punch line is: There's a national bus tour making a stop in your neighborhood.

Already this year rolling through the Old Dominion this year, to name a few, have been the: Women Speak Out: Abortion Is Not Health Care Bus Tour (which featured our 2012 Day at the Capitol keynote speaker, Jill Stanek); Americans for Prosperity's Obama's Failing Agenda Bus Tour; Concerned Women of America's She Votes Bus Tour; and the Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote Bus Tour, co-sponsored by The Heritage Foundation and FRC Action, which is informing the public on the relationship between strong traditional family values and economic well-being and security (click the links for in-depth information on the two topics).

The Family Foundation has participated in some of the stops on a couple of these tours. The "Values Bus Tour" may sound familiar to you. This past summer, in an earlier leg of its travels through Virginia, it's where this happened. It's worth a view. Now, it's making another run through the commonwealth, just as the campaign goes all out the final 10 days.

With only 30 million values voters out 60 million who could be registered to vote, there is still much work to be done in mobilizing Christians to actively participate in faithful citizenship. We need strong families and a strong economy to lead the way to restoring prosperity.specially when you consider:

» Each of us owes more than a $200,000 share of the national debt;

» Unemployment is at a chronically high rate of about 8 percent (and much higher when considering those who are underemployed or withdrawn from the workforce; and

» Our debt at $16 trillion and annual budget deficits projected to top $1 trillion for years to come.

If you see this bus, you know you're in a battleground or swing state!

So The Heritage Foundation and Family Research Council continue their road trip in order to start a dialogue on today's critical issues with citizens and leaders. So, if you see the bus pictured above, you know you're in an important electoral state. Take advantage of the opportunity to drop by a tour stop near you to hear great speakers,ask questions, learn how to get involved and make a difference, and pick up some excellent materials for free. The events feature community events and local and nationally known speakers. Learn the critical issues and the action steps to make a difference. The tour also has special web page resources: Click here to learn about restoring the American Dream and click here to learn how to get involved and take action at the grassroots level.

Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote 2012 National Tour in Virginia

Friday, October 26 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote Campus Rally

Featuring Genevieve Wood of The Heritage Foundation, Bob Morrison of Family Research Council and local elected officials

Location: Near Liberty University, 3700 Candlers Mountain Road, Lynchburg


Friday, October 26 11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote Citizens Rally

Featuring Genevieve Wood of The Heritage Foundation, Bob Morrison of Family Research Council and local elected officials

Location: State Capitol, 1000 Bank Street, Richmond


Friday, October 26 3:00-4:00 p.m. 

Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote Family Event

Featuring Genevieve Wood of The Heritage Foundation, Bob Morrison of Family Research Council and local elected officials

Location: The Prayer Furnace, 4430 Lee Hill School Drive, Fredericksburg


Friday, October 26 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote Citizens Forum

Featuring insights and live Q&A with Genevieve Wood of The Heritage Foundation, Bob Morrison of Family Research Council and local elected officials

Location: Reconciliation Community Church, 14654 Joplin Road, Manassas


Saturday, October 27 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Values Bus at Roanoke Valley Gun Show

Offering free materials and action steps to make a difference in Virginia

Click here for ticket information and discounts

Location: Roanoke Civic Center, 710 Williamson Road, Roanoke

Watch Breitbart, Bachmann, Cain, Pawlenty, Conservative Stars Live Online Starting Tomorrow At RightOnline!

The rapid change in the shape of the media is one of the exciting aspects of politics and policy today. No longer must conservative candidates, office holders, public policy organizations, think tanks, interest groups and issues advocates rely on traditional media to report on them and their message. Not that the mainstream media would cover conservative campaigns, officials and organizations fairly anyway. On the other hand, conservatives for years were overrun by the Left in effectively utilizing the Internet. Neither new or old media, one by choice and one by default, was kind to conservatives. Much of that is changing. Conservatives are getting better and better at using new, digital means of communicating and shaping stories, issues and campaigns, and in reaching voters directly. They have equalized the game. One of the reasons for that is the annual RightOnline Conference sponsored by our friends at Americans for Prosperity. Every year it brings together conservative bloggers, online commentators, social media junkies and the like, to learn more about the new media and technology, network with each other and make news themselves. The next RightOnline Conference is this weekend in Minneapolis and while not everyone can go (1,300 are expected), everyone can watch and participate.

