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#Distraction: Family Foundation Reaction To Today's Pro-Abortion, Homosexual Rights News Conferences

Late this morning, two groups of liberal General Assembly legislators held Capitol Square news conferences heralding their agendas. At the first one, Democrat Senators Donald McEachin and Adam Ebbin, and Democrat Delegate Patrick Hope, promoted the so-called "Equality Agenda" (i.e., homosexual rights). At the second, the so-called Women's Health Care Caucus (i.e., the pro-abortion caucus), led by Democrat Delegates Kaye Kory, Jennifer McClellan and Vivian Watts, and Senators Barbara Favola  and McEachin (he does get around) echoed the abortion industry's taxpayer-funded-abortion-at-any-time-for-any-reason talking points. Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb issued the following statement in reply with an ad lib comment by yours truly:

Fewer Americans are working today than at any point since the Carter administration; but instead of focusing on jobs and the economy, liberals in Virginia have introduced nearly 20 bills dealing with sex and abortion. The Left's attacks on marriage, religious liberty and parental rights won't be distracting enough for Virginians to notice they don’t have jobs (or have lost their health insurance), but they could undermine Governor Terry McAuliffe's claims that he wants to work across party lines and avoid divisive issues.

We've always heard the General Assembly has more important things to do than consider divisive "social issues," especially when there there are so many kitchen table problems to solve. That said . . . can anyone say #distraction?

Official Statement Of Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb On Today's Board Of Health Vote To Adopt Tougher Abortion Center Safety Standards

Statement from Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation of Virginia, regarding today's vote by the Virginia Board of Health

We are pleased that the Board wasn't fooled by the abortion industry's distractions from the real issue of abortion centers in Virginia found with bloody patient tables, unsanitized conditions and untrained staffs. An industry that has such widespread failure to protect the health of women should have no say in how it is regulated. Virginia's women are better off after today's vote.

The hysterical claims of the abortion industry that today's vote denies access to health care are simply untrue. Today's decision simply requires the industry to clean up its act. These centers can continue to offer any other service they provide even it they can't meet these reasonable guidelines. They simply have to stop performing surgery unless they meet these standards.

EXCLUSIVE: More Evidence Of Disturbing Health And Safety Violations At Abortion Centers

The Family Foundation of Virginia issued the following news release earlier today:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 13, 2012

More Evidence of Health and Safety Violations at Abortion Centers — Roanoke Center has blood covered bed; Manassas has 17 pages of deficiencies —

RICHMOND—The Family Foundation of Virginia today released more information and documents obtained from the Virginia Department of Health through the Freedom of Information Act that shows widespread health and safety violations at Virginia’s abortion centers. (See yesterday's exclusive documentation of 80 health violations at nine Virginia abortion centers. The violations cited below and yesterday cover only the nine of the 20 abortion centers in Virginia. We are waiting for information on the inspections of the other 20.)

Perhaps the most shocking information is from the inspection report of the Roanoke Planned Parenthood Health Systems center, where

An observation was conducted on July 20, 2012 on 10:20 a.m. with Staff #10, Staff #11 and Staff #12 within Procedure room (D).  The observations revealed a brownish red splatter approximately one inch diameter between the procedure table's main cushion and the end of the table support cushion.  Staff #10 initially identified the substance, but was unable to maneuver the brush between the two cushions.  Staff #10, Staff #11, and Staff #12 determined the end of the table support cushion was attached to a metal track and was removable.  Staff #10 removed the support cushion the edge of the cushion closest to the main body of the table had multiple areas of dried blood.  The undercarriage of the support cushion had multiple areas w[h]ere blood had dripped and ran down the under carriage.  The accumulation of dried blood varied in coloration and thickness.  Staff #10 acknowledged the substance was dried blood and not betadine.  Staff #10 and Staff #12 acknowledged with the accumulation of dried blood the procedure table had not been disinfected between patients.

“Eighty violations in just nine centers, including untrained staff, unsanitary conditions, improperly labeled and stored drugs, and blood on equipment are not minor to women in Virginia and indicate a complete disregard for the health and safety of the patients going to these centers,” said Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation.  “The more we learn the more women in Virginia should be outraged at what the abortion industry considers safe and healthy.  The women of Virginia will not dismiss these reports as easily as the abortion industry has chosen to do.  The abortion industry clearly has no interest in the health and dignity of women or they wouldn’t consider a patient bed that’s covered with blood safe and healthy.”

