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Dawn Of Election Day: Insights On Tim Kaine And Barack Obama

As we prepare to vote in the most consequential election of our lifetime and, perhaps, in many generations; an election that will transform America into a European-style social welfare state, or one that will restore the country to a dynamic economy with government's role properly limited; a country where distinctions no longer matter and anything goes, or one where the protection of life, marriage protected and defined, and religious liberty are safeguarded for us and future generations as the foundation of a free, prosperous and safe people. We will decide on a president and the composition of Congress, including one of the nation's highest profile Senate races which could determine the balance of power in that powerful chamber, and further accelerate which direction the country moves. Tim Kaine, once President Barack Obama's chief at the Democrat National Committee, and George Allen, once the Republican in charge of electing more Republican senators, seek the office.

There's no need to rehash the entire presidential and senate campaigns here. But as the president and Mr. Kaine have long been friends (Mr. Kaine was the first Democrat official elected to statewide office to endorse then-Senator Obama) and served as his primary defender as the chairman of the DNC, a couple of insights are in order from each that illuminate how their lack of capacity to lead honestly.

First, Mr. Kaine. It is well documented that he promised not to raise taxes in his campaign for governor and that he broke that promise in his first week in office. He introduced massive tax increases each of his four years in Capitol Square. He argued the need in order to fund Virginia's lagging transportation improvements.

What isn't so well documented (and a mystery as to why the Allen campaign has not used this against him) is that while Mr. Kaine hammered away at the need to grab more hard-earned income from Virginia families, is that he also refused each of his four years to audit VDOT. While House Republicans asked and asked, his reply was to demand tax increases. But the theory was that if we audit VDOT, perhaps we'll find some money there and we can see how much we really need to raise. Mr. Kaine flatly refused to acknowledge even the possibility. Nothing there, there, he'd say, and then demand the tax increase, even going so far as to launch robo calls into the districts of certain House members, telling their constituents that their delegates didn't want to fix Virginia's roads.

In 2010, in one of his first actions, Governor Bob McDonnell ordered the long sought VDOT audit. It turned up $1 billion in unused and wasted funds and funding opportunities. Mr. Kaine offered no apologies. It's one thing if the public truly needs to pay up to improve its community. It's another when a politician tries to pry away hard earned family income into government coffers when he was wasting what he had to begin with.

The insight into President Obama's character is quicker to arrive at. After all the snark, sarcasm, small and demeaning attacks, and vicious lies about his opponent, Mitt Romney, he runs this ad (see Ben Shapiro at Breitbart's Big Government).

One question: Would the president allow his daughter to see this? Is he really proud of this?

Whether it's unscrupulously fleecing taxpayers for his own political schemes or producing near-obscene ads, neither Tim Kaine nor Barack Obama offer the dignity to lead.

Pictures Of The Day: DNC Learns Plane Banners Don't Have Spell Check

Activists, pundits, academics, media and elitists on the Left (redundant, I know), and their favorite politicians have no hesitation to smugly and condescendingly caricature Christians and conservatives as ignorant, uneducated, mind-numbed, simple, unable to comprehend complex issues, and generally unwashed. The rich irony: so many of these types willingly admit they get their information from Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live. So quick to blow up headlines over a simply mis-phrased clause in a sentence by a conservative while ignoring the president's claim that "The private sector is doing fine" or that small business owners "didn't build that," the media and other left-wing institutions abound in hypocrisy. Which makes the mistakes by the Left even funnier. Take, for example, President Obama's campaign in Ohio (or supporters thereof). While the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigned in Ohio a few days before the GOP convention, Democrat operatives rented a plane to fly over the Romney-Ryan rally with a tail banner. The operatives proudly professed it to the media as a snarky counter attack.

The problem? Simple grammar. See the picture below. Instead of the word "than" they used "then" and still considered their tactic nothing less than brilliant (see The Blaze).

 If at first you have no message and your grammar is incorrect . . .

Undeterred, the Democrat National Committee decided to rent another plane and make another banner to fly over Tampa during the Republican National Convention. A DNC spokesman proudly tweeted about it. Yet, he found out the hard way, again, that plane banners don't have spell checkers: instead of the appropriate plural "women" it used the singular "woman" (The Blaze has more).