Among those who will address attendees are conservative author and new media magnate Andrew Breitbart (making his first national speech since he broke the Anthony Weiner scandal) and presidential candidates Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Tim Pawlenty. You can see them and many other prominent conservative leaders by logging on to starting at 10:30 Friday morning. (Click here to see live video stream schedule.)

But not only will you get to see and hear a number of the new wave of conservative leaders speak to important issues, broach new ideas and advance conservative principles, will provide the opportunity to talk with fellow activists through its interactive chat feature. It all kicks off at 2:00 p.m. Friday, with featured speakers Congressman John Kline, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, and Ann McElhinney. We hope you take some time to log-on and experience the new media. There's nothing mainstream about it.

If You Can't Get To D.C. Monday, Attend The November Speaks! Virtual Rally Online

Another annoucement regarding the November Speaks! rally on November 15 on Capitol Hill in Washington: Americans For Prosperity launched a new Web site for the event which includes a page where you can participate in a virtual rally if you can't make it to the nation's capital (click here). The rally is designed to raise awareness of, and put pressure on, the lame duck Congress to stand down from any grandiose schemes for still larger government, higher taxes, debilitating regulations and crushing debt, all of which amounts to more control from Washington and less freedom everywhere else. Ignoring the recent election results, Nancy Pelosi yesterday brazenly threw a celebratory party to laud her "accomplishments." But she's not done yet. Starting Monday, she is reconvening Congress, while she still wields the Speaker's gavel, for one last attempt to ram through the big-government takeovers that remain on her leftist agenda. It's already being referred to as the "Zombie Congress" since so many members are the walking politically dead. Rejected overwhelmingly by the voters, they should not trample on the will of the people and leave quietly, having done enough damage.

Among the speakers at November Speaks! are U.S. Representatives Michele Bachman (R-Minn.) (see Paul Bedard's U.S. News Washington Whispers blog), Mike Pence (R-Ind.) (see the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog) and newly elected Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) (see the Washington Post's Virginia Politics blog), as well as AFP President Tim Phillips. Other partners in staging November Speaks! are 60 Plus, Let Freedom Ring, Institute For Liberty, Tea Party D.C. and Smart Girl Politics. For more information about attending in person, click here.

Update: Representative-Elect Griffith, Mike Pence To Address November Speaks Rally

Representative-Elect Morgan Griffith (Roanoke Times) will make his Washington debut at the November Speaks rally on Capitol Hill on November 15 (click here for more information). Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.), The Family Foundation Gala keynote speaker and a potential presidential candidate, also has committed to speak at the event. They will join previously announced Representative Michele Bachman and Americans For Prosperity President Tim Phillips. The event will call the public's attention to the lame duck Congress' attempts to sneak unpopular legislation through, now that many of them have been retired by the voters, as well as send a warning signal to the new Congress to live up to its promises.

November Speaks: Rally In D.C. To Say "No New Government" During Lame Duck Congress

Despite the historic repudiation of rampant government expansion and control of our lives last week, statists still control Congress in big numbers until January. Just like a good crisis, don't think they want this time go to waste. After all, they have nothing to lose anymore. The risk of an unbridled spending and government takeover spree is possible during the upcoming "lame duck" session of Congress.   To help send a loud and clear "no new government" message to these lame-duck politicians, Americans For Prosperity is organizing a rally on Capitol Hill in Washington at noon on Monday, November 15, with U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (see John J. Miller at National Review's The Corner blog), AFP President Tim Phillips (see's The Note blog) and others. But the message isn't only for the old Congress. Consider it a heads up to the new one, as well. If, during the fall, we told them "November is coming," now we tell them, "November speaks!"

