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If Obamacare Is So Good . . .

Why does the President Barack Obama keep changing it? (This doesn't even included the hundreds of waivers granted by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Obama changes Obamacare

 His fourth revision by (the questionable authority of) executive order since he signed it into law. (H/T,

Who Says Mark Warner Can't Be Defeated?

I know, I know. We've just had one election and one of those campaigns wasn't settled until yesterday. You don't want to hear about another. Not with Christmas days away. It's time to just peace out for a while. But in Virginia, we don't have elections. We live them. That's what happens in a commonwealth with an odd-year/even-year, state/federal campaign calendar, and if there is one thing more certain than an election every year in Virginia it's that Mark Warner can't be beat. Or so the pundits and media would have us believe. After all, the Democrats just swept three statewide offices and now hold all five. Barack Obama won the Old Dominion twice. Why even bother? The Left is unstoppable and Mark Warner is a more powerful than a Roman god.

But saying so doesn't make it so. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words — and perhaps 1,000,000 votes:


With Obamacare malfunctioning and Obama's ratings plummeting, Senator Mark Warner's deciding vote for the socialization of the health insurance industry could well prove the emperor has no clothes.

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Taxed Christmas Tree!

As if there isn't enough apprehension about the economy these days, as if the popular culture hasn't already transformed the Christmas season from one of Christian joy to one of commercial anxiety, Congress may yet Scrooge over one of the most endearing activities of the season, the one purchase people genuinely look forward to: the buying of a Christmas tree. Yes, Virginia, there is a tax clause in the new farm bill. An agreement between House and Senate negotiators ironing out differences between the respective chambers' versions of a new farm bill includes a per-tree tax on Christmas tree growers. The growers then will pass it on to Christmas tree retailers who will, in turn, pass it on to consumers. Trickle down government at its convoluted best.

Good grief, Charlie Brown, you blockhead. You owe Congress a Christmas tree tax!

You may remember that President Barack Obama attempted this a few years ago, but the country's Bob Cratchits rose up and the idea was as warmly received as egg nog past its sell-by date. Now, however, a Christmas tree tax may be a stocking stuffer from House Republicans to Senate Democrats in order to reach a deal in an attempt to pass a farm bill that Republicans say must trim food stamp spending.

Amy Payne explains at The Heritage Foundation's The Foundry blog:

Congress might as well throw in a jingle bell tax, too. That’s how farm-related a lot of the “farm” bill is. The "farm" policies Congress is considering include:

» 80 percent food stamps: The House bill would make modest changes to this welfare program, but the Senate would do virtually nothing to rein in the massive growth in food stamp spending.

» Ultra-high-speed broadband access for rural areas.

» Policies that actually drive up food prices for Americans.

» Giving money to farmers for doing absolutely nothing.

Congress may agree to consider a new farm bill any time now. As it is, taxpayers could be looking at a trillion-dollar, subsidy-filled disaster — complete with a Christmas tree tax. Humbug.

If House Republicans think they're going to get real welfare reform from Senate Democrats in a "farm bill" for a mere Christmas tree tax, they probably really do believe in (spoiler alert for the children) Santa Claus. Sorry, Virginia.

Oh, (taxed) Christmas Tree! Sing the word "taxed" at the appropriate time during this video. Why not? According to the singer, there are many versions of this song. Congress may have inspired a new one.

Cuccinelli Working Hard, T-Mac Hardly Working

One of the many bipartisan knocks on Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe — aside from his many scandals — is that being a non-Virginian, he doesn't know Virginia, its traditions, its history or how its government works. Apparently, he doesn't know what Virginians expect from candidates, either. Despite the closing in the polls, McAuliffe has cooled off his campaign schedule — no media interviews, a canceled press conference, a skipped event with college students and no campaign events the last few days except for his Obamacare celebration rally with President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Republican Ken Cuccinelli has round-the-clock events up to election day on Tuesday with national conservative stars such as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, capped by a Monday night rally with former Congressman from Texas and libertarian Republican icon Ron Paul, the former presidential candidate at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Here's Ben Pershing from The Washington Post:

Ken Cuccinelli II is planning a frenetic schedule with a handful of big-name Republican surrogates as the race for Virginia governor draws to a close. Terry McAuliffe, by contrast, is mostly staying out of sight aside from a pair of high-profile events.

