Who You Calling A Socialist?

This video from Americans For Prosperity speaks for itself. Last weekend, a few thousand "liberal" and "social justice" types marched on the Mall in Washington, D.C. — the so-called "One Nation Rally" — to give voice to their issues. Or, at least that's how the Mainstream Media portrayed it. Take a look at this video. This footage didn't make CBS, NBC or CNN. These aren't your typical liberals. On the other hand, too much of old-style liberalism has been mainlined by these extremists (i.e., "progressives") to the point where there's barely a blip of difference between the two. By their own admission, they all are socialists. The signs and literature distributed at the rally are chilling.

We're all socialists now (Obama supporters all): Among the bulk of the protesters: the Communist Workers Party, the Socialist Party and something called the Socialist Alternative.

Virginia News Stand: October 27, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations  The Day After

Wow! What an evening last night! We'll have a review and other highlights later, and hopefully some video later in the week. Mike Huckabee brought down the Greater Richmond Convention Center with an inspirational speech filled with philosophical overtones overlayed with moral and Biblical principles, capped with a moving exposition as to what happens when people stand idly by and ignore the events around them. We have coverage from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog and The Shad Plank Blog.

Meanwhile, President Obama is in Norfolk today to campaign for Democrat Creigh Deeds. If he's truly the chosen one, he should be able to raise this campaign from the dead, right? As he passes the gates of D.C. into Virginia, the POTUS will see a new Post poll that shows Republican candidate Bob McDonnell stretching his lead to 11 points. He leads in campaign donations, too, the latest filing reports show.

In Commentary, Thomas Sowell looks at the dismantling of America, Bobby Eberle excoriates Republicans and the president, and Richard Olivastro reports on an "under God" button controversy. There's more, too, as well as a full National News section. Read up! We're only a week away.

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National News:

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Selfish Tim Kaine: He Has Two Jobs When Many Have None

That was the the gist of a comment left on TimesDispatch.com today by a wit named Dave. I was going to blog on Governor Kaine's whine in today's T-D about the stress of taking on the DNC chairman job (here) when I saw Dave's hilarious take on it. It's priceless, really, calling out the liberal do-gooding spirit. My take is more standard: Remember when Governor Kaine said it was no big deal doing both jobs? From the T-D on January 28:

"The governor again defended accepting the DNC position given the demands of his current job in a state facing hard economic times and wrestling with a budget deficit of at least $3 billion.

"'How do they do it? They have great staff,' Kaine said. 'Being involved in politics is a good thing, not a bad thing. We need national unity right now.

"'. ... trying to be involved in a way, at the president's request, to help him promote his agenda and have him be successful is something that I consider very important.'"

He would be governor at day, DNC chair at night and on weekends, keeping tabs as need be, and letting the staff run it day-to-day until his term expired. Now, it turns out, it's much more than that. From today's T-D:

"He thanked them (the DNC executive committee) for their support and patience as he tries to tend to both tasks during a difficult time. 'I am trying to juggle two pretty challenging jobs,' he said. 'It's not an easy time to be a governor.'"

When is it ever easy, even in good times? The recession started last fall, and he still took the DNC chairman job in January. Is Governor Kaine saying he did not realize the difficulties and conflicts involved then? Perhaps it's no wonder he has missed each one of his budget projections — even with the so-called "stimulus" money — since his extracurricular activity started.

Since early 2008, the governor denied he was shirking his responsibilities here to campaign across the country for Barack Obama. Even with the state deficit rising and missing his revenue forecasts (despite General Assembly warnings), he kept campaigning. Now it's getting worse according to the latest figures, creating the need for still more spending cuts — or more printed (inflated) bailout money from his boss in D.C.

What gives, governor — Virginia or the DNC? As Dave said, you're multi-tasking, which means doing nothing well. So, perhaps, in such a crisis, maybe it's time to help out a Democrat down on his luck  . . . and give him a job — your spare one.