The AFP Virginia chapter is sponsoring free bus rides for people who want to attend. Click here by tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. to register for the bus leaving from an area near you, or to get more information about the rally. Seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We're All Socialists Now Part 2: Video Of Perriello Supporters Proclaiming "Socialism Is Cool!"

Earlier this month there was a "social justice" rally at the Mall in Washington, D.C., meant to counter the Glenn Beck rally in August. (The attendance wasn't within a fraction of the Beck event and yet the attendees thoroughly trashed and littered the Mall, whereas, by all news accounts, the conservative event left nary a hot dog wrapper.) While that comparison chewed up minutes on talk radio, space on Web sites and column inches in newspapers, the most important revelation to come out of the second event was the makeup of the crowd. It was populated by proud socialists and communists. We posted the shocking video from that rally (click here), complete with signs and shirts bearing  socialist slogans, book stands selling communist classics and groups chanting extremist sentiments. No attempt was made to hide their true philosophy and intentions for America.

While a bunch of radicals descending on D.C. may seem pretty far removed from what we must contend with in Virginia, that extremism is closer to home than one might suspect. Sure, we know there are very deep pockets of blue in Virginia, but this hard core? This radically left wing?  

Yes, and it is shocking! Just as with the D.C. march, Americans For Prosperity showed up at the Obama-Perriello rally Friday in Charlottesville(as well as the counter rally) and politely attempted to hand out, for free, the organization's "Socialism Isn't Cool" bumper stickers. As Virginia AFP Director Ben Marchi tells a Perriello supporter in the video below, even the president says he isn't a socialist. But the contentious radicals proudly proclaim socialism (and Perrielloism and Obamaism)! 

Okay, maybe it isn't that shocking that they're socialists. However, their blatant nature and the guy wearing the hammer and sickle is a bit over the top. Who you calling socialist? Why, they're calling themselves that — and dumbfounded as to why Americans reject them. As for the candidate these people support for Congress — Mr. Perriello — remember the adage about the friends one keeps when judging the person in question.

As with the original video, this speaks for itself:

To Perriello supporters, socialism is VERY COOL, indeed!

Conservative Counter Rally Today In Charlottesville While Obama Brings His Act For Perriello

While many Virginians are worried about the economy, their jobs, the country's third-world-like debt, and the mountainous problems facing the country, Barack Obama is going on Comedy Central's Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Now, he's bringing his routine to the stage . . . in Charlottesville today to tell the good people of the fifth Congressional district  to re-elect one of his biggest enablers, Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello. (It's not the first time he's brought his brand of humor to Virginia in recent weeks, either.) But if you are in the area or want to break for an early weekend, you can go to Mr. Jefferson's hometown for another reason: At 4:00 at Charlottesville's Lee Park, located downtown at the intersection of 2nd Street NE and Market Street, there will be a counter rally sponsored by Americans For Prosperity's Virginia chapter. AFP national President Tim Phillips and other noteworthies will speak.

Mr. Obama repeatedly has disparaged political opponents since taking office, recently asking Hispanic voters to "punish enemies." He has accused organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce of illegal activities, with no evidence, and said others, such as AFP, are bought and paid for by foreign campaign contributions (see Jake Tapper's ABC News Political Punch blog) .

Desperation, indeed. Here's an opportunity for Virginians to show the president and Mr. Periello that Virginians have an honest and profound difference with them on their massive government intrusion into private enterprise, and their incomprehensible government spending, taxing and debt. We hope, but are not expecting, an honest discussion from the president and the congressman.

