Bishop E- W- Jackson Sr-

Historic Day Of Prayer By Burgesses Recalled In Colonial Williamsburg

On June 1, 1774, the House of Burgesses assembled in Colonial Williamsburg not in legislative session, but in fasting and prayer. It called for a Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer in response to the British blockade of Boston Harbor. (Read the proclamation and see the event's depiction, here). One week ago today, on the exact date and location, The Family Foundation and the Virginians for Liberty commemorated that historic and influential day in America's founding and independence from monarchial power, but also to call on the Almighty's intervention in the just-as-real-threats to our liberty today. Just as the Burgesses marched from the Colonial Capitol to Bruton Parish Church for prayers, more than 100 concerned citizens from many denominational backgrounds retraced those exact steps to pray to the Lord to heal our land and restore our nation. Attendees assembled in front of the Colonial Capitol where Williamsburg resident Tom Morr, dressed in 18th century attire, explained the significance of the day in 1774 as well as the contemporary importance of the commemoration. (This was the second consecutive year of the commemoration). Participants then sang traditional hymns from the colonial period and walked six blocks down Duke of Gloucester Street to Bruton Parish Church. As they arrived, the same bell that greeted those Virginia patriots and Founders 234 years ago rang again.

Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb, Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96th, Yorktown) and Pastor Wade Trump of Jamestown Christian Fellowship offered prayers. Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr. of Exodus Faith Ministries ended the morning with an exhortation to return to the principles that our nation was founded upon. He said that as we work to preserve the principles that made us great as a state and a nation, we must never forget that our ultimate hope rests in the Lord and His mercy. The event, which lasted about an hour, was a reminder that we must continue to keep our state and nation, and those who lead us. in our constant prayers.

Click here to see a slide show of the event. Start with the third picture.

Family Foundation Day At The Capitol Is Thursday!

The Family Foundation's Annual Day at the Capitol is this Thursday, with an emphasis 0n education freedom — particularly legislation that provides tax credits for private school scholarships. We need to send a loud message to our legislators that, after years of dragging their feet while public education deteriorates (especially for the underprivileged who are trapped in failing schools by an education establishment unwilling to embrace reforms) and options and competition few, educational opportunity for all children is the right choice for Virginia.    Registration for the event, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, begins at 8:30. The program begins at 9:00 with a briefing  from lawmakers and policy makers, includes a visit with your legislators, and ends with a rally on the Capitol Square grounds. Some of our special speakers include Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Secretary of Education Gerard Robinson and Family Foundation Chaplain, Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr.   You will have an opportunity to meet with your legislators, get updates from The Family Foundation staff and enjoy optional tours of Mr. Jefferson's Capitol, the Governor's Mansion and the Virginia Supreme Court during the afternoon. Tours are available on a first come, first serve basis the morning of the event, so if you are interested get to Richmond early.   While our format is a bit different this year, it will be an extremely exciting Lobby Day at the Capitol. Christian and private schools from across the Commonwealth will participate with us. If you are affiliated with a Christian or private school, please share this information with the school and fellow parents and students, and encourage them to send a delegation to support this effort.

If you would like more information about arranging at special tour for your school or about the event, please e-mail or call 804-343-0010. To register online, click here.

What's A Room Full Of Pastors Ready To Engage In The Public Square Look Like?

Here's a picture of Monday's Annual Pastors For Family Values Pastors Summit, held in Richmond. About 250 pastors from around Virginia and from all denominations heard from religious liberty experts worthy of a national convention: Virginia Fourth District Congressman and Founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Randy Forbes, historian and Wallbuilders Founder David Barton, scholar and Ameriseach Founder Bill Federer, Alliance Defense Fund Chief Legal Counsel David French and PFFV Chaplain and S.T.A.N.D. Founder Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr. If you think we had a motivated bunch before . . . .

pastotrs summit 2010

What do you get when you have a room full of pastors? A modern "Black Robe Regiment" which the pastors who led the call for independence from Britain were called. Today, such pastoral leadership in the public square is just as much in demand.

