Reflecting Left Wing Thought, America Is "Embarrassing" According To Hollywood Mogul

As we approach Thanksgiving, perhaps the most cherished national holiday, where Americans of all stripes give thanks in their own way for the blessings of living in this bountiful, generous and prosperous country, rife with opportunities for all, we have an example of one of what the Left really thinks about America. It comes from Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood Honcho and big time fundraiser for Left Wing causes and candidates; and friend not only of Bill, but of Barrack. He's a major producer, the former head of Miramax studios and other plum jobs at media and entertainment companies that affect our culture and impact how and what information we receive. It's fair to say he's reflective of what the mainstream Left thinks of America. The recent interview was with CNN's Piers Morgan and is so appalling, even the liberal Morgan is exasperated at Weinstein's nonsense:

Weinstein speaks for the Left: It's never Obama's fault and you better not criticize him. It's America's fault first, last and always.

A King-Sized Interview In The Big Apple

I am very excited to be in New York City to participate in The King's College Distinguished Visitor Series. I will be interviewed today by The King's College provost and World Magazine editor-in-chief Marvin Olasky in front of a crowd of the college's students. The King's College is a liberal arts school located in the Empire State Building. This year's Distinguished Visitor Series includes the likes of George Gilder, Dick Armey, Chuck Colson and and many other familiar names from academia, business, journalism, public policy, economics and culture. Past participants include U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, Grover Norquist, John Stossel and Ken Blackwell. Click here to see the complete list of this year's distinguished speakers and click here to see the list from the last three years of speakers up to August 30, and download the podcasts of those who interest you most. It's a terrific roster of intelligent and thought-provoking men and women. We will post the podcast of my interview here when it becomes available on The King's College Web site. Video will be available at the college's YouTube channel.

This year, the series added another element to its speakers' profile. According to Mr. Olasky:

The Distinguished Visitors Series allows students to learn from and interact with some of our nation’s top leaders. And this year we're complementing our established invitees with some younger Americans who will talk about ideas but also about discerning callings and starting careers (see Style Weekly).

I am honored to be a part of this series. I know it is possible only because of the good work by thousands of Virginians who share the common cause of defending our traditional values in the culture at large, and who work hard every day to bring reason and truth in the public square.

Concerned About The Culture? Government Policies? The Direction Of Our Country? Here's What You Can Do!

Do you see things happening in our culture, government and even in the Christian community that concern you? Do you want to make a difference, but don't know where to begin? You can start by volunteering at The Family Foundation this summer. Since 1985, The Family Foundation has been at the forefront of critical public policy debates, helping Virginia citizens, lawmakers and business leaders better understand and apply to law the principles of life, marriage, parental authority, constitutional government and religious liberty. We are currently holding several Truth Project training sessions across Virginia to affect the hearts and minds in our culture and in the Christian community.

Non-profit and non-partisan, The Family Foundation of Virginia is the commonwealth's oldest and most influential family public policy organization. Our mission is to strengthen the family through accurate research and education, prompting civic activism and affecting public policy outcomes. The Family Foundation is proud to be associated with Focus on the Family and its network of nearly40 independent state policy councils.

Any college, high school or home schooled student looking to fulfill community service requirements for graduation or who would enjoy assisting us in our mission on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis — we can use your help this summer (and beyond)! In fact, entire families, including  middle school students, provide great help to us regularly. If you are interested in public policy and the issues of the day that directly affect our culture, lives and values, then you will enjoy and be fulfilled by contributing your time to our shared cause.  

The Family Foundation headquarters is located across from the State Capitol in downtown Richmond. Parking is located only a few blocks from our office building and we can assist you with your parking fees in specific garages.

Responsibilities and duties include:

» Data Entry (basic computer skills, in office or at home);

» Mailings (production and processing);

» Database Management (basic computer skills); and

» Constituent Interaction.

If you are interested in volunteering your valued talent in order to advance the cause of traditional values in the Commonwealth, then please take a moment to e-mail Marie Edwards at or call her at (804) 343-0010. Thanks!

Thank You And Happy Thanksgiving

All of us at The Family Foundation of Virginia hope that you will spend time with your loved ones and friends this Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on the abundance of grace and mercy that is poured out on each of us each year by our loving God. In the many battles we face, and in a culture where our values seem to be slipping away, it is often difficult to find joy and thankfulness. Yet, we are incredibly blessed in so many ways. Simply being alive, having the opportunity to serve our God, to live in a land that is free — still — and having family and friends to love are just some of the things we too often take for granted.