President Obama "Amused" Over Spending During His Visit To Richmond

As a native Richmonder, I think it's great when a sitting president visits, no matter which party he represents or, frankly, how bad a job he's doing. After all, sometimes the bigger the trouble he's in, the greater the media attention — and this city can use all the publicity it can stand. So, it was great to see the anointed one here last week, although it was puzzling since we have no hotly contested campaign. On the other hand, maybe that's why he was here, given how toxic he's become to Democrat candidates, who lack no excuse to outrun Air Force One when they see it descending into their states. But it was especially pleasing to see Mr. Obama's motorcade route lined with "Cut Spending" yard signs, courtesy of Americans For Prosperity (I have relatives who live in one of the houses that agreed to plant the signs). Mr. Obama didn't see it the same way, although he said he was "amused" by the signs. But he was really out of touch. He alluded to Virginia 7th District Congressman Eric Cantor, in whose district he was, and the GOP call to cut spending and tax rates, when he said, "the numbers don't add up."  

While the leader of the regime may or may not have been "amused" he certainly was hypocritical: the numbers don't add up? As if his numbers — trillions and trillions of dollars of debt that resemble a banana republic — add up? Actually, "adding" is the wrong word. His policies are subtracting — subtracting the prosperity of countless Americans — and he's lecturing us on keeping our more of our wages? The fact is, every major tax cut in American history (including those under Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and George W. Bush) has created millions of jobs and increased federal revenue through a thriving economy. The simple message of the yard signs is correct. When revenue goes up and deficits linger, it's a spending problem, not a tax problem. 

What's really amusing is that the president thinks extending the 2001 and 2003 tax rate reductions will "cost $700 billion over 10 years," as if keeping your hard earned money is an expense to the government, while he spent nearly $800 billion in one day in February 2009 when he signed the "stimulus" bill. Lots of money for no jobs. Sorry. That is nowhere near amusing. It's downright sad and an abysmal waste. Hypocrite, indeed.

He may have been amused, but his record is nothing but sad.

Who You Calling A Socialist?

This video from Americans For Prosperity speaks for itself. Last weekend, a few thousand "liberal" and "social justice" types marched on the Mall in Washington, D.C. — the so-called "One Nation Rally" — to give voice to their issues. Or, at least that's how the Mainstream Media portrayed it. Take a look at this video. This footage didn't make CBS, NBC or CNN. These aren't your typical liberals. On the other hand, too much of old-style liberalism has been mainlined by these extremists (i.e., "progressives") to the point where there's barely a blip of difference between the two. By their own admission, they all are socialists. The signs and literature distributed at the rally are chilling.

We're all socialists now (Obama supporters all): Among the bulk of the protesters: the Communist Workers Party, the Socialist Party and something called the Socialist Alternative.

November Is Coming, Starting Tomorrow, To Virginia

Conservative grassroots activism has never been greater nor more effective than over the last year-and-a-half. Tea Parties, town hall meetings, anti-government-run health care rallies and other events in localities as well as in Washington, D.C., have grabbed the media spotlight, dominated the political debate, sent powerful messages to the big spending politicians, and reshaped and re-energized the conservative movement. Now is not the time to let up. Tomorrow and Friday, our friends at Americans For Prosperity are bringing their November Is Coming bus tour to the commonwealth. Per AFP:

While politicians in Washington are hoping voters are asleep at the wheel, they are trying to hide their big-government spending policies from the public and pass them with ease. Government spending has grown out of control under the current leadership in Congress . . . may soon vote on job-killing cap-and-trade policies against the outspoken voices of millions of Americans. Daily, big government power grabs by the Obama/Pelosi/Reid machine continue.

We must tell Congress very clearly that if they keep voting YES on big government programs, we will vote NO on their re-election this November! We need to tell these big-spending liberals in Washington . . . that "November is coming"!

Here is the November Is Coming bus tour schedule. We hope you can attend one of its stops.

Thursday, September 9:

Charlottesville: 8:30 a.m., Albemarle County Administration Building, 401 McIntire Road

Lynchburg: 11:30 a.m., Liberty University Dining Hall Parking Lot, 1971 University Boulevard

Rocky Mount: 3:00 p.m., Franklin County Courthouse, 275 South Main Street

Danville: 5:30 p.m., Danville Courthouse, 401 Patton Street

Friday, September 10:

Abingdon: 8:00 a.m., Virginia Highlands Community College Higher Education Center, 1 Partnership Circle

Wytheville: 10:15 a.m., Wytheville Courthouse, 225 South 4th Street

Roanoke: 12:30 p.m., Roanoke City Municipal Building, 215 Church Avenue

What Planet Is She On?

President Obama's top economic adviser, Christina Romer, said in her final speech in that capacity yesterday that "there is widespread agreement that the act (so-called stimulus bill) is broadly on track." Another Orwellian attempt to make true what is not by saying it is despite the instinctive knowledge by almost all not in denial that it is false. Truly galling, especially to the millions suffering from unemployment or underemployment. They are the ones from personal experience, not the ivory tower and its theoretical exercises — from whence Dr. Romer came and to where she returns (UC-Berkeley) — who truly know how off track the president's policies are. Here's how Americans For Prosperity President Tim Phillips expressed his anger in an e-mail today (the president in recent weeks has singled out AFP with vicious attacks): 

Today, the news media reported on the final speech of President Obama's outgoing economic advisor. What Ms. Romer said helps explain why our economy is so bad. Defending the failed $814 billion stimulus boondoggle, she actually said, "there is widespread agreement that the act (Stimulus bill) is broadly on track."

What planet is this lady on? Jobless claims are through the roof, unemployment is still almost 10% with 500,000 initial jobless claims, the stock market is plunging again, existing home sales fell 27% in August and new home sales fell 12% (always a key economic indicator), automobile sales fell 25% in August (we knew government run "cash for clunkers" was not genuine prosperity). I could go on.

Is the President's top economist leaving to go back to business in the private sector? Uh, no. She's going back to her academic perch at the University of California-Berkley. At least we just figured out the planet.

Reminds me of a famous quote that goes something like this: There are no experts in government. If there were, the private sector would've hired them by now. Ms. Romer and the Keystone Cops who comprise the Obama administration — most of whom have never worked in the private sector (Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog) — are, sadly,  fitting that bill.

DNC, Kaine Plagiarise From Americans For Prosperity?

One might say Tim Kaine wasn't exactly original as governor. Much of his agenda was a typically liberal one — new spending programs, increased overall spending, kow-towing to the special interests (the VEA and homosexual lobby come to mind), and those annual attempts to jack up our taxes. Now, he's proving to be just as unoriginal as chairman of the Democrat National Committee. In an attempt to drum up support for something that supposedly doesn't need it — it is now law and president says the people and businesses want it — Mr. Kaine and the DNC are spending millions of dollars in radio advertisements in targeted House districts around the country to prop up government-run health care against those running on its repeal. In fact, he's trying to scare people with a slogan in the ads: "Hands off my health care."

There's one small problem. It's a slogan used quite effectively by Americans For Prosperity, one of the most vocal and well organized opponents of President Obama's tax-it-all-and-spend-even-more policies. AFP created the "Hands Off My Health Care" campaign about a year ago and has a U.S. trade mark pending. Looks like Mr. Kaine, who tried to rob from Virginia taxpayers to pay for his grandiose spending plans, can't get out of the habit of taking from others.  

AFP, whose Virginia chapter did its fair share of bringing to the public's attention Mr.  Kaine's spend-and-deficit budgets as governor, sent the DNC a cease-and-desist letter on March 27 and asked for reply by April 2. According to Anita Kumar at the Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog, AFP plans a law suit if the DNC does not stop. It looks like we're headed to court. DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse arrogantly told Kumar:

This group used this slogan to try and deny millions of people access to affordable health care. We should have sued them for false advertising a long time ago.

So, the DNC is against free speech? Love that leftist tolerance.

