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Will "Old Terry" Or "New Terry" Govern Virginia?

There are two versions of Terry McAuliffe, old and new. Old Terry McAuliffe is a wheeler and dealer, fundraiser extraordinaire, political operative whose ability to capitalize on political connections for economic gain skirted close to the legal line. The new Terry McAuliffe we are supposed to believe is seeking "common ground for Virginia." He is no longer a partisan hack, but a statesman who will work with Republicans to achieve his policy goals. And let's not forget that ethics reform was one of the policy foundations of his campaign.

Which is why his appointment of Boyd Marcus to the ABC Board is so surprising. Not because a governor is seeking to reward a political supporter, but by doing so he is publicly highlighting that Old Terry is alive and kicking. Boyd Marcus is a longtime Republican operative who defected to Terry McAuliffe's campaign after his client, Bill Bolling, dropped out of the GOP gubernatorial nomination campaign and Ken Cuccinelli wouldn't pay Boyd's ransom to work for his campaign.

Appointing Marcus to the ABC Board has precedent. Governors of both parties have long appointed political allies to the ABC Board. And, as former chief of staff to Governor Jim Gilmore, Marcus has the experience to serve in the role. However, it is precisely because of the reputation of "Old Terry" that this appointment reeks of political patronage and everything that is wrong with politics. The citizens of Virginia have a right to know what promises were made when Marcus joined the governor's campaign.

There is no dispute that appointing Boyd Marcus raises the specter of a quid pro quo. He abandoned the party for which he long toiled for a $40,000 paycheck during the campaign and a plum position in the McAuliffe administration that will pay between $124,000-$136,000, or a cool $500,000 for four years. Good work if you can find it. Governor McAuliffe rejected the concerns of a quid pro quo by calling it "a little petty political whatever." That's exactly what it appears to be. A little petty political appointment that unfortunately signals business as usual for "Old Terry."

Less than 30 days into the office, our new governor is already showing remarkably poor judgment and partisan political stripes. It is already raising questions about his business as usual approach to governing. Such political patronage may be legal, but is certainly unseemly. The governor needs to be careful of creating the appearance of a quid pro quo, because if there is one thing we have learned in politics, it is that even the appearance of a quid pro quo is dangerous and can launch civil and criminal investigations. But then again, such investigations are not new to "Old Terry."

Because of "Old Terry's" history and "New Terry's" vocal championship of ethics reform, Governor McAuliffe should expect to be held to a higher ethical standard. He should go above and beyond ethical minimums to prove that his stripes have truly changed. To do anything less will require that every gubernatorial action be viewed through the lens of Old Terry.

Miraculous Success: Life And Conscience Protected

It was nothing short of a miracle yesterday afternoon: The General Assembly passed Governor Bob McDonnell's pro-life amendment to HB 1900. The amendment prohibits health insurance plans that are part of federal health insurance exchanges required by Obamacare from covering abortion services except in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother. With the passage of this amendment, pro-life Virginians will no longer be required to violate their consciences and fund the unethical destruction of human life. To put it precisely, as one legislator who voted for the amendment said:

I truly believe that this amendment will save more lives than perhaps anything we've ever done.

The amendment's passage was a tale more convoluted than the typical legislative labyrynth, complete with procedural moves unfamiliar to most, dramatic back room conversations and mistakes that turned into miracles. Suffice it to say, God was at work — mightily. He alone deserves the credit for this success. We'll tell the complete and detailed insider story in a later post.

Regardless of how legislators may feel about Obamacare health insurance exchanges, the vote on this amendment was solely about the taxpayer funding of abortion. Many who voted for this amendment oppose the concept of exchanges overall. Please note when checking how your legislator voted, that a vote for this pro-life amendment cannot be considered a vote against health care freedom. Some type of exchange must be created, by law, so this was to make the best of a bad situation.

Although many deserve thanks for this important victory, we would like to specifically thank Governor McDonnell for introducing the amendment, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling for ruling the amendment germane (click links for contact information), the 20 senators and 55 delegates who voted for the amendment (click links for names), national pro-life organizations for their assistance, such as the Susan B. Anthony List, and local pro-life groups — especially the Virginia Catholic Conference, the Virginia Society for Human Life, and the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists — for joining us in our advocacy on this amendment at Mr. Jefferson's capitol yesterday.

Conscience and life were protected today. Please thank God first, but secondly those above who deserve our gratitude for their principled stand for life. The complete details and inside story tomorrow.