"Every Speaker Was Inspiring, Informative And Motivating"

Those are the words of just one of the nearly 250 pastors and church leaders from around the commonwealth who gathered in Richmond yesterday for The Family Foundation and Pastors For Family Values Pastor Summit. This year's theme was, "A Passion to Preserve Our Religious Liberty." From the opening time of praise and worship to the closing stirring address by our own chaplain, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., we were, as another pastor said, "enlightened, convicted, and motivated." It was great to have so many longtime Family Foundation pastors combined with many new faces who are committed to discipleship in the area of civic involvement.

Our first speaker, Congressman Randy Forbes, provided an insiders look at some of the ridiculous attacks on our religious founding that he has fought against in Washington, D.C., such as when the new Capitol visitor center would not allow the Pledge of Allegiance because it references "God"! We so appreciate the work of Congressman Forbes as he has led the fight to protect our history in Washington.

Of course, many in the room came to hear from our keynote speaker, historian David Barton. Barton addressed the crowd twice and once again supplied an extraordinary amount of information about our founding — in particular, the role that clergy played in our fight for independence. As always, he was informative and motivational. One pastor told of praying with a colleague after the event who was spiritually convicted by David's words.

Perhaps the most moving address of the day came from Alliance Defense Fund attorney David French. He spoke about the direct attacks on Christian religious liberty taking place on our college campuses and how ADF has defended the rights of dozens of students and professors. He told of how much courage it takes for a college student to stand up to the threats and intimidation of college administrators, professors and other students. But he then told his own personal story of volunteering for the Army at age 37 and going to Iraq to fight for our freedom. He talked of God's provision and how our God is bigger than any threat we face. We also heard a presentation by Bill Federer concerning the history and philosophy of Islam and the threats it presents to both our religious and political liberties.

Other words and phrases used by pastors to describe yesterday’s summit include "excellent," "outstanding," "a wonderfully inspiring and educational conference," and "best equipping event I’ve ever attended."

It is our firm belief that unless pastors take the lead in educating and motivating their congregations to action in civil government we cannot be successful in returning our commonwealth and nation to their founding principles. That is why we are so encouraged by yesterday’s event. The pastors who came left energized and ready to take the lead. As a result, we know Virginia will never be the same.

Pastors Summit In Richmond September 20 Features David Barton, Congressman Randy Forbes, Bill Federer And Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr.

Since our founding 25 years ago, The Family Foundation has worked to engage pastors in the civic process. With new threats to religious liberty and the rights of the church to proclaim publically the gospel exposed every day, there is no time like the present to get involved. In that vein, on September 20, our Pastors for Family Values outreach arm is holding its third annual Pastors Summit, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at the Ramada Plaza Richmond West (directions, information). More than 200 pastors from all corners of the commonwealth already have committed to attending. More are welcome as we have assembled a lineup of extraordinary speakers whose credentials rival that of any national convention, and of which we barely scratch the surface here, including: 

» Historian David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders, who appears frequently on cable news channels (see interview with Mike Huckabee on Fox News Channel); 

» Virginia 4th District Congressman Randy Forbes, Founder and Co-chairman of The Congressional Prayer Caucus, whose House floor speech on religious liberty is one of the most watched Congressional speeches ever (see video);

» Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr., Family Foundation Chaplain and President of S.T.A.N.D., a national organization dedicated to maintaining America's Judeo-Christian heritage;

» Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel David French, one of the country's top religious liberty attorneys, (see Fox News interview with Laura Ingraham, here);

» Author and lecturer Bill Federer (see video), President of Amerisearch and frequently quoted in the media; and

» Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb, a recent participant in the 2010 The King's College Distinguished Visitor Series.

The theme this is, "A Passion to Preserve Our Religious Liberty," which is timely with new and greater threats to our religious liberty emerging almost every day, coming at us from every direction. It is imperative that pastors are equipped and engaged for the inevitable battles that lie ahead, and the reknown speakers addressing the summit will educate and inspire. 