AFP national President Tim Phillips rightfully claims that the DNC is creating confusion on the meaning of the AFP campaign and Virginia Director Ben Marchi explained (Washington Post Politics and Policy Blog) that AFP spent millions of dollars developing the brand. More to come on this, but we won't be surprised to find out soon that the new law also has nationalized all health care slogans as well. 

Anti-Health Care "Reform" Rally Tomorrow With President Obama In Fairfax!

Remember in the fall when President Obama came to Fairfax to campaign for the failed statewide Democrat ticket? He basically told everyone who disagreed with him to "shutup." Funny how things turn around. The public is disagreeing with him now, and very loudly, saying "No!" to his scheme of a government takeover of our health care system. Now, he's coming back to Fairfax — tomorrow. Just in time for us to disagree with him, again — and hopefully with the same degree of success he had the last time. This just in from our friends at Americans For Prosperity and its Virginia director, Ben Marchi:

President Obama will speak in Fairfax tomorrow (Friday) at at George Mason University’s Patriot Center — get directions here. Doors open at 9:00 a.m.

The White House says, "There are no tickets needed for this event, just show up." So we're going to. If you want to get inside for the rally, you will likely need to get there early and stand in line. If you want to bring signs to send your message outside the arena, be aware that if you want to go inside afterwards, "no signs or banners are permitted, and those who come are encouraged to limit personal items and not bring bags or purses," according to the White House Web site.

Then on Saturday, tea party groups from across the nation are coming together to send a resounding "KILL THE BILL" to Capitol Hill. Let's join them and say "Hands Off My Health Care"!

Saturday at Noon in Upper Senate Park — AFP President Tim Phillips will be speaking along with others. If you can get there earlier, some tea party groups will be rallying starting at 10 a.m. on the East Lawn of the Capitol. For a Capitol Hill map, click here.

Please note: If you're driving into Washington, D.C., on Saturday, take note of road closures due to the National Marathon. A list of closures and when roads will re-open is available here.

This is crunch time! Look forward to seeing you there!

Ben Marchi

State Director

Another Webcast On ObamaCare

We alerted you yesterday to an informative Americans For Prosperity tele-town hall about Washington's attempt to take control of the nation's health care. It's important to stay informed on this critical issue as the time approaches on a historic Congressional vote that could transform one-sixth of the U.S. economy into a European, government-run model. In case you could not catch last night's event, the Family Research Council is offering an opportunity to participate in another one, on Tuesday, March 16, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern. This Webcast town hall also will feature U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.), the featured speaker at the AFP tele-town hall last night. Congressman Pence is the third highest ranking member of the Republican House caucus and one of the country's most principled free-market leaders.

Among the confirmed participants are:

» Tony Perkins, President, FRC Action

» U.S. Representative Tom Price, M.D. (R-Ga.)

» Bryan Fischer, Director of Issue Analysis, American Family Association

» Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director, Students for Life

» Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List

» Douglas Johnson, Legislative Director, National Right to Life

» Tom McClusky, Senior Vice President, FRC Action

Discussion points will include what we can do to stop this horrendous bill from getting passed (see Speaker Nancy Pelosi's admission, here) as well as an overviews of what's in the bill, when the vote might take place, and alternative solutions. To register for this free event, which will take viewer questions, click here.

Join Americans For Prosperity, Rep. Mike Pence Tonight In Health Care Takeover Tele-Town Hall

With President Obama urgently working on a last-gasp push to ram his government-run health care bill through Congress, and Americans — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — not knowing all that is contained in the 2,600 page behemoth, it is important that we all get as involved as possible to stop this monstrosity. Getting informed is the first step and tonight offers a high level source of information: Americans for Prosperity is hosting a tele-town hall meeting tonight which features U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.). Congressman Pence is the third highest ranking Republican in the House and a leading free-market reformer. He has turned down a run for the open Indiana Senate seat this year because, some suggest, he is considering a presidential run in 2012. Among the topics on the agenda are: The key undecided House members, the likely timeline to be used by Speaker Pelosi, and conservative alternatives along with Rep. Pence's exchanges in recent weeks with President Obama. It starts at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and you can join in toll-free by calling (888) 356-3090 Ext.14326#.