Make another grammar mistake for millions to see while still belittling conservatives as dim.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent In The Age Of Obama

You know it's bad when your liberal allies in the mainstream media reject your ideas (Atlantic Wire). That's the case with the White House and the Democrat National Committee right now, who can't even get CBS to buy into their allegation that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and some conservative groups are taking foreign money to "buy" the midterm elections (see Media Research Center). The DNC has put out an ad to that affect, even calling certain conservatives and the GOP unpatriotic. The Chamber of Commerce unpatriotic? The irony is stunning, coming from the party of Charlie Trie, Al Gore's "no controlling legal authority," and the Obama campaign's anonymous millions from gift card donations, not to mention forced labor union dues from Big Labor. It proves the axiom that when the left accuses you of something, it usually means they've done it themselves (and are tyring to divert attention from real issues). also is in this game with its own echo television spot. This from the group that takes uncountable sums from the likes of George Soros and the same left who accuses anyone of disagreeing with them as questioning  their patriotism. Even the New York Times has disproven the charge. No matter to the White House, which now includes the Chamber of Commerce, once a health care ally, on its enemies list.

For the left, then, it's about control. Whether through a leviathan government or through intimidation, the left wants absolute conformity. When Bob Schieffer of CBS confronted Obama henchman David Axelrod  about whether he had any evidence of the foreign money allegation, Axelrod snapped chillingly:

Do you have any evidence that it's not?

So, in the Age of Obama, it's guilty until proven innocent! The proof? An allegation, and any allegation will do. Especially when you're desperate.

An incredulous Bob Schieffer can't believe the shear gall from the president's chief of enforcement.

It Had To Be Shown: Who's Extreme? Tim Kaine? Or The Rest Of Us?

Far Left Liberals, aided by the Mainstream Media echo chamber (redundant, again, I know), call conservatives "extreme" without impunity. It's a knee-jerk response to anyone who disagrees with its Big Government Control agenda. It's what the Far Left means by "tolerance" — agree with us or we'll distort and caricature your positions as fact and make you out to be a loon. Well, now, just who are the extremists? According to poll after poll, on numerous and various issues, it looks like the American people have a decidedly different view as to who the extremists are. Many are cited in the video below and it doesn't even scratch the surface of polls and issues. Time, of course, is always a constraint, especially as the MSM and its zombie followers are so wrong so often.

But the best thing about this video is its Virginia connection: former Governor Tim Kaine makes not one, but two star appearances, with high-voltage over-the-top rhetoric. So much for that mild mannered, consensus building, "moderate" who ran our commonwealth into the ground while taking orders from his boss, President Barack Obama, as head of the Democrat National Committee. Now, after leaving Capitol Square, we see the real Tim Kaine, unmasked as the mouthpiece of the Fringe Left Wing, a faction so delusional it thinks it represents American thought. The next time a liberal calls you "extreme," show them this video.

On Tuesday, "It Had To Be Said." Today, it had to be shown. The truth on extremism in American politics.

DNC, Kaine Plagiarise From Americans For Prosperity?

One might say Tim Kaine wasn't exactly original as governor. Much of his agenda was a typically liberal one — new spending programs, increased overall spending, kow-towing to the special interests (the VEA and homosexual lobby come to mind), and those annual attempts to jack up our taxes. Now, he's proving to be just as unoriginal as chairman of the Democrat National Committee. In an attempt to drum up support for something that supposedly doesn't need it — it is now law and president says the people and businesses want it — Mr. Kaine and the DNC are spending millions of dollars in radio advertisements in targeted House districts around the country to prop up government-run health care against those running on its repeal. In fact, he's trying to scare people with a slogan in the ads: "Hands off my health care."

There's one small problem. It's a slogan used quite effectively by Americans For Prosperity, one of the most vocal and well organized opponents of President Obama's tax-it-all-and-spend-even-more policies. AFP created the "Hands Off My Health Care" campaign about a year ago and has a U.S. trade mark pending. Looks like Mr. Kaine, who tried to rob from Virginia taxpayers to pay for his grandiose spending plans, can't get out of the habit of taking from others.  

AFP, whose Virginia chapter did its fair share of bringing to the public's attention Mr.  Kaine's spend-and-deficit budgets as governor, sent the DNC a cease-and-desist letter on March 27 and asked for reply by April 2. According to Anita Kumar at the Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog, AFP plans a law suit if the DNC does not stop. It looks like we're headed to court. DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse arrogantly told Kumar:

This group used this slogan to try and deny millions of people access to affordable health care. We should have sued them for false advertising a long time ago.

So, the DNC is against free speech? Love that leftist tolerance.

AFP national President Tim Phillips rightfully claims that the DNC is creating confusion on the meaning of the AFP campaign and Virginia Director Ben Marchi explained (Washington Post Politics and Policy Blog) that AFP spent millions of dollars developing the brand. More to come on this, but we won't be surprised to find out soon that the new law also has nationalized all health care slogans as well. 