Paul Ryan To Appear With AG Cuccinelli At West Springfield High School This Afternoon

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan will appear at a rally this afternoon in Springfield at West Springfield High School after a Thursday night fundraiser and Friday morning rally in Richmond, upping the stakes for adding Virginia's 13 electoral votes, which went Democrat in 2008 for the first time in more than 40 years. Appearing with Representative Ryan for the first time will be Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Romney's Virginia campaign chairman both in 2008 and this year, appeared with Ryan on his swing through Virginia last weekend with GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, when Romney made an unusual public endorsement of Bolling for governor in 2013, only to backtrack in a later interview to a more neutral stance between the AG and LG rivals. Doors open at 1:15 and the program begins at 3:15. The address is 6100 Rolling Road, Springfield. Please contact or call (757) 279-8253 for questions or click here to attend the event or here for directions and more information. Seating is limited — first come, first serve.

Majority Leader Cantor, Lt. Governor Bolling Issue Statements On SCOTUS Obamacare Decision

Two more conservative Virginia leaders have issued statements on the Supreme Court's Obamacare decision.  U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor issued the following, which also announces a House floor vote on the law's repeal the week on July 9. Lt. Governor Bill Bolling expressed his disappointment and called on a redoubling of efforts to change the policy through the ballot box this November. Majority Leader Eric Cantor:

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare is a crushing blow to patients throughout the country. Obamacare has failed to keep the President's basic promise of allowing those who like their health care to keep it, while increasing costs and reducing access to quality care for patients. In this tough economy, jobs and economic growth are on the minds of most Americans, but Obamacare has increased uncertainty for small businessmen and women and forced them to put their hiring decisions on hold.

During the week of July 9th, the House will once again repeal Obamacare, clearing the way for patient-centered reforms that lower costs and increase choice. We support an approach that offers simpler, more affordable and more accessible health care that allows people to keep the health care that they like.

The Court’s decision brings into focus the choice the American people have about the direction of our country. The President and his party believe in massive government intrusions that increase costs and take decisions away from patients. In contrast, Republicans believe in patient-centered, affordable care where health care decisions are made by patients, their families and their doctors, not by the federal government.

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling:

I am very disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of Obamacare. It was my belief that the President and Congress overstepped their constitutional authority in requiring American citizens to purchase a product like health insurance, and I am disappointed that the Supreme Court reached a different conclusion. However, the court’s decision does not change the fact that Obamacare is bad policy. Obamacare is too costly and we cannot afford it. In addition, Obamacare increases the cost of doing business and makes it harder for American businesses to hire workers. Finally, Obamacare limits American’s health care choices and intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship.

Now, it is up to the American people to stop Obamacare. We can do that in November by electing Mitt Romney President of the United States, electing George Allen to the United States Senate, and reelecting our Republican majority in the House of Representatives. President Romney and a Republican Congress will act to repeal Obamacare and replace it with more responsible, market based health care reforms.


Who's Wasting Time And Not Dealing With The "Real Issues"?

One thing we hear often is that the General Assembly needs to work on "real issues," such as job creation, and stop "wasting time" on social issues; that Virginia's lawmakers must focus on their most important job — the budget. If so, then why are the same Senate liberals who say the legislative session's focus should be on the economy, blocking adoption of a budget? They aren't even willing to pass a Senate budget as a means to get to a conference committee with the House and work out differences. Twice, they've blocked a budget bill from advancing. Since the Constitution of Virginia requires 21 senators' approval to pass a budget, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling cannot break a tie. In fact, it doesn't even need to get to 20-20, as long as there are not more than 20 "yeas" as was the case on the 20-19 vote that none-the-less sank the Senate budget a couple of weeks ago. The missing vote was that of freshman Senator Barbara Favola (D-31, Arlington), who skipped the proceedings to do an interview on MSNBC about (drum roll, please) social issues! Was she doing the people's business or "wasting time"?

So, who's obstructing resolution of the "real issues"? Who's "wasting time"? The day each chamber presents its budget the chambers entertain floor amendments before the final up-or-down vote. There are dozens of floor amendments, each with the requisite questions of the patron, debate, parliamentary inquiry and vote. The Republican controlled Senate accepted almost all (if not all) of the Democrat sponsored amendments, a process that took considerable time and lasted late into the afternoon, delaying committee hearings into the evening. After all that work and all those accepted budget amendments, Senate Democrats still blocked passage of the budget. What was the purpose of offering all the amendments if they were still going to block the budget? Sounds like a "waste of time" that lasted a lot longer than any debate on a "social issue."

