Reflecting Left Wing Thought, America Is "Embarrassing" According To Hollywood Mogul

As we approach Thanksgiving, perhaps the most cherished national holiday, where Americans of all stripes give thanks in their own way for the blessings of living in this bountiful, generous and prosperous country, rife with opportunities for all, we have an example of one of what the Left really thinks about America. It comes from Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood Honcho and big time fundraiser for Left Wing causes and candidates; and friend not only of Bill, but of Barrack. He's a major producer, the former head of Miramax studios and other plum jobs at media and entertainment companies that affect our culture and impact how and what information we receive. It's fair to say he's reflective of what the mainstream Left thinks of America. The recent interview was with CNN's Piers Morgan and is so appalling, even the liberal Morgan is exasperated at Weinstein's nonsense:

Weinstein speaks for the Left: It's never Obama's fault and you better not criticize him. It's America's fault first, last and always.

Senator Compassionless

Liberals think they have a monopoly on compassion. They may be right . . . if one defines compassion by how much of other people's money you spend. But even that was called into question today by the far left Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), who exposed the Left's hypocrisy by refusing to pass bills sent to it by the House of Representatives to keep specific federal agencies open during this so-called government. By the way, the Senate majority party also refused to go to a conference committee with the House on any number of spending bills the House has passed to keep the government open, as if it's an insult and not the normal legislative process, demanding the House pass exactly what Senator Reid wants — or it will do nothing at all. So, who exactly is responsible for the shutdown? Conference committees happen every day in state legislatures and used to be a common occurrence in Washington. At the General Assembly they occur with great frequency at the end of session, under tense deadlines, and bills of all kinds get passed — including budgets. (Yet, some running for statewide office this year want to bring the Washington model to Richmond.)

Earlier today, in a random act of journalism, Dana Bash of CNN asked Senator Reid why not pass a House spending bill to fund the National Institute of Health to help children with cancer if he was so concerned about healthcare (i.e., Obamacare). Senator Reid's comments were chilling, the words of ruling parties in despotic countries. See the video below, especially toward the end:

Senator Reid on helping children with cancer during the shutdown: "Why would we want to do that?"

Apparently, then, it's not about healthcare. It's about control — the right of the government to control us and our healthcare decisions, while it exempts itself from Obamacare. Yet, how many times do we hear liberals say, about any issue, "If it can save just one life"?

It's not hypothetical, either. Earlier this year, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius ruled (there's that word again) under her Obamacare powers, that a young girl could not receive a lung transplant. (What in the world is a cabinet secretary doing meddling in an individual medical case?) Fortunately, the girl's parents went legal on the Death Czar and a federal judge rebuked her order prohibiting the procedure.

In addition to Senator Reid's callous, cold determination to deny children cancer treatment, he did another demeaning thing at his news conference. For someone so eager to accuse his political opponents of waging a "war on women," notice his patronizing, belittling verbal joust at Ms. Bash toward the end of the video. It reminded me of this classic remark made four years ago, which also demeaned a woman reporter, by another verbally bumbling liberal politician at a news conference, which made the news as well.

Tell us what you really think: Liberal pols revealing their hypocrisy on healthcare and women.

Cut, Cap And Balance; Or, How Come Crazy Spending Is Never Called "Draconian"?

Earlier tonight I saw U.S. Representative Janice Schakowsky (D-Ill.), one of the biggest and most far-reaching leftists in Congress, on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. (She's so far to the left that she doesn't think ObamaCare went far enough and supports the government-run single-payer system — click here to see her gleefully expound on the end of private insurance.) Mr. Blitzer asked Representative Schakowsky about the proposal known as "Cut, Cap and Balance" (see Tom McClusky at FRCAction's The Cloakroom Blog) to solve the impending debt ceiling crisis. Cut, Cap and Balance is the plan put forth by a coalition of members of Congress and conservative, free market and limited government think tanks and action groups that would cut federal spending, cap those levels, and pass to the states for ratification a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. (Click here to see an archived webcast on "Cut, Cap and Balance" featuring U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, R-S.C., among other leading limited government proponents.) Ms. Schakowsky's predictable response perfectly illustrated the vacuousness and illegitimacy of The Left. First, she called it a joke (probably knowing her solution can't be called a joke, because it's more like a horror movie). But the real laugh came when she said "Cut, Cap and Balance" would force "Draconian cuts."

That got me thinking . . . how come the term "Draconian spending" or "Draconian increases" is never used? Or is a $1.5 trillion increase in one year not scary? How bad off were we two years ago when the annual federal budget was "only" $2.25 trillion? Where was the suffering then that The Left says we'll have tomorrow if we adopt "Cut, Cap and Balance"? Could it get worse than 9.2 percent unemployment? These Draconian spending increases don't even take into account the unimaginable sums ObamaCare will cost in future years (see ObamaCare Lies). The amount of printing, borrowing and spending in Washington, D.C., is literally crazy, because no one in a proper frame of mind would put their future or their children's and grandchildren's future at such risk.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on the "Cut, Cap and Balance" package (see Andrew Stiles at NRO's The Corner Blog). It will pass. But what of its future in the Senate? Will it even get a vote? Or will it vote for what Representative Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) calls, "Cut, Run and Hide," also known as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's pass-the-buck plan (see Alexander Bolton at

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins offers his thoughts here and encourages people to contact their senators to vote for the former and to defeat the latter (click here to contact Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner):

Unfortunately, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) offered last week a plan to surrender. It would allow the President to lift the debt ceiling and only allow Congress a vote to stop it if it could garner a super majority. No cuts, no reforms, the McConnell plan is supposedly aimed at laying the political blame on the President. But when Senator Harry Reid immediately calls McConnell's plan "serious," one should question its wisdom.

With President Obama cynically leading from behind on this grave issue (read Senator DeMint's statement issued earlier this evening and that issued by House Speaker John Boehner), which has the potential to send the nation into a Greece-like morass, further debilitating our ability to lead the world and relegating America to also-ran status, it is time to take sound, firm and lasting action. "Cut, Cap and Balance" is the way to do it (see Brian Darling at The Heritage Foundation's The Foundry Blog). The Left may caricature it while making the nonchalant spending of trillions seem normal. But we all know the definition of doing the same failed thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

"Cut, Cap and Balance" is gaining momentum: 178 organizations and more than 190,000 citizens have signed the pledge.

What's Natural? NFL Great David Tyree Trips Up Elitist CNN Anchor On Marriage

New York is in the throes of an intense political battle over same-sex marriage. A bill that would legalize it is in that state's senate and it is close to having the votes to pass. Perhaps its biggest hurdle is time — the legislative session is close to over and lawmakers from the Democrat-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate and Governor Andrew Cuomo are negotiating ways to end on time. One report suggests the end-of-session agenda does not include the same-sex marriage vote (see the New York Times' City Room blog). While the homosexual lobby is pressing the Senate to redefine marriage (it passed the lower chamber), pro-marriage advocates are asking for a different type of vote — a statewide referendum, which the homosexual lobby adamantly opposes. Why wouldn't they? More than 30 states have put the question to their citizens and all have voted to protect traditional marriage. Even California.

A wild card in the New York debate is David Tyree, a former New York Giants Super Bowl hero and star wide receiver. He taped an interview with the National Organization for Marriage voicing his support for marriage as between a man and a woman. The video has gone viral in a big way, which hasn't pleased the radical left. In it, he articulated an instinctive common sense, grounded in elemental and eternal truth: That marriage is neither a government, nor a man-made creation. That before there were countries or governments, men and women instinctively united to create families and nowhere was anything other than nature's union considered equal. It is a Godly institution ordained on Earth, through nature, a manifestation of the Holy Trinity.

Of course, Mr. Tyree's defense of marriage has upset many of New York's elites and the media who once adored him for a spectacular Super Bowl saving catch for the Giants. (Funny how athletes in favor of same-sex marriage get a pass. See Jemele Hill at Here's how CNN's Kyra Phillips treated him, for example. Odd how she, who can't understand "natural," tried to put words in his mouth then make him out to be Bozo. After Mr. Tyree explained that marriage was ordained for procreation and therefore natural, Ms. Phillips — as were the New England Patriot defenders who covered him on that unforgettable catch — was left dumbfounded, producing a couple of seconds of dead air. Then:

Phillips: I'm still, uhhh, I am still trying to understand what you mean by it (same-sex marriage) not being "natural."