As AFP President Tim Phillips penned in a letter to AFP members:

(Washington liberals have) put everything on the line for their ideology, as flawed as it is.

The question for us is: will we do the same for our values, our freedoms and our nation?

Speaking of getting informed, has a post on the latest Rasmussen Poll, which shows 57 percent of Americans oppose ObamaCare. In addition, a majority disapproves of the president's job on the economy. One normally follows the other when you try takeover one-sixth of the economy.

President Obama: "It's Not About Me, It's About Jobs." Yeah, Right!

You have to love when politicians eat their own words. But is there anyone who eats them as frequently — and obviously — as the 44th President of the United States? Or should that be obliviously? Because he sure doesn't seem to care, or think we're paying attention. But it is very much all about him (see David Limbaugh at as this fantastic video from our friends at Americans For Prosperity demonstrates.

No way. It's not about me. Especially when it comes to taking blame and responsibilty! Never. Not about me, no sir!

Quote Of The Weekend

Today's QOD comes from Saturday, actually — and, it doesn't come from the inauguration, either, nor from any of its many festivities. Instead, it come from the Americans For Prosperity Virginia Chapter's post swearing in Celebration of Freedom event at the Richmond Marriott, which honored the inauguration of Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Interesting speakers and great food — when doesn't an AFP event go all out? — included former Lt. Governor Bolling, Governor George Allen (sounding like a candidate again), Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96, Yorktown) and Senator Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg). Perhaps the most dynamic, though, was Education Secretary Gerard Robinson. His speech was unapologeticly pro-education choice. Maybe he wasn't quite as in-your-face to the educrat establishment as was New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie (see here) last week, but this ain't bad — alluding to his ambitious agenda to reform education and provide education choice, he said of the educrat establishment:

I'm going to be accused of destroying public education. In some ways, it's already it's already taking care of that itself.

Amen to that! Secretary Robinson may not be looking for a fight, but he's certainly prepared for one. We don't blame him and we've got his back.

Tomorrow Is Code Red Rally In D.C. Or At Webb And Warner Offices!

Our friends at Americans For Prosperity have released this reminder about Code Red tomorrow to convince the U.S. Senate to defeat the so-called health care "reform" bill. If you cannot go to Washington, D.C., then rally in front of the nearest offices of Virginia's U.S. Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner (click their names to get nearest office locations): 

Tomorrow is the day — Dec. 15 — of the Code Red Rally on health care. We hope to see you here in Washington, D.C., in Upper Senate Park at 1:30 p.m. wearing RED!

Or, if you cannot make it to Washington, go to YOUR local U.S. Senate office at 1:30 p.m. your time.

Join Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D., Sen. Jim DeMint, Laura Ingraham, AFP President Tim Phillips and our 15 coalition partners as we tell the Senate: "Hands off our health care!" The Democratic leadership is trying to get to a final vote this week, so the timing couldn't be better for us to take this stand.

If you cannot make it to Washington or to your local Senate office, please call your Senators' offices at 1:30 p.m. You can make a difference tomorrow!

Let's make sure they hear from all of us tomorrow.

Important Questions For Virginia's Congressmen At Their Town Hall Meetings

While The Family Foundation focuses primarily on the General Assembly and local issues, the "health care reform" debate and the proposals at its center are of seminal importance in our country's history:

Do we go down the road of the failed European socialist model of static economies and statism or sustain what remains of the free-market system that has served this country for more than 225 years and created the most prosperous society ever known to man?

Do we put the brakes on this leftward move and truly begin to reform health care, one without coerced taxpayer funding for abortion, coerced insurance coverage of abortion and the coercion of medical professionals to perform procedures against their consciences (from the side that believes in "choice")?