This year, we at The Family Foundation have much for which to be thankful. While many will first think of the recent elections where pro-family candidates were victorious, our gratitude goes far beyond those results. For one, we can never express enough how thankful we are for our supporters. This year, despite the difficult economy, donors to The Family Foundation helped make Winning Matters an unquestioned success. Add to that the nearly 1,300 people who attended our Annual Gala with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and we can truly say that God supplied for our needs in remarkable ways in 2009.

We also are extremely thankful for our army of volunteers, both those who guide or work through our local grassroots networks, and those who help us here in the office or at various events. Incredibly, volunteers sacrificially gave more than 1,000 hours of their time in our headquarters this year! From stuffing envelopes for mailings, helping distribute nearly 900,000 Voter Guides, to making thousands of phone calls, the help given by these volunteers can simply not be measured. We could not have had a successful Winning Matters campaign, nor Gala, without these selfless individuals. The Family Foundation — Board and staff — offer our collective heartfelt thanks.

We also are thankful for the challenges God places in our path. It is only through those hard times that we truly place our trust in Him and mature in our faith. Together, we face many challenges — culturally and politically. But it is for just this time that God has placed us in this Commonwealth. He chose us to be here to fight for our liberties when they are in peril. That is an honor for which we can truly be thankful.

Again, we thank you for your support of The Family Foundation. May God bless you abundantly this Thanksgiving!

Pastors For Family Values To Hold Northern Virginia Luncheon

On April 21, Pastors For Family Values, the pastoral component of The Family Foundation, will hold a Pastors Fellowship Lunch at 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 111, in Springfield. It will last from 12:00-2:00 p.m. There is no charge for the event, which includes lunch, but a reservation is required. All pastors are invited.

To RSVP, call Kathi Haley at 703-752-1624 or e-mail her at

The event is hosted by Capital Bible Seminary and among those who will speak are Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb and the Rev. John Smith, interim director of pastoral ministry for PFFV.

Speaking as one voice on the issues of the day, Pastors for Family Values assists pastors in performing their Biblical duty of being salt and light in our culture through civic activism.

One Step Toward Making A Difference

The Christian life is a calling to make a difference. This is true during placid times. It is especially true during challenging days. We live during an age when our culture needs revitalization. As we have traveled the commonwealth in recent weeks, speaking to groups of pastors all across Virginia, there has been one point on which everyone has agreed — people in our churches do not have a strong Biblical worldview. In other words, not enough of those attending church are grounded in God's Word enough that it makes a difference in their lives. God principles are not being applied in every area, including political decisions. 

For real change to take place in our culture, real change has to take place in the church — one transformed life at a time. Unfortunately, because most members of evangelical churches are not well versed in God's truth principles, many are easily misled by charismatic leaders — whether religious or political. The impact on our culture is devastating, and the church is complicit. In a postmodern culture where moral absolutes are scoffed at and dismissed, defending God's truth is a full-time battle. The issues we work on at The Family Foundation — sacredness of human life, marriage, religious liberty and the rest — cannot be understood without a comprehensive Biblical worldview.      

Into that void has come "The Truth Project" from Focus on the Family. This incredible 12 week DVD small-group study is sweeping the nation and providing foundational truth principles in an interactive, enjoyable, educational format. People who have experienced this series testify to its life changing power. Now, Focus on the Family is trying to make it easier for people to become trained so they can teach this great program in their community. It has scheduled a live Truth Project simulcast training event for Saturday, September 27. Normally, training seminars require travel and an entire weekend. Through the simulcast, however, you can find a local church that is carrying the feed and participate close to home in only one day. Or, perhaps, ask your church if it would be willing to host a simulcast.

We urge attendence at this training; the more who do, the more who can teach The Truth Project in homes and churches. This truly is a program that can transform lives — and thereby change our culture for the better.

Here is a list of the numerous churches in Virginia that are hosting the simulcast. You can click on the links in each box for more information about those specific workshops as well as click here for more general information:

Abingdon: Abingdon Bible Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Abingdon Bible Church
Chesterfield: Southside Nazarene Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Southside Nazarene Church
Glen Allen: Mt. Vernon Baptist Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Mt. Vernon Baptist
Manassas: Manassas St. Thomas Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Manassas St. Thomas
Richmond: Grove Avenue Baptist Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Grove Avenue Baptist Church
Stafford: Ebenezer United Methodist Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Ebenezer United Methodist Church
Stafford: Stafford County Christian Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Stafford County Christian Church
Virginia Beach: New Life Providence Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 New Life Providence
Williamsburg: Williamsburg Community Chapel Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Williamsburg Community Chapel