Tyree: I don't understand what's difficult. A man and a woman come together to procreate. A man and a man will never procreate. ...

Phillips: What about infertile couples? Infertile couples have children all the time. Is that natural?

Tyree: How is that? What is that? That has no bearing. That makes no sense. A  man and a woman are still coming together to raise a child which actually paints a nuclear family.

Finally and thankfully! Someone called out an elitist for trying to make traditional values sound backwards when, in fact, those attempting to redefine an ageless institution are those who contrive arguments, believe nonsense and fall back on the non-sequitur. What's natural? Give us a break!

Here's the video that started the "controversy." Better than that is the one following, which took place a capitol news conference yesterday in Albany, where Mr. Tyree spoke with conviction, clarity, courage and grace (see NOM Blog).

A spectacular catch — for traditional marriage supporters in New York . . .

NFL great and Super Bowl hero David Tyree speaks the truth despite the elitist Leftists trying to belittle his adherence to Nature's Truth.

The Case Of The Curiously Missing Video From Client Number 9's CNN Web Site

As we previewed yesterday, last night Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli ( appeared on CNN's In The Arena, which is hosted by Client Number 9, the former Governor of New York, also known as Eliot Spitzer. The previous time the AG appeared on his show, Mr. Cuccinelli patiently instructed Client Number 9 on the correct interpretation of the Constitution and why ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Confused and dazed, and aware that he couldn't pawn off his misguided, misunderstood interpretation of the Constitution with any credibility, Mr. Spitzer last night brought in a hired gun to do his debating for him: Walter Dellinger, a former acting U.S. Solicitor General in the Clinton Administration. Mr. Cuccinelli calmly waxed the floor with him as well, teaching the now-Duke Law School professor the simple (and what should be apparent) fact that the Commerce Clause gives Congress power to regulate commerce, not inactivity. Yet, apparently Duke law students are learning that choosing not to buy something is economic activity and the it is perfectly legal for the government to order its citizens to buy a certain product. Wonderful!

Which probably explains this: Stranger than that twisted logic is that CNN did not post the video — although it posted Mr. Cuccinelli's previous appearance. It found time to post video of every other segment from last night's show, including a tired examination of the economy (which Mr. Spitzer says needs a second "stimulus" bill) and every liberal's favorite type guest — a Republican slamming the GOP presidential field. But no video of Attorney General Cuccinelli explaining the Constitution to two liberals. Client Number 9's producers probably figured one manhandling is enough.

While CNN didn't post its video of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli taking down two liberals last night, Washington station WMAL-AM had this portion of the AG's guest host stint on its Morning Majority show posted earlier today. It's a good discussion on several issues and worth the listen.

The Personal Side Of Ken Cuccinelli, AG Debates Client Number 9 Tonight At 8:00

Here's an interesting look at Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli — and his wife Teiro: WTVR/CBS6's Angela Pellerrano last night got an inside look inside the AG's home and family life. It's not the typical coverage of the AG (even the station labels it a "Special Report"), so we thought it was worth sharing — not that she doesn't mention the scorn the left-wing media heaps on him and the way the family deals with it.

It's news to the mainstream media: The Cuccinelli's are humans after all!

On another note, Mr. Cuccinelli's interview with Client Number 9 (disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, now a CNN host), which was postponed last week because of coverage of the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, will take place tonight, at 8:00 p.m. (we're told in the second half hour). Originally, CNN producers wanted to tape an interview the day he was bumped and run it on a later show. However, the AG, wary of the editing job on a previous recorded interview with Spitzer, said live, but no Memorex. He won, just as he has won thus far in his ObamaCare lawsuit, despite Client Number 9 saying no court in America would rule it unconstitutional. Click here to see a November interview of Mr. Cuccinelli by Mr. Spitzer, where the AG gladly explained the law to Client Number 9. If the past is prologue, expect Client No. 9 to get another legal lesson tonight.