Days later, Senate Democrats, voting as a bloc of 20, put the kibosh on the House budget, even though it had come over with bipartisan support. Apparently, there were no interviews with left wing media that day. But they also had no interest in working (key word) to amend it to their satisfaction. If it's not about interviews or grandstanding, it's not worth their time. Who is obstructing the resolution of the "real issues"? Who is "wasting time"? And over what?

First it was about budget cuts, but all knew, including every editorial page in the commonwealth, that it was about committee assignments and power, a power they lost in the election despite favorably redrawn districts. Then the already thin veil had a wardrobe malfunction when Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-35, Springfield) said it was all about parity on the Education and Health Committee (see Bearing Drift).

(Education and Health is where all pro-life issues are referred to in the Senate. Senator Saslaw, who is known for his bombast, two years ago in that committee ridiculed a large bipartisan vote on a House pro-life bill, saying delegates told him they only voted for it because they knew "we'd kill it over here," which no one believed and was an astonishing impugning of motives of fellow legislators. This year, knowing those bills would pass the Senate, these same delegates still voted for pro-life bills.)

Now, according to Senator Charles Colgan (D-29, Prince William) in a floor speech today, it's all about raising taxes. (Lose an election, raise voters' taxes? Sounds like retribution rather than "working" to help struggling families in a tough economy.)

Whether it's sour grapes or wanting to inflict pain on Virginia taxpayers, Senate Democrats, for once candidly speaking, have cornered themselves into not-very-enviable positions. Who wants to run on that platform?

We are two days away from session's end. Senate liberals still have not agreed to help pass a budget. By their own words, approving one is the most important job they have, especially in a challenging economy. Despite the eight weeks they've had to sort out differences, they continue to play games over the power they lost in November. We face deadlines for local governments to fund schools, police and fire fighters; to build or repave roads; for state agencies to continue vital services; for economic development incentives to be put into place; for healthcare — all the essential tools to maintain Virginia's place as the best managed state and best state for business.

So, we ask again: Who is obstructing work on the "real issues"? Who is "wasting time"?

Breaking News: Lt. Governor Bolling Demands Apology From Senate Dems Who Slammed Capitol And State Police In Floor Speeches Today

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling has just released audio of his answer to a question at a news conference today, where he let loose on Senate Democrats who criticized Virginia State and Capitol Police for their handling of Saturday afternoon's Capitol Square pro-abortion protest (see Richmond Times-Dispatch article and pictures). This afternoon, after the Senate concluded its business, several Democrats asked for a return to the "Morning Hour" — the time before bills are debated and voted upon at the beginning of each floor session, where speakers can address any subject at length, from introducing constituents or school groups in the gallery to addressing an issue or bill in general terms. The return to Morning Hour is a pro forma event, but what followed was not. In an unprecedented move, Democrat Senators Chap Peterson, Janet Howell (who woodenly read from a prepared statement) and Dick Saslaw (all of Northern Virginia), and Donald McEachin (from the Richmond area) verbally went after those who protect them on a daily basis, seemingly for purely partisan, crass political reasons — to appease their rabid base.

One member described it as a "disgraceful police presence" and it made us wonder two things:

» What would they have said had there not been a police presence and events got out of control, including physical violence and/or vandalism of Capitol Square?

» What would they have said had it been pro-life activists who rallied and ignored the parameters of their permit — a rally at the bell tower, with the capitol building area off limits?

Neither of those are hypothetical, especially the latter. That's exactly what the pro-abortion rally permit allowed, as all rally permits allow. But going to the mat to preserve the pro-abortion double standard doesn't surprise us. Anything to protect the sacrament of the left — abortion.

While Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment (R-3, Williamsburg) replied in kind to the floor attack with an unusually impassioned response, Mr. Bolling said that in his 16 years at the capitol he's never heard members of the Senate attack Virginia' Law enforcement. Here's a key portion of his statement:

Those comments were over the top. I think those comments were inappropriate and I believe the senators who made those comments owe an apology to Virginia's law enforcement professionals. They owe an apology to the Capitol Police and they owe an apology to the State Police because these guys were doing their job as they saw it, and none of us have a right to put ourselves in their position if we weren't there and if we don't know all the facts and if you don't know what they did. And that's why it is important that you talk to the head of the Capitol Police, you talk to the head of the State Police and get all the facts. ... Everybody has a right to protest. Nobody has a right to violate the law.

