Commonwealth Poll

Ugly Numbers For GOP, But Good For Conservative Bloggers?

The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot's Pilot on Politics blog recently reported on a Commonwealth Poll (see here) conducted in late December which showed Virginians by large margins preferring Democrats over Republicans on a range of issues, such as transportation, education and the budget. The latter is a bit surprising since it is the Kaine Administration whose utter incoherent forecast of tax revenue brought us to the mammoth deficit we face today. Aside from that, however, the survey found that:

Republicans are more apt to keenly observe the General Assembly session than Democrats or independents.

We don't know how that makes the House leadership feel, but for those of us conservative state policy and politics bloggers, it's nice to know that

A. There's a large audience out there from which to draw; 

B. Perhaps we and the other conservative bloggers are the reason our universe of interested voters is larger; and

C. Conservatives are more thoughtful and interested in issues, contrary to the stereotypes perpetuated by liberals and their media allies.

As for C, here's exhibit A: