Earth Day

A Picture And 140 Characters Are Worth More Than A Thousand Words (Part 2)

Another "Earth Day" uneventfully came and passed a couple of weeks ago, which got me thinking about the age old question: Why is it the Left cares more about trees and flowers than it does about babies? In fact and in deed, the Left means protect everything but the unborn (see Mark Steyn on the Gosnell trial). It professes to adhere to and protect nature, but what's more wondrous sign of nature is there than a mother giving birth to a new human being? Somehow, sadly, that's taken for granted by the Left and doesn't compare to your run-of-the-mill pine tree. Leave it to The Young Cons, fast becoming one of my favorite, and most pithy of cultural and political commentators (see Part 1 of this post), to fully convey the Left's philosophy on this matter and unveil its hypocrisy. Below is one of its recent tweets:

Pretend I'm a tree

If trees could give birth, maybe we'd have consensus on abortion.



Earth Day Celebrates All Of God's Creation Except Human Life

Is it not ironic that secular progressives, who celebrated one of their high holy days this week (Earth Day), are so concerned with "saving the Earth" that they seemingly have forgotten that in order to "save the Earth" we first need to save human life? However, there is an organization that has taken a bold step to sound the reminder. has undertaken a clever media campaign to remind us Earthlings what the true precious gift of God's life is. It has purchased busboards in several major markets promoting Life. It followed that up with a video of people's reactions (see it at It's very promising to hear the comments of approval, both of the tactics and the message. It shows that Americans can and will wake up to the true preciousness of Life when the message is unfiltered from political pollution and seen in the pure state of grace and priority in which it is given to us from our Creator.


The real meaning of Earth Day.