Click here to listen to the entire sound byte, which lasts 1:42. 

Is Just Announced Fundraiser A Clue About Perry-McDonnell?

Governor Bob McDonnell has become a front runner in the Republican Party's Veepstakes. He, along with Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (see Alex Pappas at The Daily Caller), seem to sop up much of media mentions for the second spot, such as the time the media gives to the second spot at this stage. Normally, being the frontrunner for the presidency this early consigns him to the status of a coach who's received the owner's "vote of confidence" (i.e., he's not long for the job) much less one mentioned for the second spot. But at least those coaches get a vote. The potential Veeps seemingly are vetted only by the Great Mentioner — the amalgamation of omnipresent radio and cable pundits — who cannot even begin to conjure the myriad of factors that ultimately mix to produce a national ticket . . . such as . . . say . . . the presidential nominee himself . . . and his electoral strengths and weaknesses as well as all sorts of balancing acts including geography, age and even ethnicity, to name a few. But also personal chemistry. Which brings us to an announcement earlier today by the Republican Party of Virginia: It is having a fundraiser hosted by Governor Bob McDonnell and headlined by Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry ( Let's face it: The state party with its governor in power does not randomly ask individuals to raise money for it.

Talk long has focused on how well the two get along and around Capitol Square there have been whispers that Perry has McDonnell in mind — already. Perry was the chairman of the Republican Governors Association while McDonnell was its vice chair, becoming chairman upon Perry's resignation to run for president. Add this friendship to Governor McDonnell's potential interest in the job (see Richmond Times-Dispatch) and the grassroots luncheon fundraiser takes on a new flavor. Because of his position with the RGA, word was Governor McDonnell would not endorse a candidate during the primaries (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog) — a silence normally employed by Veeps in waiting to make them plausible to whoever the eventual nominee is). That also make it easier on Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, very much tied to the governor, who enthusiastically chairs Mitt Romney's Virginia campaign, as he did four years ago (The Shad Plank).

Another hint of the governors' simpatico comes from RPV Chairman Pat Mullins, who said in a statement:

We're absolutely thrilled that Governor Perry will be with us for this event. Governor Perry's record in Texas of lower taxes, limited government, and job growth looks familiar to anyone who pays attention to Virginia politics. Like our own Governor Bob McDonnell, Gov. Perry has balanced his state's budget by making prudent decisions, rather than treating taxpayers like an ATM.

This is where we cue another expression: A picture is worth a thousand words. He may or may not endorse Rick Perry, but Bob McDonnell seems to be giving an indication as to who he prefers. The question is whether, if he wins the GOP nomination, Perry prefers Bob McDonnell.

Virginia Legislative Prayer Caucus Begins With Fitting Capitol Event

Wednesday morning a unique, and what will be looked back upon as a historic, event took place at Mr. Jefferson's capitol. Citizens from across Virginia witnessed many of their state lawmakers officially form the Virginia Legislative Prayer Caucus. The VLPC is an outgrowth of the Congressional Prayer Caucus in Washington, D.C. founded by Virginia's Fourth District U.S. Representative Randy Forbes. That caucus has been instrumental in bringing legislators together under the common denomination of prayer and devotion to God to guide them in their decision making. Now, members of several state legislatures are forming their own. Virginia's is among the first. Several hundred people joined Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and several senators and delegates to call on the Lord to heal our land and bless the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition to the three statewide officials, speakers included Senator Phillip Puckett (D-38, Tazewell), who led a prayer; caucus co-chairmen Delegate John Cosgrove (R-78, Chesapeake) and Senator Jeff McWaters (R-8, Virginia Beach); and Congressman Mike McIntyre (R-N.C.), a co-founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, who encouraged prayer for all those in authority as we are commanded in I Timothy 2:1,2. Congressman Forbes was scheduled to speak but could not attend because of a last minute Armed Services sub-committee meeting which he chairs. Instead, his wife Shirley, read his prepared remarks.

The event concluded with the announcement of each VLPC member's name as he or she approached a desk on the capitol's portico and signed the "Call to Prayer for Virginia" proclamation. The charter members include members of both parties with at least a half-dozen of them Democrats. Those in attendance also had the opportunity to sign their names to a replica versions. Virginia is the third state to create a Legislative Prayer Caucus, following Mississippi and Kentucky. Several other state legislatures are currently in the process of forming similar prayer caucuses.