What They Said: Liberals Gladly Admit To Redistributionist Agenda After The Fact

We wanted you to hear it for yourselves in case you haven't already, but over the last several days, the emboldened liberals have felt safe spilling the beans and being forthright. Finally, they're calling the government takeover of health care what it is: redistribution of income and wealth; control over individuals and companies; and even outright socialism. It started last week whenU.S. Representative John Dingell (D-Mich.), the most senior member of the House, told a radio show the bill was about "control" of "the people" (see previous post here). It's refreshing that they are so honest now, but we wish they would have been so during their town hall meetings last summer and throughout the entire debate and process on the bill. Instead, they acted undecided about it, flat out said the opposite of what's being said now — or hid. It reveals their disingenuousness.

Still, this wasn't without proper warning. There certainly were glimpses and peeps about their intentions in 2008 (see below). But, just so you will see and hear it for yourselves, as seeing is believing, here is a sample of recent frank admissions by prominent liberals: We start with U.S. Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee; former Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean; Al Sharpton; Vice President Joe Biden; and, we cap it off with a classic by the head man himself.

All are only seconds long, except the Dean interview which is about three minutes. It's instructive and worth it to hear all of them as well as the Dingell interview, especially for people who still think the takeover was altruistic. But, just for good measure, here's a recent endorsement of the health care takeover by Fidel Castro. Nice. Hard to keep your cover when he's exposing you (David Horowitz's

Senator Baucus: make no mistake about it — this IS "income redistribution."

Howard Dean: He admits it's all about confiscation and redistribution, and only the governing elites decide what the "right balance" is; and the U.S. is way "out of balance."


Al Sharpton: We're all socialists now because socialism is what we voted for.

The Veep: Dingell is only part right. We're controlling the insurance companies, too! (Why not, government controls the banks, GM, AIG,  . . . .)

The Redistributor-In-Chief where it all started: Let's "spread the wealth around!"

Chairman Oberstar, Meet Chairman Kaine; Chairman Kaine, Meet Chairman Oberstar.

Governor Tim Kaine, who doubles as the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, got a dressing down from a senior Congressional Dem the other day. U.S. Rep. James Oberstar (D - Minn.), a chairman himself — of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, one of the most important in Congress because of the mammoth amount of money it spends each year — sent Chairman Governor Kaine a harsh letter for Virginia's 51st place ranking among the states and D.C. in spending of "federal" money for transportation projects. You remember those projects, the ones that were "shovel ready" and supposedly would lift us out of the recession. You know, the same Governor Kaine (contact here) who is so concerned about Virginia's transportation problems that he's tried to raise our taxes ever year in office, including the first week of his tenure, even after campaigning that he would not raise taxes; the same governor who wanted to tax gas when it was $4.00 a gallon? The same governor Creigh Deeds says he'll model himself after?

Here's an excerpt from Rep. Oberstar's letter (read the entire volley here):

Based on the State progress reports submitted to the Committee in September 2009, Virginia has fallen far behind other States in putting to work its Recovery Act Highway formula funds. According to submissions received from all States and the District of Columbia, your State ranks last among all States (51 out of 51) based on an analysis of percentage of Recovery Act Highway formula funds put out to bid, under contract and underway.

As of August 31, Virginia had begun construction of projects totaling only 17 percent of the State's funding.

I strongly urge you to refocus your efforts to implement the Recovery Act and use the available funds to create and sustain family-wage jobs. These jobs are critical to Virginia's and the nation's long-term economic growth.

In August 2009, almost six months after enactment of the Recovery Act, I sent letters to the best and worst performers in putting to work Recovery Act highway funds. Since then, we have watched many states move aggressively. ... 

Regrettably, Virginia is not among these States.

Anita Kumar of the Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog has the complete story in two parts: Her initial post (here) and a follow-up (here). We're sure Governor Kaine will have a private response to Rep. Oberstar, who should know this is no way to address the chairman, especially when it validates the governor's critics — the same critics he's tried to ostracize, demagogue and steamroll the last four years — and undercuts his gubernatorial nominee.

DNC To Pull Plug (And $5 Million) From Deeds?'s Moe Lane blogged early this morning that the Democrat National Committee — the organization headed by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine — is going to hold back $5 million from its gubernatorial candidate, Senator Creigh Deeds (see here). Lane based his post on reporting from Jim Geraghty at the campaign spot blog at National Review Online (see here). Geraghty, in turn, took his info from a report in The Augusta Free Press ("The Valley's Progressive News Source") where Chris Graham writes:

The bad poll news comes on the heels of a story circulating in Democratic circles today that the Democratic National Committee is reportedly holding on to its $5 million financial commitment to the Deeds campaign out of concern that the Deeds campaign has focused too much of its attention on the controversial Bob McDonnell 1989 grad-school thesis setting out a hardline social-conservative political agenda for his budding political career and not enough on putting down a framework for what a Deeds administration would do for Virginia.