The event is free for pastors, but registration is required (click here). Summit information, including hotel room discounts, can be found there. If you are not a pastor, but think your pastor should know about the summit, please share this link with him. For more details, please call Roger Pogge at 804-343-0010 or e-mail him at It is vitally important that every pastor in Virginia is informed and encouraged to engage the culture in this very important area of our faith.

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., speaking at a Pastors For Family Values event in Norfolk earlier this year, where he underscored the importance of pastor engagement in the public square. 

Family Foundation Chaplain Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., To Speak At Virginia Tea Party Convention

The Virginia Tea Party yesterday announced (Richmond Tea Party Blog) that Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., the chaplain for The Family Foundation, head of our Pastors for Family Values arm, and the founder of Chesapeake-based Exodus Faith Ministries International and STAND (Staying True to America's National Destiny), will be one of the keynote speakers at its first-ever statewide convention this October 8-9 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center (Richmond Times-Dispatch). It will be a busy weekend for Bishop Jackson, already an in-demand speaker, who also will feature at our 25th Anniversary Gala the evening of the 9th at the GRCC, at which Congressman (and potential presidential candidate) Mike Pence of Indiana will keynote (click for more information). It won't be the first Tea Party address by Bishop Jackson — whose resume could run the length of Virginia Beach's Atlantic Boulevard — a Harvard educated attorney, broadcaster, writer and a Tea Party regular, who brought down the house at the Hampton Roads Tea Party on April 15 and at a recent Tuesday Morning Group Coalition meeting. He's also becoming quite the national figure (see Fox News Channel interview with Megyn Kelly and with CNN's Roland Martin). Bishop Jackson also is the author of the best selling Ten Commandments To An Extraordinary Life: Making Your Dreams Come True.

We congratulate Bishop Jackson on his rising prominence in the commonwealth and country. We look forward to his continued leadership at The Family Foundation and in the cause of restoring traditional values. For a taste of what you can expect, here's a video of Bishop Jackson speaking to a PFFV event in Norfolk earlier this year.

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., on the side of truth and right.

George Allen, Ken Cuccinelli Speak At Recent Family Foundation Events

The Family Foundation is busy this summer traveling the commonwealth and meeting pro-family Virginians. We're encouraged by the new people we're meeting — there are an increasing number of citizens who believe in life and liberty affirming principles and who are anxious to get involved. On June 23, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joined The Family Foundation for a luncheon at the Spotswood Country Club in Harrisonburg. The luncheon was hosted by area residents and Family Foundation Board members Mac Nichols and Dean Welty, and attended by roughly 70 pro-family citizens. After I touched on the highlights and our  2010 General Assembly accomplishments, Attorney General Cuccinelli spoke, affirming the work of The Family Foundation and stressing the significance and impact of pro-family efforts in our legislative system.

On July 13, former Governor George Allen joined us for a dinner at the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, organized by area resident and Family Foundation Board member A.C. Wilson and his wife, Lucy. Supporters and elected officials mingled together for dinner and the chance to hear Governor Allen speak. He recalled fond memories of his time working with Family Foundation legends, such as Anne Kincaid, during his time in the Governor's mansion. In addition, Allen spoke boldly on behalf of The Family Foundation in regards to the work we do as well as our reliance on all forms of support, both financial and prayerful, from those who share our views and goals for our Commonwealth.

The evening ended with an invitation from The Family Foundation’s Chaplain, Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. Known for being a gifted orator, Bishop Jackson moved the crowd to a standing ovation following his call to action. He closed with a reminder to not be discouraged by the work ahead, but instead to be confident, as we cling to the promises guaranteed to us, for as quoted by Bishop Jackson, "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

The following day, Bishop Jackson met with a group of approximately 50 pastors from the Martinsville area. Motivating them to action, he reaffirmed The Family Foundation's commitment to educating and equipping pastors for our partnership with them in our work in the legislative arena.

The summer is nowhere near over and neither is The Family Foundation's summer travels. Stay tuned for where we'll be next.