With all a world seemingly aflame and in shambles by war, natural disaster and financial and economic turmoil, it was a refreshing event to see the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and numerous members of the legislative body take public pride in their faith and devotion to prayer, much as our founders did 235 years ago in the midst of a war for independence going wrong. Still, in the Declaration of Independence they noted their "firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence."

Governor McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bolling and Attorney General Cuccinelli are the first to sign the Virginia Legislative Prayer Caucus' Call To Prayer.

21-20, 21-20, 21-20: Pro-Life Bills Finally Pass Virginia Senate Roadblock To Become Law; Behind The Scenes At Last Night's Drama!

Near the end of an already extraordinarily long annual "Veto Session" last night, at around 10:00, after intense debate and several failed parliamentary maneuvers by opponents, the Virginia General Assembly handed pro-lifers and Governor Bob McDonnell another big victory. After passing the House of Delegates by a comfortable margin, the Virginia Senate — whose committees long have been the burial ground for commonsense bipartisan pro-life legislation, deadlocked 20-20 on the governor's amendments to HB 2434 — to restrict Virginia's health insurance exchanges (when and if ObamaCare takes effect) from publicly funding abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother — allowing Lt. Governor Bill Bolling to break the tie and send the bill back to Governor McDonnell for his signature. We long have stated that if certain measures could get to the floor, they would pass. This victory, another vote last night to restore the abstinence education funding eliminated by former Governor Tim Kaine, as well as the landmark vote the last week of the regular session to regulate abortion centers (all by 21-20 margins with Lt. Governor Bolling casting the tie-breaking vote each time), vindicates us. As represented by their legislators in Richmond, Virginians are decidedly pro-life.

The hard work began as lawmakers returned to the capitol Monday. Family Foundation lobbyists hit the ground running, going door to door to sure up votes and answer questions from legislators. Preceding that were efforts well before the reconvened session to educate lawmakers and their constituents. While the House looked secure, the Senate was always going to be close, with perhaps one or two senators leaning one way or another, but not fully committed.

Meanwhile, opponents in both chambers used several procedural motions to derail the votes. House members yielded their time from member to member in an attempt to control the debate and even moved to break up the governor's amendments into separate votes. While that succeeded, all four passed. The bill then moved down the hall where Senator John Edwards (D-21) challenged the germaneness of the governor’s amendments. When Lt. Governor Bolling ruled them in order, opponents attempted to overturn the decision by a floor vote, but lost 21-19 (see vote).

After intense debate, the Senate voted 20-20, with all 18 Republicans and pro-life Democrats Chuck Colgan (D-29, Manassas) and Phillip Puckett (D-38, Tazewell) voting yes. Interestingly, Senator Roscoe Reynolds (D-20, Martinsville), who voted to sustain Lt. Governor Bolling's ruling, voted no. When the clerk read the result, The LG decisively announced that "The chair votes aye." Thus, the making of a law (see vote).

Despite the late vote, an early morning event may have had the most impact — the first ever meeting of the Virginia Legislative Prayer Caucus (more on the LPC in a future post). More than 500 Virginians, including many delegates and senators of both parties, gathered at the steps of the historic capitol to pray for God to shower His blessings on our Commonwealth. As Governor McDonnell reminded attendees, Matthew 19:26 says, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

The Family Foundation gives its overwhelming appreciation to Governor McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bolling, all 20 Senators who voted for this pro-life amendment, and to all who contacted their senator to urge their support. If you don't think this has the grassroots excited, see our Facebook page!

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Approves 21-20 Gov. McDonnell's Amendments To Ban Taxpayer Funding Of Elective Abortions In ObamaCare Insurance Exchanges!

Within the last few minutes, in a reprise of its stunning vote to regulate abortion centers in the waning days of the General Assembly's regular session, the Virginia Senate approved by a vote of 21-20 Governor McDonnell's amendment to HB 2434 that bans taxpayer funding of elective abortion coverage when (or if) the state run health care insurance exchanges begin in 2014 as mandated by the federal health care law. Throughout the day it looked like the amendments would die in the Senate, perhaps by a 21-19 margin. But, in a vote that came up in the latter stages of an all day and night annual "Veto Session," all 18 Republican senators and pro-life Democrats Chuck Colgan and Phillip Puckett voted to add the amendments. The other 20 Democrats voted to reject them leaving the tie-breaking vote with Lt. Governor Bill Bolling who, as he did in February, voted in the affirmative. Early on in the intense debate, pro-abortion Senator John Edwards tried to have the amendments ruled non-germane, but Lt. Governor Bolling, who presides over the Senate, ruled that they were. His ruling was upheld on a 21-19 vote. Earlier in the day, the House of Delegates concurred with Governor McDonnell with about 60 votes. Thanks to all who contacted their senators for this incredible win for Life. Because of your dedication and commitment, we have won significant pro-life legislative victories in Virginia during the past three months. More on this story to come.

