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Floyd Corkins, The Terrorist You Never Heard Of

It's a name you are probably not familiar with at all. He isn't someone that the media talked about much. There haven't been in-depth news specials about him. Even during the recent terror attack in Boston, where the media talked about just about every other terror attack on American soil, I don't think he was mentioned. But he's a rather interesting person of history. He is, after all, the first person to be convicted of domestic terrorism in Washington, D.C., under post-9/11 anti-terrorism laws. You would think his crime would be known.

Perhaps the reason the media doesn't like to talk about it is his target — The Family Research Council — and his motive, hate for people who believe in traditional marriage. Or perhaps it's the simple fact that not enough people were killed or injured to merit news coverage. Of course, the only reason for that is a man who in a moment became a hero, Leo Johnson, the security guard at FRC:

Maybe, since the Southern Poverty Law Center is a go-to organization for many in the media, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the link between that organization's bigotry and an attack on FRC would be suppressed. Unfortunately, this is the culture we live in today.  If the attack doesn't fit the media narrative, it is simply ignored or underreported. And organization's that may have contributed to the violence continue to be promoted by the same media.

After all, like Chris Matthews said of the Boston bombers, motive doesn't really matter anyway, right?

Cuccinelli Schools Clueless Demagogue Chris Matthews

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli appeared on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews Thursday night to discuss the proposed Repeal Amendment (see Norfolk Virginian-Pilot), a mechanism that would allow two-thirds of the states to nullify a federal law or regulation (see Speaker Bill Howell's op-ed at Because A) he utterly disassembled Matthews, as he did Eliot "Client Number 9" Spitzer a couple of weeks ago on CNN, and B) because no one watches MSNBC, we thought we'd post the video for your entertainment. These things often are painful to watch. The liberal, in this case Matthews, either cannot grasp the issues and/or ignores them and makes, as the Attorney General accurately states, "assumptions" to suit his argument. In other words, the old leftist tactic of putting his negative words in your mouth and trying to force you to defend the absurd proposition. In this case, Matthews continue to ram the proposition that anyone who favors the repeal amendment was appealing to Johnny Reb and the redneck South. Nevermind that the U.S. Constitution was created by the states for the states, not to cede every element of life to a small band of federal government bureaucrats.

Never fear. Attorney General Cuccinelli would have nothing of it and, in the process, took apart and exposed the visibly disgusted Matthews — who plainly indicated his elitist belief that only Washington, D.C., can make good decisions — and revealed him as both of the above: clueless and a demagogue.

Update: The AG is saying tonight that the federal court ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare will be issued Monday. Stay tuned. If he has a news conference, we will be there to cover it.

Enjoy the video (9:05):

A little knowledge is dangerous, Chris. Perhaps a little preparation next time? Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli takes apart elitist Chris Matthews. 

The Left's Warped Sense Of Fair And Balanced: "Left Vs. Center-Left"

The American left can't get over itself, which is a shame. It truly stifles honest and thorough debate on the issues of the day. But it is more insulated with itself the the Bubble Boy from Seinfeld fame. No better illustration of that, no better admission of that (one might even claim arrogance, in fact), came from MSNBC's Chris Matthews, he of the tingling leg sensation when he hears Barack Obama speak (see YouTube). This time, instead of talking "stimulus," Mr. Matthews espouses his idea of fair and balanced presentation of views. There's no problem with the time he allots various sides. The problem is what he considers the various sides. Apparently, Mr. Matthews thinks the range of political discourse in America should range only from the "left" to the "center-left" (about 1:30 into the video below). Now, there's tolerance for you! Interestingly, he blames President Obama's sinking popularity and the distaste for government-run health care on the Fox News Channel, as if one cable outlet can dominate opinion over three broadcast and two cable networks and a host of major daily papers and weekly magazines.

More astonishing, he can't comprehend that people inherently know that government interference, especially in something as sensitive as health care, is wrong, and the care, inevitably, incompetent. But, that's what happens when you live in a (misguided, liberal) bubble.

Chris Matthews: Fair is fair — liberals vs. extreme liberals, and that's all you need to hear!

The Smartest President Ever!

We've been told repeatedly since 2008 that Barack Obama is a genius. He is the smartest man ever to hold the presidency. Sure enough, he proved it almost immediately after he was sworn into office — he won the Nobel Peace Prize! (Even though he couldn't deliver the Olympics for his hometown of Chicago.) Yes, he is fawned over by the elite. Chris Matthews told the nation he gets a "tingling sensation up my leg" when Mr. Obama speaks. His adorers consider him the "anointed one" or some type of secular "messiah." He even has the power to redefine "success," as he continues to label his "stimulus" bill even though it has saddled us with debt and the loss of four million jobs. He is worshiped and glorified by people who have no frame of reference. He does nothing wrong. Except say the U.S. has 57 states (, confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day or any number of other gaffes that would've left Conan O'Brien in business if it was a conservative president making the embarrassing pronouncements. Now comes this: We know he can't give a speech without a teleprompter, but a teleprompter can't pronounce words for you. So, just the other day, even with the 'prompter working, the commander-in-chief showed his ignorance of the military he leads by mispronouncing "corpsman" as "corpse-man." Watch and hear for yourself. With what kind of feeling does it leave you?