The differing strategies illustrate the pecking order as the hard-fought contest nears its end. Cuccinelli (R) is consistently trailing in the polls and can’t afford much of an advertising presence on the airwaves, so he’s counting on word-of-mouth and media coverage from live appearances to stay afloat.

McAuliffe (D) is nursing a lead and has the cash to keep up a steady drumbeat of ads, giving him little incentive to expose himself to the press more than necessary. Cuccinelli is planning to do multiple daily events around the state from Friday through Tuesday. His itinerary includes events Saturday in Spotsylvania and Prince William counties with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and appearances in Warrenton and Culpeper Monday with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). And former representative Ron Paul (R-Tex.) will join Cuccinelli in Richmond on Monday evening.

McAuliffe’s campaign has said that he will appear at a rally with President Obama on Sunday afternoon at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, and he will join forces with Vice President Biden on Monday morning in Annandale to kick off a day of canvassing.

McAuliffe has announced no public events for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. His campaign has not responded to requests for comment about his schedule.

On Wednesday, McAuliffe wrapped up a four-day campaign swing with former president Bill Clinton, but he did not take questions from the media at those appearances. McAuliffe has done a handful of individual interviews, but aside from a brief gaggle following last Thursday’s debate in Blacksburg, he has done no other media availabilities in the past three weeks.

Is McAuliffe taking Virginians for granted? Has he started measuring the Governor's Mansion's drapes and called the moving trucks? Virginians don't appreciate that, something McAuliffe would know if he knew Virginia.


Song Dedication To Harry Reid: "I'm Just A Bill"

Since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, President Barack Obama — and all, it seems, of liberaldom — have forgotten how a bill becomes a law, here's a brief remedial course on lawmaking dedicated to them. The House of Representatives has done its job. If Senate Democrats don't agree, pass your own version, go to a conference committee and work out the differences. (There's one continuing resolution to keep open the government ready for conference, but Senator Reid refuses to appoint conferees.) Bills don't get passed at news conferences where idealess liberal senators name call and demonize some of their colleagues and House Republicans. (Same goes true for certain Senate Republicans.) How ironic that the self-proclaimed intellectual and sensitive party resorts to calling its opponents "terrorists," "hostage takers," "arsonists," "extortionists," "unhinged," "insane," and people with a "bomb strapped to their chest," among many others (see If you want to negotiate, do it the constitutionally prescribed way. Oh, and one other thing . . . our little course in lawmaking includes prayer, doubtless a word that would be left out if this cartoon was made today, but something both sides should probably engage in.

Harry Reid, Barack Obama and others in Washington think bills are passed by holding news conferences and calling their opponents names. They need a remedial class in civics — and civility.

Why We Like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Many politicians claim to be "independent" and stick to principle. They may have a streak of independence that allows them to  work with one side of the aisle or the other, in the spirit of bipartisanship, just to "get something done," even when that something is counterproductive. It's an another thing entirely for a legislator to be bipartisan in his criticism of his colleagues because he cannot countenance not only the destructive policy of the opposition, but his side's acquiescence to it. That was the case earlier this year on the Senate floor, when U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), The Family Foundation's 2013 Gala keynote speaker, not only tried to derail Majority Leader Harry Reid's authoritarian power play on increasing the U.S. debt limit, but even took to task fellow Republican John McCain and his caucus' leadership for their ostensible and token opposition to it. He showed no fear of the majority nor of his party, which could very well disrupt his career.

That's courage. That's principle. That's why we like Senator Ted Cruz. We know you'll like him, too, and will want to see him in person at the Gala on Saturday, October 5, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. For more information, click here. When principle and truth come first, one truly is free, and that gives one more strength than a thousand special interests lavishly telling you what you want to hear (about yourself). I hope you'll take some time to hear Senator Cruz for yourself on the video below as he took on everyone from Barack Obama to Harry Reid to John McCain.

You can't have independence without courage. U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has both.