BREAKING: Bolling Breaks 20-20 Tie! Abortion Centers To Be Regulated!

We'll have more later, but within the last 30 seconds, after about 90 minutes of debate, the Virginia Senate voted 20-20 on SB 924, as amended by the House, to direct the Board of Health to promulgate regulations for abortion centers. Lt. Governor Bill Bolling immediately cast his constitutional tie-breaking vote in favor of the bill as amended. It now will go to Governor Bob McDonnell who has promised to sign it.

McBollinelli Rides Again: McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli Headline Victory Rally Tours Sunday And Monday

Reminiscent of the closing days of last year's historic campaign that led to a landslide "McBollinelli" statewide sweep, Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli again will campaign together on a two-day victory rally tour today and tomorrow, crisscrossing the commonwealth in support of Republican Congressional candidates. (After Sunday, Lt. Governor Bolling will re-join the tour Monday at the last rally.) They will be joined by Republican Party of Virginia chairman Pat Mullins.

Here's the schedule:

Sunday 1:30 p.m.

Fairfax County Republican Committee headquarters, 4246 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax.

Sunday 5:00 p.m.

Albemarle/Charlottesville Victory Office, 455 Albemarle Square, Charlottesville 

Sunday 7:30 p.m.

Virginia Tech/Montgomery Airport, 1601 Tech Center Drive, Blacksburg 

Monday 8:00 a.m.

Virginia Highlands Airport, 18521 Lee Highway, Abingdon

Monday 11:00 a.m. 

Lynchburg Victory Office, 3700 Candler's Mountain Road Unit No. 2, Lynchburg

Monday 2:00 p.m.

Danville Victory Office, 625 Piney Forest Road Suite 207, Danville

Monday 5:15 p.m.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, 4453 Bonney Road, Virginia Beach

Thanks To Our 25th Anniversary Gala Sponsors!

This year marks The Family Foundation's 25th anniversary. That's 25 years of standing up in the public square for life, marriage, parental authority, constitutional government and religious freedom. We could not have made it this far, or realized the successes we've seen, without the faithful support of our partners. For that reason, we want to express our special appreciation for all of our 25th Anniversary Gala sponsors. Through their generosity, the following individuals, families, elected officials and businesses have allowed us not only to commemorate this special milestone, but also ensure that we retain our position as the Commonwealth's leading voice for traditional values.

Thank You!

It’s not too late to add your name to this list or to purchase individual or couples tickets. Please visit our Gala Web page here or call The Family Foundation at 804-343-0010. Space in the Gala program to advertise your business or recognize The Family Foundation's 25th anniversary also remains available.

Special thanks to our 25th Anniversary Gala sponsors and patrons:


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Wall Of Honor Video Tribute To Virginia's War Dead

Our Memorial Day tribute, courtesy of Here are some highlights from the annual, and touching, tribute at the state capitol Thursday honoring Virginia's heroes — those who gave their full measure and made the supreme sacrifice in defense of our country during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The ceremony commemorates the 206 men and women on Virginia's Wall of Honor, proudly displayed in the Office of the Attorney General, and which contains the pictures of each member of the military who have died in defense of freedom since the U.S.S. Cole attack in 2000. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli led the ceremony at which there were several speakers, including military officers; Governor Bob McDonnell, who started the tribute during his term as attorney general; Lt. Governor Bill Bolling; and Kim Felts, widow of Army Col. Thomas Felts, the 100th Virginian to die in the War on Terrorism. After her speech, a flyover and a gun salute by an Air Force honor guard, each of the 206 names were read aloud. We pray no more will be added this year.

"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." - John 15:13

We can never thank them enough, that we may all live free and secure.

Virginia News Stand: May 25, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations What's All The Fuss?