He's commander-in-chief, but can he create a new rank? Maybe a "corpse-man" buries the dead?

Virginia News Stand: December 2, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations The Hunt Is On

Stephen Hunt won the three-way Republican "fire house" primary last night to secure the 37th Senate District nomination in the January 12 special election to fill the term of Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. Hunt, a former member of the Fairfax County School Board, won the heavy turnout primary handily over his two opponents. He now takes on Delegate Dave Marsden (D-41, Fairfax) who, until several days ago, didn't live in the district. He is renting a room from a friend who does in order to be eligible. Meanwhile, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell continues his PR offensive. Following up his meeting with House Democrats, he now will meet with leaders of the Senate. More substantively, he's asked for detailed reports from all state agencies in order to find efficiencies in a deficit-ridden budget. A good start. But ideas, if not money, are in large supply, and the governor-elect is getting them from everyone, from within and outside of his cadre. We post two, from Pat Nolan and Mike Thompson, both of Bacon's Rebellion

Nationally, the left is losing it, and it doesn't get any better than that as far exposing who they are. Chris Matthews calls West Point cadets the "enemy" and the liberal mayor of Baltimore won't resign despite a theft conviction. Polls show independents fleeing the Obama/liberal camp, including young voters (ask soon-to-be-former Delegate Shannon Valentine) as Matt Friedeman of Rightly Concerned Blog notes.

But it's ClimateGate that continues to expose the left, particularly for putting ideology over science. Hmmm. Where have we heard that before? Now, look, it really is true, but it's the left that's been doing it all along. Just goes to show you . . . when the other side screams loud accusations at your side, it normally means it is they who are doing that which they accuse you. In other words, they're cracking up.


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Davis, Voinovich, Matthews: We're All A Bunch Of Dimwit Southern Redneck Hayseeds. Rings A Bell Doesn't?

I'd comment on this, but the idiocy of the conversation speaks for itself. Watch Chris Matthews and former U.S. Representative Tom Davis, a Republican from Fairfax, expound on the lunacy of a recent statement of U.S. Senator George Voinovich (R-Ohio). Then, view the screen below it. Sound familiar?

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Louis Farrakhan Confirms It: Obama Is The Messiah

For weeks now, we've been stunned at the deep seeded cult worship status of Barack Obama. With so many people designating him the "messiah," who knows? Maybe it's true. After all, these people are the best and brightest, and no one in flyover country dare question them. You know these brainiacs — not to be confused with "Bosniacs" as foreign policy expert Joe Biden calls Bosnians — like MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who may have been the first reeled in by the senator's messianic trance. It was Matthews who said he got "a tingling feeling down his leg" when Obama spoke. Then there are the children's groups coming under his spell such as these young ones (see here) and these teenagers (see here). But if there was any doubt that Barack Obama has graduated from Illinois legislator to "messiah" in only fours years, let the august prophet, and conciliator of races and creeds — Louis Farrakhan himself — confirm it for us all. If Farrakhan says Obama is the "messiah," it must be true:

Senator Obama Sees Ghosts (Or, He Needs To Read

We realize the nomination for the Democrat presidential nomination is a tooth and nail fight, but if Senator Barack Obama really is the presumptive nominee, why is he trying to one-up rival Senator Hillary Clinton? You may remember during her First Lady days (I know, we try not to remember) she channeled Eleanor Roosevelt. As of yesterday, in New Mexico, Senator Obama had his own paranormal experience. Of course, he should have super powers since he's the Democrat "messiah" according to Chris Matthews and other liberal lightweights. Speaking to a Memorial Day gathering in Las Cruces, he said:

On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience today . . . . (See the video for yourself, here.)

He then went on to talk almost entirely about veterans. This man, who wants to be Commander-In-Chief, is either clueless and does not not know the meaning of Memorial Day or sees ghosts. Predictably, only the conservative blogosphere and talk radio have picked up on this. That's okay, senator, you may be able to see ghosts, but the public finally is seeing right through your transparent self. 

The senator surely has a gift, alright, and he keeps giving it. Instead of "messiah" we should call him the "The Gift That Keeps On Giving" because he continues to gaffe. Hey senator, read our our post from yesterday! Memorial Day honors those who gave themselves up in battle for our country, not living veterans!  

Is this what we're getting from our public education theses days?

Could anything have better proven our point? Would it even be fair to ask the senator who Veterans Day honors?