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Virginia News Stand: May 17, 2010

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The Monday edition brings a lot of news and features and I won't begin to try to review them. There are two items of note, however. In one, it's funny how the Governor Bob McDonnell is raising money for the Washington Post. Yes, that Post, that basically not only sponsored his Democrat opponent, but basically conceived of him, and then skewered and tried to embarrass Mr. McDonnell during the recent campaign. It's peculiar, to be sure and Accuracy In Media Editor Cliff Kincaid takes a look in Analysis. Speaking of the governor and the peculiar, he endorsed a Congressional candidate that donated money to Barack Obama's campaign.  

The other item concern's Florida Senate Republican candidate Marco Rubio. He made a forceful statement on the relationship between our reliance on government and our crumbling society — broken families, crime, abortion. Who keeps saying social issues have no place in campaigns?  


Virginia tax income shows year-over-year growth (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

State revenues up 2nd straight month (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

Lawmakers press McDonnell to act on bipartisan redistricting (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

McDonnell: Cuccinelli suit won't hurt other anti-HCR lawsuits (Washington Post Right Now Blog)

Gingrich, McDonnell to talk health care (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Va. toll plan sees early opposition (Washington Examiner)

McDonnell to endorse Rigell in GOP primary (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Republican primary in Northern Virginia sounds familiar themes, with a twist (Washington Post)

Fla. contributor to Va. campaigns raises questions (Roanoke Times)

Dispute over theology, background led to Caner probe (Lynchburg News & Advance)

State bonds get top ratings, are sold for roads program (Richmond Times-Dispatch)


Why is GOP Gov. McDonnell Raising Money for the Post? (Cliff Kincaid/

Should we ask if Supreme Court nominee is gay? (Martha Irvine/AP/

Three Big Primaries This Week (Fresh Ink Blog/

One More Reason Democrats Should Have Read Their Healthcare Bill (Fresh Ink Blog/

National News

Woman who supported abortion rights experienced evolution that changed her mind (Washington Post)

Transgender, gay workers' civil rights promoted in Employment Non-Discrimination Act bill (Washington Post)

Rubio says country relying too much on government (AP/

Abortion foes capitalize on health law they fought (AP/Yahoo! News)

Anti-gay rights activist resigns after trip with male escort (

Small business lobby joins challenge to health law (AP/

Kagan courts converts, gains favor on Capitol Hill (AP/

Kagan unlikely to see GOP filibuster on nomination (AP/

IRS pitches tax credit for health insurance (AP/


The Power of Incumbency No More (Michael Reagan/

Gingrich Calls a Spade, a Spade. Can the rest of the GOP do it? (Bobby Eberle/

Berwick and Obamacare Equal Socialism on Steroids (David Limbaugh/

American History, Not Ethnic Studies (Linda Chavez/

An Obvious but Muzzled Truth, Islamist Terrorism (Michael Barone/

Who is Governing America? (Star Parker/

We Have to Talk About Elena Kagan (Frank Salvato/

Jesus, Mohammad and Comedy Central (Brent Bozell/

Conservatism On Defense Will Ultimately Lose (Christopher G. Adamo/

Job? You Don't Need No Stinkin' Job.(Bobby Eberle/

Obama Knows Best (Harris R. Sherline/

Intolerance is a Beautiful Thing (Doug Patton/

He Wasn't Just Whistling Dixie! (Henry Lamb/

Virginia News Stand: July 7, 2009

Leading the news today is the LG campaign as Jody Wagner attempts to counter the obvious — that she underestimated state tax revenue when times were good (laying the pretense for Virginia's largest tax increase) and overestimated them when times were bad, necessitating budget cuts. She's not having much luck so far. Thus, as The Daily Press reports, the commonwealth prepares for yet another round of budget cuts.

A lot of the news today is national: The Alliance Defense Fund is engaged in legal battle with the FDA over the "morning after pill," state budgets have gaping holes (wasn't the "stimulus" supposed to solve that?), D.C.'s recognition of out of state homosexual-marriage now is in effect, the Obama's remain churchless months after leaving Jerry Wright's flock, and there's another push for a personhood amendment in Colorado.

We have a number of commentaries and some analysis today, as well. David Limbaugh looks at the hypocrisy of liberals who thought George W. Bush was "seizing" power, but remain silent on the absolute power grabs and usurpations of freedom by Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Matt Barber notes that Mr. Obama's massive fiscal deficit pales to his moral clarity deficit. We also have an AFA blog post about the censoring of a seventh-grader's pro-life t-shirt. Finally, in analysis, Cliff Kincaid explores the philosophical relationship between the president and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, while Rebecca Grace and Elizabeth Delaney (of the Norfolk Examiner, which makes its News Stand debut) each debunk a myth — on homosexuality and "global warming," respectively.


Bolling, Wagner spar on finances (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

State agencies told to prepare for more cuts (Daily Press)

Hmmm. So You Say That How? (Washington Post)

Roanoke political parties ponder futures (Roanoke Times)

National News:

Christian legal group battles FDA over 'morning after pill'  (

States Straining To Repair Budgets (Washington Post)

Married gays see progress in D.C. (Washington Times)

'Gay marriage' law takes effect in nation's capital (AP/

Obama's still church homeless halfway through 2009 (AP/

'Personhood' pushers at it again in Colorado (


King Barack? (David Limbaugh/

Obama's moral clarity deficit (Matt Barber/

Seventh-Grader's Pro-Life T-Shirt Censored in California (American Family Association Blog)


Leading 'Progressive' Describes Obama-Chavez Axis (Cliff Kincaid/

Countering the lie of same-sex attractions (Rebecca Grace/

One world controversy (Norfolk Examiner)