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The Marriage Debate: Family Foundation On The Air!

The Family Foundation of Virginia is the point organization when it comes defending marriage in Virginia. I have a friend who is very disengaged politically and even he called me to say that he saw our name "all over the place" when news broke that Attorney General Mark Herring decided not to defend Virginia's Constitution. "All over the place" is an apt phrase. We were quoted nationally as well as throughout Virginia regarding the controversy. Whether it was a local publication in Ohio or the Associated Press, The Family Foundation was the point organization for the media to get the view point of those who defend traditional marriage.

Just today, as we organized a rally outside the Norfolk federal courthouse, where a hearing was held on the constitutionality of Virginia's Marriage Amendment, news organization after news organization interviewed our president, Victoria Cobb. Here's a sampling you may want to listen to:

Washington Watch With Tony Perkins

Sandy Rios In The Morning (February 3 podcast)

Sandy Rios In The Morning (Live, February 5 broadcast)

More Coverage on CBN

It's Hard To Keep Pretending

Let's give the Mainstream Media some credit. At least some of them. More and more, so-called journalists, while not admitting a certain bias to the left, are openly tipping their hands. Although there have been some exposure of their pretense of objectivity in the past, two stunning examples in recent days illustrate exactly how rampant partisanship is in the Fourth Estate. The first example proves the bias isn't confined to the national media. About two weeks ago, several "journalists" in Wisconsin were discovered to have signed the petition seeking conservative Governor Scott Walker's recall (see  Joel B. Pollak at's Big Journalism Blog), in violation of every journalism ethics code, including the ones they agreed to upon their employment. (Yes, hard to fathom, but the media, print and electronic, do institute thorough ethical guidelines. Interpretation and enforcement may be another question.) It just goes to show that "journalists" can affect events by means other than their "reporting." You may remember a couple of years ago hundreds of members of the media were caught having made campaign contributions to Democrats in various campaigns. Some of the offenders were from Virginia and at least one lost his job.

More significant, however, may be yesterday's drooling love-fest displayed by Dean Singleton, chairman of the Associated Press board, as he introduced President Obama to the AP's assemblage of editors and other guests. It's apparent Mr. Singleton bought into the mystical powers of Mr. Obama's mysticism (lowering the ocean levels and the like) and doesn't contemplate seeking his change. Seriously, his drooling and slobbering is horribly embarrassing. He is so over-the-top, he can't see the every day people who consume his product. He's alone, smug, is his own strata, in absolute oblivion.

Daniel Halper has more at The Weekly Standard Blog. Hear it for yourself.

It gets harder and harder for the Mainstream Media to conceal its leftist bias. In fact, some apparently feel proud of it.

Press Conference, Taking Questions Now

By the way, media present include the Associated Press, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot and WVIR/NBC29 from Charlottesville. I know Governor Kaine announced an energy saving initiative, but does that mean the AC has to be off in the GAB? We're all sweating puddles in here!

Delegate Janis asked if news conference is because the governor hasn't asked responded to your approach. He says, no, that he's trying to take this out of the political realm. Governor has shown good leadership, but we have several experts, such as Brad Wilcox, who are willing to offer their help and not make it a political issue. We need to fireproof families during these hard times. Why wait until January? We can start now.

Victoria adds that the task force had no such experts on it panel.

Delegate Janis adds that, "We are rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic if we don't address" marriage.

Question: Explain the TANF funding:

Delegate Janis: We have a surplus of our allotted federal TANF funds, about $16 million. It's not all for welfare to work. It's supposed to be used for marriage promotion, too. Oklahoma uses its money to this effect successfully and can be a model for us in Virginia. This money should be distributed by non-profits like the Man Up Initiative, not government.

If we told you there was existing federal money that could be used to decrease poverty by 20 percent immediately, and found out it was not being used, you'd asked why not. That's exactly what is happening. The facts are in, this will work.

What Are The Odds?

What are the odds the Virginia Lottery has not been square its fellow Virginians on the actual odds of winning its scratch-off games? Scott Hoover, a Washington & Lee University business statistics professor, says at least even money. Hoover is suing the state gambling agency for refunds of $84.7 million for continuing to sell "scratcher" instant lottery tickets even when the top prize tickets get sold out (click here for an AP report on his suit). By law, The Lottery Department must publish the odds of winning for all of its games. Unlike the lotto games, where on the number of people who can select the winning numbers, the scratcher games are printed with a finite number of winners per batch. When a grand prize is won, those odds get steeper, yet the original published odds stay the same.

Hoover gives the "Beginner's Luck" scratcher game from last summer as an example. It had six grand prizes of $75,000. But when the last grand prize was sold on July 24, it continued to sell the tickets — 241,000 of them to be exact. Hoover knows this from his own investigation — he tracked the payouts from the game on the Lottery Department's Web site and received information from the department via a Freedom of Information Act request. In essence, the Lottery Department was sanctioning, according to Hoover, the selling of tickets in which the already infinitesimal odds of winning were reduced to absolute impossible because there were no more grand prizes left! In other words, a shell game!

The galling thing is, if all true, is that the Lottery orders new batches of the scratchers with the same original odds when the grand prizes are claimed. But instead of scrapping the remaining tickets and substituting the new batch, it continues to sell the old tickets to suck money out of unsuspecting and hopeful participants while the potential winning tickets are sitting in boxes!

This isn't like the two clowns on the classic television series Gunsmoke who couldn't figure their way out of a paper bag. By Hoover's analysis, the Lottery Department sold 36.8 million tickets after the grand prizes were gone in more than 47 scratch-off games since 2003. In his suit, Hoover asks not only for the refunded money, but that the Lottery Department be barred from selling "defective" tickets in the future.

If the professor is correct about all this, it will have implications beyond this particular form of state-sponsored gambling. There are many in the General Assembly who are hoping the impasse over tax increases for transportation and the thirst for more money will lead to their solution: The expansion of state-sponsored gambling in the form of "historical" horse racing — basically, video slots for horse racing.

We don't know what their odds of success will be. But the way the Lottery has been apparently fooling us all these years, don't think defeating it will be a sure bet. 

Introducing CowMan And RabbitMan

In what seems stranger than science fiction or the South Park episode with the mad scientist creating new life forms — and certainly far creepier — the British Parliament has given its approval for the creation of animal-human embryos for research.   As Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up.

From the Associated Press:

The process involves injecting an empty cow or rabbit egg with human DNA. A burst of electricity then is used to trick the egg into dividing regularly, so that it becomes a very early embryo, from which stem cells can be extracted.

(Read more here in the AP article, "UK lawmakers approve embryo research.")

Who needs human cloning when you can have CowMan or RabbitMan?