If Obamacare Is So Good . . .

Why does the President Barack Obama keep changing it? (This doesn't even included the hundreds of waivers granted by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Obama changes Obamacare

 His fourth revision by (the questionable authority of) executive order since he signed it into law. (H/T,

What We're Thankful For

Still in the glow of Thanksgiving, and with an entire month of thankfulness ahead of us, it's a good time to reflect on what we're thankful for, especially in the rush and anxiety imposed on us by the world during what should be a holy and reflective season. Here are some of the things for which we should always be thankful and which should ground us when the season's unnatural stresses distress us. They are the three pillars of a successful Republic, based in Judeo-Christian, traditional values: First, and foremost, life, the primary right of all, to be born and live free from harm; liberty, to exercise our God-given natural rights, not rights from government or man; and family, the foundational core of civilized society, communities an nations.

From our friends at




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The Story Planned Parenthood Doesn't Want You To Hear

There's a story Planned Parenthood doesn't want you to hear and for good reason. It's the story of Abby Johnson, a former director there, and she's talking and writing. Planned Parenthood doesn't like that much and is trying to squelch this new ad by our friends at and the Susan B. Anthony List. But Ms. Johnson knows all about Planned Parenthood's motives and inner workings. Her testimony is another voice to the many horrors that organization has perpetuated on our society. As we wrote earlier this week, it's best to hear it from the source, directly, when it is blunt about its intentions. Now we have another voice, a brave, composed voice, shedding a necessary light on Planned Parenthood.

Abby Johnson knows first hand about Planned Parenthood and its deceptions and nefarious practices.

Planned Parenthood: In Their Own (Shrieking) Words

As with yesterday's post about the NEA, where a high ranking official without shame articulated that group's real objectives (money and power) in contradiction to its stated goals of improving education, today we bring you something similar, though thoroughly crude and disturbing, by Planned Parenthood. It's a video, by our friends at, of a Planned Parenthood march and rally earlier this year. The video simply records pro-abortion radicals saying (often screaming) what they believe, while (to put it kindly) distorting what pro-lifers believe. Of course, the Mainstream Media won't embarrass its own movement by covering such nonsense (but when there's a Tea Party rally calling for commonsense spending restraint . . . you know what happens). Neither did the MSM cover this rally of "liberals" last year, where participants gladly called themselves socialists and communists. (But let a conservative call these radicals what they admit to being and the media contrives a firestorm.) Still, it's important to hear what the pro-abortion side truly believes (government funding and insurance coverage of abortion on demand), in their own (shrill) words. Nothing close to "safe, legal and rare." Of course, liberals claim that conservatives distort their positions and it is conservatives who are out of touch. But it's hard to claim Planned Parenthood is reasonable after watching this. As with the teachers union, what Planned Parenthood says (and how it acts) for public consumption and what it sincerely shrieks when it thinks no one is watching is vastly different.

"Government should fund Planned Parenthood."

"I want Planned Parenthood to be like Starbucks. I want a Planned Parenthood on every corner."

Why We Vote 2010, Part 2; Fimian Predicted To Win On One National Blog

As I wrote in the previous post, shares with us the latest videos from, further establishing its reputation for powerfully produced election year videos designed to make people think and properly inform themselves with the knowledge to perform their call to citizenship, and vote for candidates willing to uphold God's ordained institutions, such as life and marriage. Although geared to Catholics, the videos, especially the one below ("We Are The Catholic Vote") appeals to the universal truth that all life is precious and must be protected, particularly the unborn. By the way, American Papist blogger extraordinaire Thomas Peters, who merged his site with, predicts Republican Keith Fimian to win Virginia's 11th Congressional district race. It'll be close as will all of Virginia's hotly contested races. Enough reasons to vote and get others to, as well. We highly recommend the video below and encourage you to distribute it to those people who otherwise may sit out tomorrow.

We are the pro-life vote.

Why We Vote 2010, Part 1: Don't Gamble With Your Vote Tuesday!

In 2008, created one of the most powerful campaign videos in this new Internet age we live in. In music and video, it dramatically showed why we needed to vote (see here) and it has been viewed by 3 million people. It also produced a broader, ecumenical companion video, every bit as vividly thought provoking (see here). This year, as our friends at show us, has produced two more dynamite videos. Although geared toward Catholics, the themes of the videos are universal — especially the ideas of not trusting demagoguery and vague rhetoric, such as "hope" and "change" ("High Stakes," below), as well as the paramount issue of protecting innocent life, especially the unborn (see John Mallon at's blog). They should appeal to all people who believe in and/or respect our Judeo-Christian, traditional values. We highly recommend them and encourage you to distribute this link to anyone you think needs encouragement to vote tomorrow.