The Utter Tone Deafness Of The Pro-Abortion Crowd

This is what we're fighting against:

If you think the secular left can't get any lower, think again. First it was the "your first time"  video from the Obama campaign, which likened a woman's first sexual experience with voting for Barack Obama. Now it's the Center for Reproductive Rights with this video celebrating Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand. Glenn Stanton is spot on with his analysis, especially with the observation of the creepily ironic and multiple use of the word "baby."

Also sad is the use of a black man, when the abortion industry, particularly Planned Parenthood, was founded to reduce the black population in America. It still locates a vast number of its abortion centers in minority neighborhoods. Stanton cites this quote:

Everything that was gained in the Civil Rights Movement means nothing to a dead black child.

The vulgarity of this sleazy video and the idea behind it, not to mention what it says about what pro-abortion leaders think of women, speaks more profoundly than any critical words. Stanton, again, sums it up: Kyrie elesison. (Lord have mercy.)

Meet Dan Savage: Bully In Chief

When the hard core, secular left tries to advance its agenda, it often resorts to demonizing Christians in order to distract from its agenda and its tactics. Accusing others of what you actually do puts them on the defensive, allowing the accuser to skate while the accused is busy fending off character attacks. One of the best at this is a guy by the name of Dan Savage, who routinely uses four letter words in describing Christians and wishes early death upon those who think differently than he. While he accuses conservatives of "bullying," no one does it better than Savage, whose nasty repertoire includes, but limited to, vile and vulgar language, misleading and misrepresenting conservative positions and values, redefining institutions, tarnishing reputations, and who never finds a tactic low enough to hurt others while "entertaining" with shock.

Of course, anyone defending him or herself against Savage's assaults is deemed as "mean" by leftists, while, Savage has no qualms denying he hates anyone. It's all documented in his video by FRC Action. Oh, by the way, President Barack Obama endorses his work. Refreshing, isn't?

The Commander-In-Chief's endorsement of this behavior must qualify Dan Savage as Bully-In-Chief.

Dawn Of Election Day: Insights On Tim Kaine And Barack Obama

As we prepare to vote in the most consequential election of our lifetime and, perhaps, in many generations; an election that will transform America into a European-style social welfare state, or one that will restore the country to a dynamic economy with government's role properly limited; a country where distinctions no longer matter and anything goes, or one where the protection of life, marriage protected and defined, and religious liberty are safeguarded for us and future generations as the foundation of a free, prosperous and safe people. We will decide on a president and the composition of Congress, including one of the nation's highest profile Senate races which could determine the balance of power in that powerful chamber, and further accelerate which direction the country moves. Tim Kaine, once President Barack Obama's chief at the Democrat National Committee, and George Allen, once the Republican in charge of electing more Republican senators, seek the office.

There's no need to rehash the entire presidential and senate campaigns here. But as the president and Mr. Kaine have long been friends (Mr. Kaine was the first Democrat official elected to statewide office to endorse then-Senator Obama) and served as his primary defender as the chairman of the DNC, a couple of insights are in order from each that illuminate how their lack of capacity to lead honestly.

First, Mr. Kaine. It is well documented that he promised not to raise taxes in his campaign for governor and that he broke that promise in his first week in office. He introduced massive tax increases each of his four years in Capitol Square. He argued the need in order to fund Virginia's lagging transportation improvements.

What isn't so well documented (and a mystery as to why the Allen campaign has not used this against him) is that while Mr. Kaine hammered away at the need to grab more hard-earned income from Virginia families, is that he also refused each of his four years to audit VDOT. While House Republicans asked and asked, his reply was to demand tax increases. But the theory was that if we audit VDOT, perhaps we'll find some money there and we can see how much we really need to raise. Mr. Kaine flatly refused to acknowledge even the possibility. Nothing there, there, he'd say, and then demand the tax increase, even going so far as to launch robo calls into the districts of certain House members, telling their constituents that their delegates didn't want to fix Virginia's roads.

In 2010, in one of his first actions, Governor Bob McDonnell ordered the long sought VDOT audit. It turned up $1 billion in unused and wasted funds and funding opportunities. Mr. Kaine offered no apologies. It's one thing if the public truly needs to pay up to improve its community. It's another when a politician tries to pry away hard earned family income into government coffers when he was wasting what he had to begin with.