Virginia Colleges: Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras — actually, the festival of Mardi Gras is an ongoing, many-weeks New Orleans festival where the anything-goes-good-times only culminate tomorrow — whereas the rest of us have a one-day bash in preparation for the sacrifices and abstaining of Lent that begin on Ash Wednesday.  Getting into the swing are some of Virginia's best known institutions of higher learning. William and Mary's new administration, sadly, teased the public with a fig leaf of deference, only to pull it back. Yes, the sex show returns. See Delegate Brenda Pogge's (R-96, Yorktown) news release below (see her letter last year to then-W&M President Gene Nichol).

Not to be outdone, football-less George Mason University, best known for its Economics Department featuring the likes of Dr. Walter E. Williams and Dr. Don Boudreaux (also see here and here) not to mention Nobel winners, and for its hoops team's run to the Final Four a few years ago, had its annual Homecoming Basketball game this past weekend. It elected a boy homecoming queen. See the Washington Post's account here.

Not just any boy: a transvestite. As it turns out, not just any queen either: He works as a drag queen in D.C. area bars. Fantastique! Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Here's what's so instructive about the whole situation, as reported in the Post:

"Officially, the university is 'very comfortable with it. We're fine,' spokesman Daniel Walsch said. The school does not require participants in the Mr. and Ms. Mason pageant to compete along precise gender lines, he said."

So why even have "Mr." and "Ms." contests? Why not a "Homecoming Student" contest? Open it up. Truth in advertising. If it does not matter, then GMU officials should end the contest as is immediately, and simply have a generic "Homecoming Student" vote. Students could enter as they wish to have their personhood identified: homosexual, heterosexual, male, female, dean's list student, frat boy stud, jock, regular Joe or Jane, beauty contestant, whatever.

At least there's this, from The Post:

"But others say it is an embarrassment at an inopportune time when Mason is trying to revamp its image from commuter school to distinguished institution of higher learning."

Meanwhile, back at the academic seat of the western point of the Historic Triangle, on March 23, students can learn all about a potential professional field upon graduation. According The Daily Press:

"The show — which features strippers, prostitutes and other sex workers performing and discussing their work. ..."

will be paid for by student activity fees because, as new President Taylor Reveley, said:

"The elected representatives of the student body approve the use of student fees for these events, not administration. This experience in self-government is part of the learning process."

Self government? Or the inmates running the asylum? But who cares? It's Mardi Gras. Laissez le bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll!

POGGE Expresses Disappointment with Repeat of Sex Show

February 3, 2009

YORKTOWN, VA — Today Delegate Brenda Pogge, in response to an article in today's Daily Press,released a letter sent last week to William and Mary President, Taylor Reveley concerning her deep disappointment at the possibility that "The Sex Workers Art Show" would go on at the College.

The letter, dated January 30 made the request that, "given the controversy that this show created last year and in years past, I am humbly requesting that this year the show not go on."

The letter went on to say, "One of the tests that the Supreme Court used in defining obscenity is does it violate community standards. I submit to you on behalf of the majority of the citizens of my District, that it does." Delegate Pogge is opposed to the return of "The Sex Workers Art Show" to the College of William and Mary and today stated, "In my opinion the inclusion of the word "Art" is a vain attempt to put lipstick on a pig."

That Makes Sense

Listening to the State of the Commonwealth speech last night driving home, I heard something that simply stunned me. Of course, it shouldn't have. Anything coming from NPR or one of its affiliates shouldn't surprise anyone. In this case, the gentleman anchoring the coverage on Richmond NPR station WCVE-FM, filling time between the end of Governor Tim Kaine's speech and the the Republican response (see Lynchburg News & Advance, here) by Delegate Dave Albo (R-42, Fairfax) and Senator Steve Newman (R-23, Forest), mentioned the governor's new position as chairman of the Democrat National Committee.  Then he said:

"It remains to be seen whether the Republicans take advantage of this for their partisan advantage."

This what the Mainstream Media does: It defines who's right and just, and who plays negative, regardless of the facts, then puts it all out there as if irrefutable and from on high. In short, it creates stereotypes.