Cuccinelli Schools Clueless Demagogue Chris Matthews

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli appeared on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews Thursday night to discuss the proposed Repeal Amendment (see Norfolk Virginian-Pilot), a mechanism that would allow two-thirds of the states to nullify a federal law or regulation (see Speaker Bill Howell's op-ed at Because A) he utterly disassembled Matthews, as he did Eliot "Client Number 9" Spitzer a couple of weeks ago on CNN, and B) because no one watches MSNBC, we thought we'd post the video for your entertainment. These things often are painful to watch. The liberal, in this case Matthews, either cannot grasp the issues and/or ignores them and makes, as the Attorney General accurately states, "assumptions" to suit his argument. In other words, the old leftist tactic of putting his negative words in your mouth and trying to force you to defend the absurd proposition. In this case, Matthews continue to ram the proposition that anyone who favors the repeal amendment was appealing to Johnny Reb and the redneck South. Nevermind that the U.S. Constitution was created by the states for the states, not to cede every element of life to a small band of federal government bureaucrats.

Never fear. Attorney General Cuccinelli would have nothing of it and, in the process, took apart and exposed the visibly disgusted Matthews — who plainly indicated his elitist belief that only Washington, D.C., can make good decisions — and revealed him as both of the above: clueless and a demagogue.

Update: The AG is saying tonight that the federal court ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare will be issued Monday. Stay tuned. If he has a news conference, we will be there to cover it.

Enjoy the video (9:05):

A little knowledge is dangerous, Chris. Perhaps a little preparation next time? Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli takes apart elitist Chris Matthews. 

Spitzer Out Of His League Debating Cuccinelli

Last night, Client No.9, the former New York attorney general and governor, Eliot Spitzer, tried a typical elitist tactic when debating Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on the CNN program Parker Spitzer. Not having any constitutional basis on which to debate Mr. Cuccinelli, he relied on the patently immature "virtually every constitutional scholar says you don't have a case" assertion. First, it's not true. Second saying it over and over won't ever make it true. Not that Client No.9 didn't try a legal argument. He did, but it was mission aborted from twin malfunctions of indecipherable run-arounds and a simple thing called the constitution (not to mention an incredible misunderstanding of the bill's provisions). Attorney General Cuccinelli simply cited reason, history, the law, precedent and the constitution. Which is why he filed the lawsuit against the federal government's health care law — it is so brazenly beyond the widest stretches ever imagined of the constitution (see Cuccinelli news conference).

Then it was time for Spitzer's sophomoric, "well, my dad said," exclamation. What the Left means when they say that is: We know more than you, so just go home and mind your business. You're an idiot for wasting your time. Arrogance is the one thing they are good at.

So, who are these constitutional scholars? They are never named. Maybe the line should be modified to "every liberal constitutional scholar." The fact is, there are plenty of constitutional scholars who say Virginia's case against Obamacare is sound. Here's eight, in one quick search, courtesy of Hadley Heath at Besides, we'll take Madison, Hamilton and Jayover any liberal law school dean any day of the week.  

While Mr. Spitzer wasn't as obnoxious as he was to Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-Ky.), he was condescending. That said, what else does he have to go on? Since more people saw Client No.9 during his legal troubles ( than watch his show ( — and only slightly more than 100 have viewed the video on YouTube as of this posting — we thought we'd bring it to you.

Spitzer's legal incoherence was easy for Cuccinelli to take apart. Client No.9 amazingly thinks there are no checks on Congress.

AG Cuccinelli Drops In Behind Enemy Lines Tonight!

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who has been very visible on national media outlets in his 10 months in office, will participate in an interview tonight in an interesting venue — the new Parker Spitzer show on CNN (8:00 with re-airs throughout the night). You may remember Mr. Spitzer (aka Client No.9), the governor of New York for a few months until it was revealed he had a proclivity for prostitutes. The interview most likely will center on Virginia's lawsuits against the EPA and health care law/Obamacare (Christian Daily News). Before his short reign as governor, Mr. Spitzer served several years as New York's self-styled crusading attorney general, suing any and every company he could find under any pretense so as to make them conform to his control and mandates. Do business in New York? You'll do it the Spitzer way. We saw what the Spitzer way is, of course. Worse than that, he also was, perhaps, the most pro-unlimited-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood attorney general in the country