The Virginia media can't get over its preoccupation with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Now the big news is that he and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling are meeting regularly. The AG and Governor Bob McDonnell already are. So, what's the fuss about? There must be a conspiracy, a cabal or more involved. Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Jeff Schapiro wrote not his first, nor his last, column on the perceived ever changing dynamics within Virginia GOP because of Mr. Cuccinelli: State Republicans can't live with him and they can't live without him seems to be the prevailing wisdom. Meanwhile, the AG continues to make news, last night doing a live interview on Fox News Channel's On The Record with Greta Van Susteran, not because of what he did, but because the feds finally replied to the health care lawsuit he filed. Not surprisingly, the Obama administration is asking for a dismissal. Hey, Mr. Prez: same question to you: What's the fuss?


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Planned Parenthood Fights Amendment Eliminating Taxpayer Funded Elective Abortions

Planned Parenthood (see LiveAction's latest undercover video) is fighting a budget amendment introduced by Governor Bob McDonnell that would prohibit taxpayer funding of most elective, low-income abortions. The General Assembly will vote on the amendment during tomorrow’s veto session.

We need your immediate action to thwart Planned Parenthood's attack!

Polls consistently show that between 60 and 70 percent of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. Opposition that crosses gender and political lines exposes Planned Parenthood as extremely outside the mainstream but, unfortunately, they have influence in the Virginia Senate.

The Family Foundation and several of our pro-life partners have advocated for this amendment for several years. The amendment brings Virginia substantially in line with federal law that requires we pay for abortions in the instances of rape, incest or life of the mother. Currently, Virginia is one of only 17 states that funds elective (i.e., "health" of the mother) abortions.

To make matters more interesting, with a Senate chamber almost evenly divided politically, there is a strong possibility the vote on the amendment could be a tie. In that case, the presiding officer would cast the tiebreaking vote, and normally that is Lt. Governor Bill Bolling. Unfortunately, the Lt. Governor Bolling is stranded in Italy due to the travel restrictions over that Europe caused by the volcanic ash cloud emanating from Iceland. Thus, the President Pro Tem, Senator Chuck Colgan (D-29, Manassas), will preside.

We believe the key to sustaining the amendment lies with a few key legislators: Senators Colgan, Roscoe Reynolds (D-20, Martinsville), Phil Puckett (D-38, Tazewell) and Fred Quayle (R-13, Suffolk). Please contact these Senators immediately by clicking the links to e-mail them and urge them to vote yes on Governor McDonnell's elective abortion amendment.

Senator Fred Quayle:

Senator Roscoe Reynolds:

Senator Chuck Colgan: 

Senator Phil Puckett:

Open Thread: Tell Us Your Impressions Of Inauguration Weekend

People from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia are – some already have – descending on Richmond for the inaugural activities for the Old Dominion’s 71st governor, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell, re-elected Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. Many of you may be on your way here for the swearing-in and the many parties and events, such as our Patrick Henry “Liberty or Death Speech” program. We want your impressions of all the celebratory activities. Let us know! There are so many events and stories to tell: Whom did you meet? What did you think of the inaugural address? Did you like the parade? Any great photos? Maybe you were at one of the events during the week you can tell us about. What do you think of the food and clothing donation program? Even if you can’t be in Richmond, feel free to comment on the television coverage and your impressions from afar.

Check it out and compare notes with friend and others. Post as much as you like. We look forward to reading about all the great times. As an advance notice, we’ll do the same thing for our Lobby Day Monday, when several hundred more of you will be in town to lobby your legislators on behalf of traditional family values. Until then, have a safe and celebratory weekend, and we’ll see you in Richmond and online!

The Virginia Budget: More Reform Ideas Now

Speaking of Virginia's budget process and Governor-elect Bob McDonnell's idea to reform the process whereby the lame duck, outgoing governor proposes the next two-year budget, more is needed to be done. For one, zero-based budgeting. Even Creigh Deeds supports that. As it is now, agency budgets are based on the previous year's budget. They normally get an increase, however small (and usually not small), despite its performance (see the Department of Education). Zero-based budgeting starts from scratch each year and determines what money is needed to achieve that year's objectives. But even with zero-based budgeting some unnecessary government programs remain intact. So, instead of reducing some agency budgets, some should be merged (as the House tried to do two years ago) or, better yet, eliminated. Still, zero-based budgeting would be a nice starting point for reform. Two planks out of the McDonnell-Bolling budget and spending reform platform released in September are along these lines: agency performance audit reviews and evidence based budgeting. We hope this at least moves us toward reducing the scope of spending in Richmond, if not actually significantly limiting state government's ever expanding reach (and we haven't even touched on SOQ reform).