Do we begin to unshackle aspects of our economy that have been taken over and severely regulated by government and restore the free-market roots that created unprecedented economic freedom, upward mobility and prosperity?

With so many important issues at stake which can fundamentallychange forever our values, heritage, culture, and the inheritance from our Founders and succeeding generations of patriots, making your voice heard is more crucial than ever. Accordingly, we encourage you to attend the summer town hall meetings your U.S. Representative and Virginia's U.S. Senators have or will schedule. Stay informed, ask them questions and get their answers to your concerns on these critical issues.

Here are a list of thetown hall meetings made public at this point, but these schedules are fluid. Check with your Congressman's office (click here for House member and here for senator) to confirm times and locations of any public meeting.

Thanks to our friends at Americans For Prosperity and Tertium Quids for supplying much of the following information:

Senator Jim Webb No meetings scheduled at this time. Senator Webb left Sunday on a two-week, five-nation tour of Asia to "explore opportunities to advance U.S. interests in Burma and the region."

Senator Mark Warner He is still scheduling his meetings and will be post them on his Web site (here).

5th District Rep. Tom Perriello Congressman Perriello scheduled 21 public events called, "Tom In Your Town." The ones that remain are:

Charlottesville August 11, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Charlottesville High-MLK Performing Arts Center, 1400 Melbourne Road.

Fluvanna County August 17, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Fluvanna County School Board Office, 14455 James Madison Highway.

Charlotte County August 18, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., 250 LeGrande Avenue, Charlotte Court House.

Lunenburg County August 19, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Kenbridge Community Center Auditorium, 511 E. 5th Avenue.

Nelson County August 20, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m., The Nelson Center, 8445 Thomas Nelson Highway, Lovingston.

Mecklenburg County August 21, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Mecklenburg County School Board Office, 175 Mayfield Drive, Boydton.

Brunswick County August 22, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m., Tiger Express, 137 West Hicks Street, Lawrenceville.

Buckingham County August 24, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Buckingham Middle School (auditorium), 1184 High School Road.

Prince Edward County August 25, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Prince Edward Middle School (cafeteria), 35 Eagle Drive, Farmville.

Cumberland County August 26, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Cumberland Restaurant, 1465 Anderson Highway.

Albemarle County August 27, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Victory Hall, 401 Valley Street, Scottsville.

Campbell County August 28, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Campbell County Technical Center, 194 Dennis Riddle Drive, Rustburg.

Franklin County August 29, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., The Franklin Center for Advanced Learning, 50 Claiborne Avenue, Rocky Mount.

Appomattox County August 31, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Appomattox Community Center, 220 Community Lane.

"Tom in Your Town" works like this: Come by anytime during the time period and sign in. Meetings are on a first-come, first-served basis. After the constituent meets with the congressman, one of the staff members will be there to follow up with any concerns. All are welcome.

9th District Rep. Rick Boucher Dublin  Tuesday, August 18, 9:00 a.m., Edwards Hall, New River Valley Community College.

Abingdon Thursday, August 20, 9:00 a.m., Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center.

2nd District Rep. Glenn Nye Rep. Nye's office told Americans For Prosperity that he "won't be available next week, but there should be some planned in the future." Once scheduled, they should be available on the Events Page of his Web site (here):

1st District Rep. Rob Whitman No public meetings are scheduled at this time, but one is planned for Fredericksburg and one for Newport News.

8th District Rep. Jim Moran Reston Tuesday, August 25, with former Democrat National Committee Chairman and presidential candidate Howard Dean, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., at South Lakes High School (auditorium), 11400 South Lakes Drive. Doors open at 6:00.

11th District Rep. Gerry Connolly No meetings are scheduled at this time but, according to his staff, a meeting may be held in late August or early September.

10th District Rep. Frank Wolf A meeting is planned for early September, but no details are yet available.