I've seen the show once. Mr. Sptizer, who CNN has shamelessly tried to rehabilitate — the road to television stardom for liberals seems to be get in trouble with the law — teams with the mushy Kathleen Parker to "hold people accountable" (but apparently not the viewers, as its ratings already are tanking, per the Wall Street Journal). Who held self-righteous Mr. Spitzer accountable when he was ruining American businesses? In the show I saw, Mr. Spitzer, documents in hand, emphatically whipping off his glasses for dramatic, courtroom-style effect, grilled Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-Ky.) as if he was a prosecutor and Dr. Paul was a defendant. Dr. Paul was patient, but firm, when refuting Mr. Spitzer's ludicrously lame attempts to portray him as a hypocritical bumpkin, getting in a well-timed deflating shot as well.

Which brings us to tonight. If the interview is anything like the Rand Paul interview, and Mr. Spitzer attempts to don the super-liberal-hero-sophisticate cape again, trying to relive his attorney general glory vs. a true hero, we suspect the arrogant Mr. Spitzer will learn something Virginia liberals learned long ago — try to trip up Mr. Cuccinelli and you'll end up falling over the cliff yourself.

Senator-elect Rand Paul would have nothing of Eliot Spitzer's bloviating. 

Who You Calling A Socialist?

This video from Americans For Prosperity speaks for itself. Last weekend, a few thousand "liberal" and "social justice" types marched on the Mall in Washington, D.C. — the so-called "One Nation Rally" — to give voice to their issues. Or, at least that's how the Mainstream Media portrayed it. Take a look at this video. This footage didn't make CBS, NBC or CNN. These aren't your typical liberals. On the other hand, too much of old-style liberalism has been mainlined by these extremists (i.e., "progressives") to the point where there's barely a blip of difference between the two. By their own admission, they all are socialists. The signs and literature distributed at the rally are chilling.

We're all socialists now (Obama supporters all): Among the bulk of the protesters: the Communist Workers Party, the Socialist Party and something called the Socialist Alternative.

Eat, Pray, Love . . . But Especially Pray This Bill Doesn't Pass

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love, now a major motion picture starring Julia Roberts, is doing a lot more than eating, praying and loving these days. She's lobbying on Capitol Hill . . . for something called the Uniting American Families Act (read the bill). Sounds All-American, right? But as one should expect from a bill sponsored by an ultra-liberal such as U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), it has nothing to do with American families. Typical Orwellian speak from the Far Left. This bill would allow homosexual Americans to sponsor their alien "permanent partners" into the U.S. as legal immigrants under the principle of "family unification" (see AOL News). Never mind that U.S. policy does not recognize domestic homosexual partners as families, but now the Far Left not only wants to redefine marriage in America, they want to redefine it internationally as well as redefine long-held and recognized principles of immigration law.

Of course, Ms. Gilbert will draw cameras and probably get booked on every msnbc and CNN show, as well as the brain food known as the "morning shows," perhaps even NPR. She'll add to her celebrity, sell more books and movie tickets, and the Far Left will have a new insta-expert (who knows nothing about the topic) to fawn over. Kind of like when Ted Danson testified before a Congressional committee in the 1990s that the oceans would disappear in 10 years — and was taken seriously — or when Jessica Lange testified about agriculture issues because of the expertise she gained from . . . her role in a film.

Meanwhile, the rest of us need to take the second word in Ms. Gilbert's title to heart to ensure this bill dies the legislative death it deserves. While it may show how far debased our culture has become that a bill like this could even be introduced (especially in this political atmosphere), much less be taken seriously, we still have prayer — and it typically trumps Congressional swoons over celebrity "testimony."

Congressman Weiner's Meltdown A Sign Of The Stress That Comes With Knowing The Jig Is Up?

If you haven't seen it, or not seen it in its entirety, it is worth the view: U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) melted down ( on the House floor last week. His rant, ostensibly, was over Republican opposition to a spending bill for New York City's 9/11 first responders. Actually, Republicans were not against the bill so much as the procedure — the liberal leadership of the House brought the bill up under a suspension of the rules, which requires a two-thirds majority. Under a suspension, amendments are not allowed, and the GOP wanted to offer amendments. According to CNN, the bill likely will come up again under the normal procedure, in which a simple majority is needed.   So, it seems as if Congressman Weiner's outburst is all about nothing. If the Dems don't want any amendments, they have the votes to kill them. That simple. (See Michael McAuliff at New York Daily News' Mouth of the Potomac blog.) Which begs the question: Why get so hyper over a simple procedural vote?

The answer may be that the congressman knows that the liberal House (of cards) was found out long ago and that in about three months the American public will take a collective huff and puff and blow it all down. That would cause a lot of stress and the need to concoct a procedure to frame the opposition party into looking as if it's against the principle of the bill (and 9/11 heroes) when it, in fact, had different ideas on how to implement it (see No one is falling for it.

Like a con man getting found out, a very telling reaction from Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Family Foundation Chaplain Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., To Speak At Virginia Tea Party Convention

The Virginia Tea Party yesterday announced (Richmond Tea Party Blog) that Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., the chaplain for The Family Foundation, head of our Pastors for Family Values arm, and the founder of Chesapeake-based Exodus Faith Ministries International and STAND (Staying True to America's National Destiny), will be one of the keynote speakers at its first-ever statewide convention this October 8-9 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center (Richmond Times-Dispatch). It will be a busy weekend for Bishop Jackson, already an in-demand speaker, who also will feature at our 25th Anniversary Gala the evening of the 9th at the GRCC, at which Congressman (and potential presidential candidate) Mike Pence of Indiana will keynote (click for more information). It won't be the first Tea Party address by Bishop Jackson — whose resume could run the length of Virginia Beach's Atlantic Boulevard — a Harvard educated attorney, broadcaster, writer and a Tea Party regular, who brought down the house at the Hampton Roads Tea Party on April 15 and at a recent Tuesday Morning Group Coalition meeting. He's also becoming quite the national figure (see Fox News Channel interview with Megyn Kelly and with CNN's Roland Martin). Bishop Jackson also is the author of the best selling Ten Commandments To An Extraordinary Life: Making Your Dreams Come True.

We congratulate Bishop Jackson on his rising prominence in the commonwealth and country. We look forward to his continued leadership at The Family Foundation and in the cause of restoring traditional values. For a taste of what you can expect, here's a video of Bishop Jackson speaking to a PFFV event in Norfolk earlier this year.

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., on the side of truth and right.

Virginia News Stand: May 6, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations A Goode Two-Pary Man

Former U.S. Representative Virgil Goode not only shocked the political world yesterday, he confused it as well, saying he joined the Constitution Party, but will remain a Republican. A new twist on political double speak?

We can't seem to stay out of the news, which is good. People, including the Mainstream Media, are paying attention to us. Case in point: The Richmond Times-Dispatch's ace capitol reporter, Jeff Schapiro, based the first article linked below largely on an e-mail alert we released yesterday. It's nice to know that even the Mainstream Media knows who to go to to get the pulse of Virginia's conservative movement. On the other hand, we remain a target for others, as Michael Paul Williams takes fruitless aim. But, unlike the old days, we can respond

I encourage you to take a gander at all that's here. It's one of our best News Stands ever, with lots of state news, including a fair interview with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli from WSLS-TV, and the reporter Jay Warren's observations of the AG in his blog. In the "What is our country coming to?" category, check out Phil Klein in Commentary. Some students were sent home from school for wearing USA shirts on Cinco de Mayo. We also have columns from such stars as Michael Barone, who discusses the important elections in Britain; Larry Kudlow on the debt crisis (here and abroad); and Michele Malkin on terrorists gaining U.S. citizenship. 

In National News, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint's (R-S.C.) Senate Conservatives Fund decided to get involved in the Kentucky primary after all, especially have Dr. James Dobson was misled about one candidate's pro-life record. Also, the judge who ruled the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional comes under scrutiny.

On a more uplifting note, we hope you all had a meaningful, thoughtful and reflective National Day of Prayer. We all need it right now.