So, in the view of Mr. NPR Local Anchor: He basically dares those mean General Assembly Republicans, who are laying in wait, to pounce on the poor, defenseless governor, who just happened to take one of the most partisan and powerful jobs in the world with access to the DNC's hundreds of millions of dollars and its D.C. command center — and pound away at him with its vast and endless arsenal from 9th and Broad in Richmond — for nothing but political gain.

Right. That makes sense.

We now return you to NPR's sleep inducing classical music.

How Much Is The Governor's Mansion Worth? To McAuliffe, Perhaps $75 Million

We know real estate assessments are dropping and that industry is tanking right now, but Terry McAuliffe is trying his best to re-inflate the Richmond housing market (more here). Or at least one house in particular. You see, it was reported today that liberal Democrat McAuliffe — of Global Crossing scandal, Teamster corruption and Clinton fame (more here) — is willing to raise and spend $75 million for himself to win the governor's mansion as well as for a Democrat take-back of the House of Delegates in next year's statewide campaigns. Maybe it is the incredibly detailed historic restoration of the mansion and capitol that has him so interested in living there. Hmmm.

Whatever the reason (as if we have to wonder), the frequent guest on television shoutfests and former DNC chairman is dead serious about taking the governor's mansion at any price, and bringing his highly partisan, Northeastern liberal attack politics with him, and mirroring D.C.'s new total liberal control of government in Richmond. Anyway, the news on McAuliffe's $75 mil war chest comes courtesy of The Politico via our fellow Virginia bloggers at Too Conservative.

"Godless Pit"

Your tax dollars are at work again…this time funding what some had referred to as a “$600 million godless pit” in Washington, DC.  The nearly half billion dollar over budget Capital Visitor Center has been the national version of “the big dig.”  But out of control spending isn’t new to Washington DC (Google “Bailout”).  Unfortunately, the political correctness and anti-Christian bigotry that dominates bureaucratic Washington has been unleashed on the visitor center, leading to the removal of any references to God.

Rewriting founding documents, erasing references to God, and blatently misrepresenting history are but a few of the problems that have been discoverd.  Our own Virginia Congressman Randy Forbes has taken the lead in trying to restore the references to our true history by working with the folks desigining the center

In the meantime, Wallbuilders has this great video that shows some of the attacks on our history:

Of course, our friends with groups like "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" are doing all they can to banish God from any public mention.   As the battles over the past continues, the future looks more and more bleak.  Most Americans have no clue what our real history is, so few will notice the lack of truth at the visitor center. 

At what point do Christians in this nation finally say enough is enough and start to stand up?

Planned Parenthood's Obscene Profits Made Possible By Us Taxpayers

This is a must read. It's somewhat common knowledge, but with Michelle Malkin's intense, go-get'em style and attitude. Here's an excerpt:

In April, the annual report for Planned Parenthood Federation of America revealed that the abortion giant had a total income of $1.02 billion with reported profits of nearly $115 million. Taxpayers kick in more than $336 million worth of government grants and contracts at both the state and federal levels. That's a third of Planned Parenthood's budget. (Click here to read this important column in its entirety.)

It's usually my style to comment at least some . . . but Michelle basically says it all. One more gem, but read the entire article:

Where's the subpoena-wielding Henry Waxman? Can Orrin Hatch spare a moment from investigating the New England Patriots to probe Planned Parenthood's efforts to advise underage teens on how to circumvent parental notification laws to secretly obtain RU-486, the abortion drug cocktail? Where is the concern for the women and children who were mistreated by Planned Parenthood clinics in Kansas, where Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline has filed a 107-count criminal complaint against the abortion racket, with charges ranging from falsifying documents to performing illegal late-term abortions?

As exposed as Planned Parenthood is to pro-lifers, and as tenacious as writers such as Michelle Malkin are, not everyone is aware of what goes on at Planned Parenthood, even in our own backyard. Here is an article about a Washington, D.C.-area woman suing Planned Parenthood (click here) for a botched procedure. Where is the article from? The Canada Free Press. In Canada people know about it, but what about here? More needs to be done to shine the light on this organization to the general public.