If true, the irony rivals fantasy — pulling the plug for his obsessive negative ads and hammering Republican Bob McDonnell on "divisive social issues." Looks like it's only dividing the senator from his campaign lifeline. But then again, maybe it's because the DNC saw this and this.

Wear Or Where?

On May 16, we were one of the first blogs to pick up on something Governor Tim Kaine told fellow members of the Democrat National Committee, as reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

I am trying to juggle two pretty challenging jobs. It's not an easy time to be a governor.

This, after assuring the public in January he could easily do both jobs. But his current humility and sought-for compassion appear in contrast to the fun he's having at someone else's expense (we don't know how much tax money is involved because he won't respond to Freedom of Information Act requests), travelling to several of the nation's hot spots — although not all of his trips are known since he hasn't disclosed his DNC itinerary, either.

Here's what he told the Florida Democrat Committee in Miami on May 30 (see video here):

We did have a good time today being here. We actually got two hours here at the pool. I mean, this (the hotel) is a nice place! I was walking out there with no shirt on and shades.

So, Governor Kaine has gone from doing his patriotic duty, to being worn down by the challenge, to having a blast pool side in Miami and other fun places, all within a few weeks. But, to be honest, he doesn't look any worse for the wear. Or should that be, "where"?

BREAKING: Did We Start A Firestorm?

In what surely will make large headlines tomorrow (ahem), Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins today called on Governor Tim Kaine to resign one of his two jobs if they are too "challenging" for him. In Saturday's Richmond Times-Dispatch, Governor Kaine seemed to complain about the stresses of chairing the Democrat National Committee in addition to his day job when he said, "I am trying to juggle two pretty challenging jobs. It's not an easy time to be a governor."   We believe we were the first to comment on it (click here), followed by Bearing Drift. We teased him about showing some of that well-known liberal compassion and giving up the DNC job to a down-and-out Dem. But we also wrote that the governor surely knew the demands of the jobs, and that it was apparent his day job was suffering as a result of his moonlighting. Now, apparently, three days later, Chairman Mullins is catching up with his required reading.

Here is the RPV statement in full, issued only a few minutes ago:

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins today issued the following statement in response to Tim Kaine's complaint about the burdens of being Governor of Virginia at the same time he is chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The Richmond Times-Dispatch quoted from Kaine's remarks to members of the DNC executive committee. Kaine said, "I am trying to juggle two pretty challenging jobs. It's not an easy time to be governor." (RTD, May 15, 2009)

Chairman Mullins' statement is as follows:

"I was sorry to hear that Tim Kaine is finding it difficult to manage his time between his political duties as head of the national Democratic Party and his constitutional duties as the Governor of Virginia. The people of Virginia elected him to do the job he campaigned for, which is of particular importance as many Virginians are facing difficult economic troubles.

"He simply cannot be a part-time governor when people are looking for full-time solutions. If Tim Kaine thinks his burdens are too great, he should pick one job to do and resign from the other."

That Makes Sense

Listening to the State of the Commonwealth speech last night driving home, I heard something that simply stunned me. Of course, it shouldn't have. Anything coming from NPR or one of its affiliates shouldn't surprise anyone. In this case, the gentleman anchoring the coverage on Richmond NPR station WCVE-FM, filling time between the end of Governor Tim Kaine's speech and the the Republican response (see Lynchburg News & Advance, here) by Delegate Dave Albo (R-42, Fairfax) and Senator Steve Newman (R-23, Forest), mentioned the governor's new position as chairman of the Democrat National Committee.  Then he said:

"It remains to be seen whether the Republicans take advantage of this for their partisan advantage."

This what the Mainstream Media does: It defines who's right and just, and who plays negative, regardless of the facts, then puts it all out there as if irrefutable and from on high. In short, it creates stereotypes.

So, in the view of Mr. NPR Local Anchor: He basically dares those mean General Assembly Republicans, who are laying in wait, to pounce on the poor, defenseless governor, who just happened to take one of the most partisan and powerful jobs in the world with access to the DNC's hundreds of millions of dollars and its D.C. command center — and pound away at him with its vast and endless arsenal from 9th and Broad in Richmond — for nothing but political gain.

Right. That makes sense.

We now return you to NPR's sleep inducing classical music.

Virginia News Stand: January 6, 2009

Today, it's all news. There are several stories regarding Governor Kaine's reversal on becoming chairman of the Democrat National Committee. There are also two elections today for vacated House of Delegate seats (Richmond and Virginia Beach).

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