*Top conservative activist sees McDonnell victories, work ahead (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

*Commentary: Cuccinelli flap a sign of religion encroaching on government (Michael Paul Williams/Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Ex-Rep. Goode joins a third party, not leaving GOP (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

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Goode joins Constitution Party (

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Virginia News Stand: April 12, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Time For Tea (Parties)

It's a busy Monday version of the News Stand. We're in the news, again, because liberals are complaining about us. Translation: We're doing an effective job thwarting their agenda.

Someone else doing an effective job are the lobbyists paid for by local governments with  your tax money, who lobby, mostly, against interests of taxpayers and for the interests of government. Hundreds of thousands of dollars across the state, in fact. The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot features one such lobbyist and the dough she rakes in for the Virginia Beach School Board. However, some localities have stopped paying for outside help, which is good. But they continue to lobby the General Assembly with in-house staff. Not much better. Elsewhere, Tea Parties are spring up across the state and there are several dispatches regarding such. In news sure to cheer Planned Parenthood, a Catholic pharmacy which did not sell contraception, closed.

Nationally, we see the class exhibited by the New Jersey teachers union (it circulated an e-mail wishing for Republican Governor Chris Christie's death). In Analysis, Internet safety  activist Stacy Rumenap looks at a recent big win in federal court against the FCC and Henry Lamb discusses how President Obama got that national security force he campaigned for . . . in the health care bill! Nancy Pelosi was right. We did have to pass the bill to learn what was in it! In Commentary, Michelle Malkin and Mark Tapscott examine how the left in the media and out will try to sabotage the Tea Parties.


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Catholic pharmacy shutters in Virginia (Washington Times)

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'Jobs' governor's first 90 days have veered off course (The Daily Press)

Mims sworn in as Supreme Court justice (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

After loss, Va.'s Deeds tries to regain his footing (Washington Post)

National News

Teachers union memo 'prays' for governor's death (

Obama election-year jobs agenda stalls in Congress (AP/

GOP senators push for 'mainstream' court nominee (AP/

Psst: Hilary Rodham Clinton for court? (AP/

GOP Chairman Steele: 'I've made mistakes' (AP/


Obamacare Will Be at Center of High Court Hearing (Michael Barone/

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Isabella And Lisa Miller Update: What's The Right Question To Ask?

The sad custody battle over a seven year-old girl took another turn on New Year’s Day, when Lisa Miller, the biological mother of Isabella Miller, failed to turn the child over to Lisa’s former lesbian lover despite a court order to do so. The details are probably familiar to you. Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins joined in a civil union in Vermont. They moved to Virginia where Lisa was artificially inseminated and gave birth to Isabella. Shortly after that, Lisa left the homosexual lifestyle and became a Christian. She has battled Ms. Jenkins over custody ever since. Jenkins bases her right as a "parent" on Vermont’s civil union law, but Virginia law and constitution do not recognize the civil union.

Regardless, courts in Vermont and Virginia repeatedly have sided with Jenkins, recently culminating with a Vermont judge’s order for Ms. Jenkins to receive full custody of Isabella, which was scheduled to happen January 1.

The circumstances of this case are as heart wrenching as they are frustrating. It is our belief that the courts have failed to apply the law correctly, relying on Vermont’s civil union statute over Virginia’s constitution and the federal Defense of Marriage Act that is supposed to protect Virginia’s marriage laws. Instead, judges at nearly every turn have ignored our law in favor of Vermont’s.

As I was interviewed about this story by CNN on Friday, and then saw its report, it became clear that the ruse that civil unions are not considered marriage is over. Throughout the story, which you can view here, CNN refers to the union as "marriage," at one point saying Lisa and Janet were "married in a civil union," and continuing to refer to Janet as a "parent" despite having no biological or legal ties to the child. One thing is for certain, the homosexual lobby’s attempts to portray civil unions as something less than marriage have been destroyed by their own words.

It’s interesting to note that I was asked over and over again by CNN about Lisa’s decision to "violate the court order," but I was never once asked about the judges in this case who over and over again violated Virginia law. Instead of asking about Lisa’s actions, we should ask how judges simply can ignore the parts of the law and constitution they don’t like in favor of other parts.