Satisfied with your change?

Earth Day Celebrates All Of God's Creation Except Human Life

Is it not ironic that secular progressives, who celebrated one of their high holy days this week (Earth Day), are so concerned with "saving the Earth" that they seemingly have forgotten that in order to "save the Earth" we first need to save human life? However, there is an organization that has taken a bold step to sound the reminder. has undertaken a clever media campaign to remind us Earthlings what the true precious gift of God's life is. It has purchased busboards in several major markets promoting Life. It followed that up with a video of people's reactions (see it at It's very promising to hear the comments of approval, both of the tactics and the message. It shows that Americans can and will wake up to the true preciousness of Life when the message is unfiltered from political pollution and seen in the pure state of grace and priority in which it is given to us from our Creator.


The real meaning of Earth Day.

Life On The Moon

On this day 40 years ago began the greatest adventure of human exploration: The launch of Apollo 11, the  flight that eventually set the first human feet on another world. How appropriate, then, that released the third in its "Imagine" video series today. (See the first one, that NBC and CNN refused to accept as a paid advertisement, here; and the second one, here.) Life is another word for potential — creative and imaginative, daring and bold; achievements extraordinary and humble, all significant and fulfilling to humanity, waiting to be accomplished. We have no idea what the next baby will turn out to be. Maybe one born today will be the first human to walk on Mars. Twelve already walked on the moon.

When will America take "One small step for life"?

Something For The Abortionist-In-Chief To Ponder On His Trip To Notre Dame

President Barack Obama prepares to speak at and receive an honorary doctorate at Notre Dame's commencement this weekend on the heels of a new Gallop Poll that shows a majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life. His appearance flaunts his abortion-on-demand ideology at a Catholic university in contravention of Church teaching (see, and against the urging of 76 bishops, (including, interestingly, Bishop of Arlington Paul Loverde, but not Bishop of Richmond Francis DeLorenzo), as well as more than 360,000 Catholics who have signed a petition. The decision to honor him, despite his pro-abortion-on-demand fanaticism, provoked outrage at the Vatican ( It also prompted Mary Ann Glendon, a Harvard professor and former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, to decline the event, where she was to receive the highest honor for a Catholic lay person, the Laetare Medal ( (Not only was she disappointed in the decision to honor him, she was disturbed that Notre Dame issued talking points that, in effect, used her as an apologist for his appearance.)

The angry left, of course, is typically twisting the truth and topic in order to demonize traditional Catholics and all pro-lifers. They say those protesting the president's attendance at Note Dame want to stifle opposing opinions, and worse, stifle them where all points of view are welcome. It's the left's standard operating procedure — not only twist your words and reasoning, but change the entire premise of the debate in order to make opponents look foolish.

But free speech and opposing views are not the point. The point is honoring someone who so violently opposes authoritative Church teaching, a teaching Notre Dame is sworn to uphold. Let him speak all he wants, but Notre Dame has no reason to honor him with the prestige of an honorary doctorate, which gives its imprimatur to his point of view.

Aside from the abortion issue, what has he done in 100-plus days to merit an honorary doctorate from such a prestigious school? By his own admission, nothing! He spoke at Arizona State University's commencement Wednesday, but university officials there previously stated ASU would not confer upon him such an honor because he had not done enough to merit it.

Said the president (from AP):

"But more than that I come to embrace the notion that I haven't done enough in my life. I heartily concur. I come to affirm that one's title, even a title like 'president of the United States,' says very little about how well one's life has been led."  

Still, Notre Dame persists and, despite his seeming humility, there is no doubt the pro-abortion-on-demand president relishes the acclaim the honor will accrue to his image as well as a smug "in-your-face" to pro-lifers. Additionally, Catholic St. Joseph University in Philadelphia is honoring pro-abortion Chris Mathews (Philadelphia Inquirer), as did Georgetown a few weeks ago, with Vice President Bishop Biden

While all of this proves that political expediency over principle isn't limited to individuals, but touches "revered" institutions as well, here is something for Mr. President to look at and ponder as he takes advantage of the Catholic Church this weekend. It a reprise of a paid commercial NBC refused accept for the Super Bowl. It is from