The insight into President Obama's character is quicker to arrive at. After all the snark, sarcasm, small and demeaning attacks, and vicious lies about his opponent, Mitt Romney, he runs this ad (see Ben Shapiro at Breitbart's Big Government).

One question: Would the president allow his daughter to see this? Is he really proud of this?

Whether it's unscrupulously fleecing taxpayers for his own political schemes or producing near-obscene ads, neither Tim Kaine nor Barack Obama offer the dignity to lead.

Are We Really Against Women’s Health Care?

At last week's presidential debate (boxing match?), President Barack Obama's obsession with Planned Parenthood came through loud and clear. At one point, among the six times he mentioned the abortion organization, he defended the nation's largest and richest private abortion provider by saying that it deserves your support through taxpayer dollars because it offers preventative women's health care with things like mammograms. To be precise, the president said:

. . . there are millions of women all across the country, who rely on Planned Parenthood for, not just contraceptive care, they rely on it for mammograms . . .

That statement is one in a long line of attacks on pro-life, conservative Americans who have for years fought to end forced taxpayer subsidization of the $1 billion abortion conglomerate. As with most of the other attacks, it is completely false.

Simply put, Planned Parenthood doesn't offer mammograms. In fact, if the president is accurate, then Planned Parenthood is actually violating federal law and is subject to tens of thousands of dollars in fines!

According to Casey Mattox, senior counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom:

Planned Parenthood is breaking the law because it has no license to perform mammograms. As this letter from the Obama Administration's own Department of Health and Human Services confirms, no Planned Parenthood clinic anywhere in the country is certified to perform mammograms. The Mammogram Quality Standards Act, administered by the Obama HHS, says that "[n]o facility may conduct an examination or procedure . . . involving mammography" without a certification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As the FDA explains, there is a good reason Congress wanted to make sure that women were receiving mammograms only from licensed providers: "Congress passed this law in 1992 to assure high-quality mammography for early breast cancer detection, which can lead to early treatment, a range of treatment options, and increased chances of survival." The MQSA is a women's health and safety law, and its licensing requirement is designed to ensure that the mammogram a woman receives is accurate and dependable. Planned Parenthood does not have that required license.

There you have it: If the president is correct, Planned Parenthood routinely violates federal law. If he is not, he simply is lying (or is so misinformed it's frightening) about what Planned Parenthood actually does as part of its defenders' perpetual effort by to paint the abortion conglomerate as focused on "women’s health care" when it is actually all about abortion (about 97 percent of its business comes from abortions).

Once again, the secular left is attempting to paint those who oppose forcing taxpayers to subsidize the nation's largest abortion organization as being opposed to "women’s health care" — thus the contrived and phony "war on women." It is, in fact, Planned Parenthood that has consistently lied about its services and opposed every effort to make its abortion centers safer for women. So, are we really against women's health care? Or, is the Left just redefining "women's health care" as it redefines everything else?

Are You Better Off?

National Republicans are nearly weeping with excitement at the flubbed response of Maryland's Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley to the question Sunday on Face the Nation: “Are people better off than they were four years ago?” It has become the new mantra of Mitt Romney's campaign; a question uttered by Ronald Reagan more than three decades ago, and it has forced Democrats to go on the defensive. It could very well be a question that remains constant for the remainder of the election, as most Americans likely don’t feel better off than when Barack Obama was elected four years ago. I’ve seen it asked by many conservative Facebook friends recently, and it is certainly a fair question to ask. It’s just that it’s the wrong question to ask.

Primarily, the implication is that if you’re not better off, well it’s the government’s fault (see President Obama) and by default, if you want to be better off, it’s the government’s job to make sure you are. And, if you aren’t better off four years from now? Well, whose fault is it then?

Except conservative principles that Republicans theoretically believe and want to apply don’t guarantee anyone that they’ll be better off in the future. Not by a long shot. Conservative principles guarantee only that we’ll have more freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness, but along the way, you might just lose a few times, and that's okay.

For example, let’s say that a new President and a new Congress are elected, government regulations are repealed to get out of the way and you decide to act on that amazing business idea that you’ve come up with. Once free of government bureaucracy, you leave your safe and secure current job and venture into the world of small business self-employment.