While the budget cycle and agency appropriation formulas are the headline grabbers, there are many needed common sense reforms. Some have been proposed form time to time in the General Assembly only to be shot down for reasons serious and not. For example, one bill last year from Senator Tommy Norment (R-3, Williamsburg), oddly enough, would bring more transparency and probably scare off lawmakers from voting in pork. It would have required that anything budget conferees stuck in their final budget report — which the two chambers must vote up or down — that was a non-state appropriation, an item not included in either chamber’s budget, or an item that represents legislation that failed during session, would have to be announced as such in letters to all 140 members by the chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees.

Another idea last year came from Senator Ralph Smith (R-22, Botetourt) which would require at least a day pause for reading the budget before it could be voted on. That, too, went nowhere fast.

Getting ourselves into a fiscal mess was pretty simple — the legislature and the executive over the years simply saying yes to every plea for help and imaginary solution that supposedly only money can provide. Getting ourselves out of it is pretty simple, too. But it's amazing how many simple, time tested ideas there are that can save taxpayer money and provide efficiency that never get anywhere (not to mention just saying "no").  

Many of these ideas have been studied or have worked elsewhere. There's no need for delay. The need is great to reform. The moment, with newly elected officials and a teetering economy, is now. Delay, for any reason, no longer is necessary. No that it ever was.

Lt. Governor Bolling Writes Senators Webb, Warner Concerning Their Votes On Health Care Bill

Below is the text of a news release issued today from the office of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling concerning the votes by Senators Warner (contact here) and Webb (contact here) in favor of a procedural motion that will allow the Senate health care bill to proceed to a final up or down vote, where it is all but assured of passing. The text of the letter referenced in the news release is posted here.


RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling today sent a strongly worded letter to Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner expressing outrage over special concessions given to certain states to obtain support for federal healthcare legislation from their Senators and asking them to oppose this legislation, which Bolling called "misguided."

"As you know, one of our major concerns with this legislation is the potential impact it could have on the cost of Medicaid for Virginia’s state government," wrote Bolling. "Many reports have suggested that this legislation could result in much higher Medicaid costs for state governments across the nation, costs that state governments simply cannot bear."

In his letter, Bolling cited reports from this past weekend that the Senate’s Democratic leadership had made concessions to Senator Ben Nelson that would hold his home state of Nebraska harmless for any additional Medicaid costs that might come about as a result of the enrollment of new Medicaid recipients after 2017, while all 49 other states would be required to pay a portion of the increased costs. This reportedly would save Nebraska $45M per year, while passing these costs on to other states.

Additionally, similar "sweet heart deals" were reportedly made to Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and other Senators to obtain their support for the healthcare bill, while the citizens of Virginia and other states were not afford the same benefits.

"I am outraged by reports that surfaced this weekend regarding concessions that were made to Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson to secure his vote in support of this legislation," stated Bolling. "If these reports are accurate, this type of quid pro quo is unacceptable, and you and your colleagues should object strongly to the practice, which I have no doubt the American people will find offensive as well."

"If the Senate’s leadership is so desperate to obtain votes to secure the passage of this legislation that they would make these types of concessions to these Senators, I would ask that you demand that the same concessions be extended to Virginia, and for that matter, to every other state in the nation," continued Bolling.

In addition to the outrageous "pay off" tactics employed by Senate Democratic Leadership, Bolling encouraged Senators Webb and Warner to vote against the substance of the legislation, citing concerns that it will result in increased healthcare costs, increased insurance premiums, increased taxes on family and businesses and fewer options for individual patients.


Don't you just love all the media pundits, mainstream media types and liberal political consultants who have spent the last 10 days backpeddling faster than Michael Phelps swims to anyone and everyone who will listen that the Virginia Republican earthquake/landslide/nuking wasn't a conservative win when they spent the last two months spending millions of dollars and filing scores of stories trying to paint Bob McDonnell as a right wing Pat Robertson acolyte, Bill Bolling as an evil capitalist insurance executive, and Ken Cuccinelli as an 1860's states rightist? Not that those caricatures define conservatism but you can't say your opponents are far outside the mainstream then claim they won only because they did a better job getting to the middle than your guys did. Not to mention the six seat gain in the House of Delegates in areas of the state liberals thought they owned. When 74 percent of McDonnell voters said they were "unhappy with the direction they (Obama administration) are taking Washington and the country" there's every reason to believe they expect a good dose of Virginia conservatism to counter Washington's hyper liberalism. November 3 was a conservative upheaval.