Norfolk Pastors Event Successful

Pastors For Family Values, our clergy outreach arm, welcomed more than 60 pastors and ministry leaders last Wednesday for a luncheon at the SpringHill Suites in Norfolk, including more than a dozen new clergy. The program allowed them to learn more about The Family Foundation of Virginia and hear a powerful message by Chesapeake-based Exodus Faith Ministries founder and TFF Chaplain, Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr., as well as a get legislative update from the recently completed session of the General Assembly. Bishop Jackson addressed the pastors about "standing for truth in a culture steeped deception." In addition, Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb presented an overview of our mission and vision, and the importance of pastors to engage in the public square over the major cultural and social issues of the day. The feedback was positive and the pastors renewed their commitment to counter a "new normal" that rationalizes the debasing of society and culture, often aided and abetted by public institutions and public policy, as well as media — all of which combine to obfuscate the truth and discredit traditional values. We expect to have a video of Bishop Jackson's speech to post here soon.

Pastors Event This Wednesday

Pastors For Family Values, our clergy outreach arm, is hosting a lunch for Tidewater area pastors this Wednesday, May 5, at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott at 6350 Newtown Road in Norfolk. It is from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., Chaplain for The Family Foundation, will address attendees and will give a legislative update. The event is free to pastors but we ask that you register in advance. To register, or for more information, contact Marie Edwards at 804-343-0010 or by e-mail at   Here's an informational video about PFFV:

Pastors For Family Values: Connecting clergy to the political culture.

Pastors Luncheon To Feature Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr.

Tomorrow, Pastors For Family Values, the pastoral component of The Family Foundation, and the Capital Bible Seminary, will sponsor a Pastors Fellowship Lunch (RSVP info here) at 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 111, in Springfield. It will last from 12:00-2:00 p.m. There is no charge for the event, which includes lunch, but a reservation is required. All pastors are invited. The featured speaker is someone we are especialy pleased to have, one who will not disappoint anyone who attends: Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr. He is the Founder of Exodus Faith Ministries, a nondenominational ministry headquartered in Chesapeake (and satellite church in Boston), as well as author of Ten Commandments To An Extraordinary Life — Making Your Dreams Come True, published in 2008.

Bishop Jackson has a wealth of varied, real life experiences that make him a rare resource of intellect and inspiration. After three years in the U.S. Marine Corp, he attended the University of Massachusetts-Boston, from where he was graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1975 after only three years, and was awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Key.

He was graduated from Harvard Law School in 1978 and also studied theology at Harvard Divinity School, and was licensed to preach by Ebenezer Baptist Church in Boston. After a successful professional career, including a 15-year law practice and work in the radio business — as host of a daily nationally syndicated program and founder of Boston's first and only all-gospel radio station — he moved to the nonprofit field.

In 1996, he took over "The Samaritan Project," a national outreach and racial reconciliation effort that distributed $500,000 to churches victimized by arson. In recognition of his national leadership, he was consecrated a bishop in 1998 and moved to Chesapeake to establish the headquarters for Exodus Faith Ministries, Int'l.

Bishop Jackson served both as a minister for the Boston Red Sox chapel services and as protestant Chaplain for the Boston Fire Department. He has taught Law at Northeastern University in Boston and at Strayer University in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

He and his wife, Theodora, are the founders of the Chesapeake MLK Leadership Breakfast which brings together hundreds people from the greater Chesapeake area to celebrate the life and ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They also are the founders of Youth With A Destiny, a nonprofit  organization dedicated to helping youth avoid drugs, gangs and violence through faith, education and positive activities.

He presently serves as a member of the Chesapeake Police Advisory Board, the South Norfolk Revitalization Commission and a Trustee of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.

Bishop Jackson's media appearances include CNN's Talk Back Live, ABC's Good Morning America, ABC's Politically Incorrect, Hardball with Chris Matthews, C-SPAN's Washington Journal and National Public Radio. He also hosts his own radio program on WYRM-AM/1110 in Norfolk. His op-eds have appeared in newspapers around the country and he has been the subject of the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times and many other publications.

Bishop Jackson will bring encouragement to the pastors attending the luncheon tomorrow, and is something surely not to miss, especially during these ambiguous times.