And you flop.

The possibility exists that you will not be better off than you are now, in a purely material and fiscal sense. Will that be the President’s fault? Government's? An unfair marketplace?'s?

Or, perhaps, your idea is just a bad one. It’s called risk, and the free market (the real free market) and conservative principles allow you to take that risk, and fail. Miserably.

Better off? Nope.

More free? Absolutely!

And that, my friends, is what this election should be about. It’s the question all of us should be asking.

Even Democrat Governor Martin O'Malley admits we are not better off than we were fours years ago. We're not as free, either.

What Can You Say?

Mitt Romney offered the following praise for the late American astronaut and hero Neil Armstrong during his nomination acceptance speech last night at the Republican National Convention:

The soles of Neil Armstrong's boots on the moon made permanent impressions on our souls. ... God bless Neil Armstrong! Tonight that American flag is still there on the moon and I don't doubt for a second that Neil Armstrong's spirit is still with us, that unique blend of optimism, humility — and the utter confidence that when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff you need an American.

Pretty stirring. Very patriotic. Absolutely bipartisan.

Not exactly. Not according to the permanently paranoid class of angry, offended, leftist, speech code hacks who have staged a complete coup at NBC News. After his speech concluded, one of the "pundits" on its advocacy network, msnbc, offered this summation of that one paragraph: That Mitt Romney was sending a "dog whistle" — speaking "birther code" — to racists everywhere, implying that Barack Obama is not an American. Presidency = Big Job. Only an American can be president. Therefore, Romney is saying Obama is not an American. Get it? It can only make sense to a leftist.

Every time I think the Left can't sink any lower, any time I think it can't be any more void of ability to critically think, it gets lower, more vacuous and more shrill. It remains to be seen if these types of accusations are born of a true case of lost marbles, incapable intellect or a desperately contrived offense in order to stimulate its shrinking base into action.

So, what can you say that a leftist won't take offense at? The list of available phrases is shrinking so fast that soon even innocuous greetings will be speech code violations. Last night's forensic language diatribe is not the first instance of leftist heartburn over the English language. Not even remotely so. Michelle Malkin today, coincidentally, documents the use of 12 words and phrases that recently have given  left-wing commentators episodes of hysterics for the plain use of plain language. Among the offensive words and phrases:

» Constitution.

» Professor.

» Angry.

» Golf.

» Privileged.

» Kitchen Cabinet.

I'd name the rest, but I want you to read the others and the circumstances in which they were used and why the Left think they are racist terms. At once they are hysterically humorous and just simply hysterical. Now, apparently, add to the list, "American" and "big job." What can you say?

BREAKING NEWS: Biden Campaigning In Danville Tells Crowd They're In N.C.!

This just happened within the hour: Vice President Gaffe-a-Lot Joe Biden, campaigning in the Commonwealth in Danville, screamed to the crowd that "with you" he and he and President You-Didn't-Build-It Obama "will win North Carolina" and "the election." This is really funny since the cutline on the television screen notes "Danville, Virginia" which must have left thousands scratching their heads. What is it about Leftists seeking national office campaigning in Virginia? But as bad as Biden's recent gaffe is — see some of his greatest hits here — the insult likely will wipe out the inroads Democrats made in Southside and Southwest Virginia in 2008, with GOP ads coming faster than a NASCAR vehicle, there not as bad as his boss' "You didn't build it" remark two weeks ago in Roanoke.

UPDATE: Maybe not: Also coming to light is that Biden accused Mitt Romney of wanting to put black Americans "back in chains!" while patronizing Virginians with an affectation of a Southern drawl. Dispicable!

That all said, please note this: Just as with the Obamabots who screamed their approval in Roanoke and who showed an amazing inability to discern logic at another rally, the liberals who turned out in Danville didn't seem to notice, either. They screamed their approval of being in Biden's fantasy land of "Danville, North Carolina."

Vice President Joe Biden campaigning in Danville, North Carolina Virginia this morning.


"Put y'all back in chains!" Oh, imagine the riots that would've started had a conservative made this comment.