Finally, we need to continue to pray for Lisa, Janet — and perhaps most importantly Isabella — in this entire mess. It’s difficult to predict the effect this situation will have on Isabella’s future, but it’s hard to believe that it will be positive.

Burned Twice, Nice To Know Even CNN Has Standards

It took CNN a second year of her foul-mouth, but reports from entertainment circles today are that the cable news organization has banned so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin from its network after a series of lewd comments (see Rob Shuter of AOL's PopEater), including the dropping of the "f-bomb" while co-hosting the network's live New Year's Eve program (AC360 blog). According to reports, even the hip news reader Anderson Cooper, the program's host, has had enough of her. Of course, CNN didn't seem to mind Griffin's potty mouth last year. But better late than never, CNN proves even it has standards, however low they may be. On the other hand, not that too many people seemed to mind heard Griffin since the show got lousy ratings. Griffin's approach to "comedy" is pretty well established — shock and appall. She's had a history of blasphemous remarks, for example. Which, of course, begs the real question of CNN's motivation. Has it banned her because of her behavior or failure to deliver ratings? In this age, even a low, pragmatic standard from a major mainstream media cog is a positive sign.

Virginia News Stand: January 4, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Even On New Year's Day . . .

The News Stand is back after a Christmas/New Year's break. Not much comment today. With a new administration and two months of General Assembly upcoming, there will be plenty of news upon which to comment in the days and weeks ahead. For now, take a look at some articles of interest to ween you back into the Virginia political mindset: The Wall Street Journal's Brendan Miniter profiles Governor-elect Bob McDonnell while the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Roanoke Times bid adieu to Governor Tim Kaine; the Washington Times examines McDonnell's call to eliminate the governor's one term limit; the Washington Post looks areas of the Virginia budget that may no longer be sacrosanct from cuts; and the AP reports that 13 attorneys general, including outgoing Virginia AG Bill Mims, are  threatening a lawsuit over the pending nationalized health care legislation — and they are not all "red" state AGs, either. We anticipate that Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli will continue Virginia's participation in the proceedings should the legislation become law.  

But, just to show you it's always something around here, in case you missed it, CNN called us for a New Year's Day interview regarding the Isabella Miller custody case. So, below, we posted the video of the report which includes reporter Mary Snow's interview with Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb.


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*Lesbian Custody Battle (2:13) (

Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb speaks to CNN on New Year's Day about Lisa Miller apparently running away with her daughter, Isabella. 

The Base

In his thumping of Creigh Deeds Tuesday night, Bob McDonnell nearly garnered as many votes as . . . Marriage.

Yup, that's right. McDonnell's 1,160,365 votes (as of this posting) fell just 168,172 short of the 2006 marriage amendment. That proposal received 1,328,537 supporters. Talk about a "bipartisan," "center," "mainstream" vote, marriage is the model. 

We also found some interesting tidbits from Tuesday's exit polling (yes, I know, exit polling . . . but it makes for good fodder).

According to exit polling from CNN, 34 percent of those voting identified themselves as "Evangelical/Born Again" and, of that block, a whopping 83 percent cast their vote for Mr. McDonnell. Now, if you run the numbers that equates to nearly half of all voters that cast their ballot for McDonnell were of the "Evangelical/Born Again" group. (To our liberal friends, breath, breath . . . there you go, breath. It'll be ok. Breath . . . .)

So, as all the pundits, experts, campaign consultants, etc. inform us that the campaign Mr. McDonnell ran is the "model" for future GOP candidates, lets all remember that the "model" only works if "the base" is motivated. Otherwise, well, see John McCain. And Jerry Kilgore. And . . . well, you get the idea.

Life On The Moon

On this day 40 years ago began the greatest adventure of human exploration: The launch of Apollo 11, the  flight that eventually set the first human feet on another world. How appropriate, then, that released the third in its "Imagine" video series today. (See the first one, that NBC and CNN refused to accept as a paid advertisement, here; and the second one, here.) Life is another word for potential — creative and imaginative, daring and bold; achievements extraordinary and humble, all significant and fulfilling to humanity, waiting to be accomplished. We have no idea what the next baby will turn out to be. Maybe one born today will be the first human to walk on Mars. Twelve already walked on the moon.

When will America take "One small step for life"?