The Obama campaign is saying it "has no problem" with this comment. It is saying it is out of context. So, whenever they insult or demean or lie or just say stupid things, the Left claims its "out of context." The Left is never responsible for anything, even when it's on tape (not surprisingly, since personal responsibility is not a tenant of liberalism) and often is saying what it really thinks because it believes rules of accountability do not apply to them.

But let's look at his campaign says Biden meant, that an Obama loss would mean a return to economic chains (never mind the key word "back" and the "Southern" drawl). Who has done more to put the iron clamp on economic prosperity than Barack Obama and Joe Biden? "The Food Stamp President" has created the largest class of dependency in American history: highest number of Americans at or below the poverty line in decades, a record number of Americans on food stamps, and he's gutted the landmark welfare reform by removing the work provision for recipients to receive checks. I documented the entire litany of more than two dozen economic lows under the Obama administration here.

Obamabots Speechless When Confronted With Logic

We all know Barack Obama is the chosen one, worshipped by millions. He can do no wrong. Whatever he says is magic and transcendental, casting a spell over his following. If he says two plus two is six, it is. If you disagree, you are a racist and a hater. (Actually, he probably does believe in that calculation given his incompetence in managing the nation's finances.) Liberalism in general is not a philosophy that demands great intellectual exercise. In fact, it's not a philosophy. It's an emotion driven reaction to circumstance (for example, "free" health care to those who can't afford it, although logic tells us nothing is free). It's default answer to every problem is to redistribute wealth, expand government and restrict liberty.

A terrific illustration of this was the president's campaign rally with "free" (i.e., taxpayer funded) contraception advocate Sandra Fluke Wednesday in Boulder, Colorado (see Caroline May at The Daily Caller). After the rally, Caleb Bonham of asked the Obamabots who attended two simple questions. The first was a no-brainer (at least to the 'bots). The second , which introduced logic, short circuited their wires. If you look closely, you'll see smoke emanating from their ears. Enjoy.

Should the government stay out of the bedroom? "Yes!"

These interviews even caught the attention of Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham:

Then why should government pay for your contraception? "Uhhhh, because Obama says so?"

A Walk For The President

So President Barack Obama doesn't think the United States of America is a Christian nation. He cites the fact that Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and others are American citizens. True. Just as Christians and a very large number of Muslims are Israeli citizens, but Israel is a Jewish state. America was founded, no matter how much secularists and the president want to rewrite history, on Judeo-Christian principles. Our founding documents prove it. Our Founders' writings show it. The moral foundation of our laws confirms it. A memorial we left on the moon dramatically demonstrates it (see this great reflection from William Safire).

If President Obama, or any secularist or progressive, doubts it, they need only take a short walk from the White House to a few Washington, D.C. landmarks — and back to the White House.  Stuart Shepard from shows us the way in this short video tour of the Washington Mall.

Sign of the Cross: A walk to certain Washington memorials and back to the White House would demonstrate to the president that his assertion that America is not a Christian nation couldn't be further from the Truth.

Hydrogen Barackside: The Cure For All Your Small Government Ills.

Here's a cartoon from 2009 recently brought to my attention. There's no way he or she could have know exactly how gargantuan the government would actually become in only tree years of Barack Obama's presidency. If so, the bottle would have been five times the size and 10 times as potent. But the point is made adamantly, quite perceptively, and most accurately as is!  

Hydrogen Barackside: Guaranteed to kill any symptoms of limited government and economic growth, prosperity, security and liberty that would limit the growth of your share of federal debt .

Another Disaster Coming To Virginia

The joke going around in September, when President Barack Obama came to Richmond to tout his "jobs bill" on the heels of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake and Hurricane Irene, was, "Great. Three weeks. Three disasters." Make it a fourth. The president is coming back to the Old Dominion next week, this time on a taxpayer-funded campaign trip (funded by Solyndra kickbacks?) right after the Democrat-controlled Senate killed his jobs bill this week (see Mike Brownfield at's The Foundry Blog) while also denying federal disaster aid to localities struck by the earthquake (just as a 3.0 aftershock as recorded last night damaging more buildings).

The president's trip is curious. He seems to be putting his own ego and prospects (as dim as they are) before his Virginia Democrat allies. Just as the vital General Assembly elections are coming into focus for thousands of voters and campaigns hit the homestretch, could there be any better rallying cry for the conservative base? We wonder how many Democrats will join the POTUS on stage? Phil Puckett? Ward Armstrong? Roscoe Reynolds? John Miller? Ralph Northam? Your president is calling!

Mr. President . . . not too many are jumping on your bus to nowhere. Maybe Tom Pierello is available?




While Others Desert Him, The Romantic Music Plays On For Barack And Planned Parenthood

Our friends at the Susan B. Anthony List have produced a short, but very amusing, video detailing the intimate relationship between Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood. It's been a long, cozy, lovey-dovey courtship (see, a true love affair between like-minded souless mates. Here are a few facts from SBA List and you can get the rest of them here:

» In a 2007 speech to Planned Parenthood Action Fund, then-candidate Obama told the audience, "On this fundamental issue, I will not yield, and Planned Parenthood will not yield."

» In its 2008 endorsement of then-candidate Obama, Planned Parenthood Action Fund made just its second presidential endorsement in its history, noting his 100% voting record with Planned Parenthood dating back to his time as a state senator in Illinois. Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards exclaimed, "there is no organization better positioned to reach out to women voters than the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. We will do all that we can to support Barack Obama. …"

» During the 2008 and 2010 election cycles alone, Planned Parenthood spent over $1.7 million dollars to help elect President Obama and support his fellow pro-abortion Democrats.

» During fiscal year 2009, Planned Parenthood reported receiving over $363 million dollars in government grants and contracts — an all-time record — boosting their annual budget to over $1 billion.

Perhaps most egregious, the Obama administration has shoved aside states such as Indiana, which have defunded Planned Parenthood, and forced "federal money" (i.e., our tax dollars) into those states. Earlier this month, the president ignored New Hampshire's rejection of a $1.8 million dollar contract with Planned Parenthood, and rammed the money into the state by contracting directly with Planned Parenthood. Anything to showoff for a sweetheart. Also done in certain Central American countries. Here's the video:


Tomorrow Is Primary Day!

Tomorrow is primary day in Virginia.  There are only a few, but these elections will determine several of the nominees from both parties to run for the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate in November. Primaries normally are held in June in Virginia, but because this is a redistricting year, primary day was pushed back to give the General Assembly time to draw new districts (and for Governor Bob McDonnell to sign into law after he vetoed a blatantly partisan Democrat Senate plan first sent to him), as well as wait on Justice Department approval as per The Voting Rights Act. We encourage all Virginians who live in a district with a primary to make an informed decision and vote tomorrow. With more and more decisions made at the state level to combat the increasing encroachment of the federal government, as well as the perennially important issues such as life, marriage, school choice, parental authority, property rights, religious liberty, transparency and government reforms, having principled conservative leadership at Mr. Jefferson's capitol is more important than ever. Turnout is expected to be very light — less than 10 percent — so each vote will carry more weight and be more decisive.

There are several hotly contested primaries, especially for various Senate seats around the commonwealth, particularly on the Republican side — most likely due to the perceived momentum it has after the last two elections cycles where it cleaned up statewide offices and congressional seats. The political atmosphere is not unlike four years ago when Democrats came out of the woodwork to seek nominations to run against a wounded Republican brand, itself having been manhandled in the 2005 and 2006 elections. Democrats subsequently won the Virginia Senate from the Republicans as well as the state for Barack Obama and a U.S. Senate Seat in 2008. 

Are we in for  symmetrical reversal? It all starts tomorrow. 

If you are not yet aware if you have been redistricted into a new House or Senate district and if there is a primary where you live, below are links to today's primaries.  If you are unsure of which district you live in, click here and fill out the required information or call your local registrar. Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Voting is at your regular precinct polling station.

Democrat Primaries – House and Senate

Democrat Primaries – Local

Republican Primaries – House and Senate

Republican Primaries - Local

We make no predictions about tomorrow or even November, except for this: If the Democrats retain control of the Virginia Senate, it will mean, according to the Mainstream Media, that President Obama is well on his way to reelection. If the Republicans win, it won't gain a headline outside the Commonwealth's borders.