At the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Inc. clinic in Falls Church

Employee #6 stated, "I mix the medications, applies (sic) a label and takes the vials to the procedure room for the physician to draw up and inject into the patient prior to the procedure.  They are used for numbing the cervix."  Employee #6 was asked who verified the medications she was mixing and she stated, "No one."  While observing the medications being mixed Employee #6 was observed cleaning the tops of the vials prior to the first puncture of each vial.  She did not clean the tops prior to the second puncture of the vials.  Employee #6 stated, "The current research says it doesn't make any difference.  You could lick the tops of the vials and the infection rate would be the same."

A June 1, 2012 inspection of the Amethyst Health Center for Women in Manassas found 17 pages of deficiencies including infection prevention citations, storage and dispensing of drugs citations, quality assurance citations, maintenance citations, and local and state code standards citations.  Incredibly, this came just two months after a March 27, 2012 meeting of the abortion center’s “Quality Assurance Committee” including “Administrator/Owner, Medical Director/Physician, Counselor, LPN, CNA, and a consultant” concluded, “The staff was polled regarding any concerns about patient care and nothing was identified. ... No concerns have been identified and no measures need to be implemented at this time by the Quality Assurance Committee.”

Cobb stated, “It is abundantly clear that the abortion industry has an entirely different definition of patient care, health and safety than any reasonable Virginian.  Seventeen pages of citations and the clinic staff thinks everything is just fine; a clinic worker who is completely dismissive of basic sanitary procedures when administering drugs.  This is why the industry should be completely ignored when it comes to determining what regulations it should follow.  It’s simply appalling.”

In response to the industry claims that its facilities have been licensed despite these findings, Cobb said, “That statement is simply deceptive.  The abortion centers that have had these violations of safety standards have to submit a plan to correct all of their deficiencies and the Department of Health must approve those plans before the facilities can be licensed.  To indicate that the Department simply gave its stamp of approval despite the horrendous conditions they found is simply not accurate and is yet another indication that the abortion industry in Virginia is simply incapable of telling the truth.”

Independence Day, "John Adams" Style

Anyone who has read this blog since its inception in 2007 knows that I love history and that on holidays such as Independence Day I try to bring to life the event we celebrate. On past celebrations of this great day, I have referenced the great musical 1776 to emphasize patriotism and the extraordinary role in American independence by a not well remembered Virginian. In 2008, HBO presented a spectacularly well produced and acted special event series, John Adams (see my commentary here), based on the biography by noted historian David McCullough. It is a must watch, very much well worth the rental or purchase (or perhaps your library has it for borrowing). Below, please watch the scene on the vote for "independency." Solemn, serious, momentous. These men, many of whom suffered great personal and financial losses never to be recovered, truly pledged to each other their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" (see the famous account of their fates by Rush Limbaugh's father). If these men cared only about power and preserving their wealth, they never would have ventured into what they were told was the folly of taking on the British. Independence meant hard work and responsibility. Life under the crown may have been inconvenient at times, but very prosperous and very comfortable.

This was no game, no passing fancy. The implications were enormous, even grave. There was no glee, nor ambition in taking this vote — a true show of leadership, taking a dazed and confused collection of colonies into mortal danger against the world's super power of the time. Yet it had to be done. Considered rebellion and high treason by the crown, it was revolutionary only in its uniqueness — an unprecedented declaration of defiance to create among several colonies self-governing states as well as a new nation, not an overthrow of a government (thus, the "War of Independence" not the "Revolutionary War"), taken for granted now by a steady succession of nations that unburdened themselves late last century by oppressive conquerors and colonizers.

Portrayed with the solemnity the moment surely carried and with the quiet confidence these Founders embodied in its first public reading, this superb production celebrates, commemorates and encapsulates, with great reverence and accuracy, one of the world's seminal moments. From the entire board, staff and volunteers of The Family Foundation of Virginia, best wishes for a safe, fun and reverent Independence Day.

Inspirational scene: Bringing patriotic and heroic events to life with stirring portrayals is important. Great presentations such as John Adams can motivate us to learn the true meaning of our founding, and better appreciate the sacrifices made for our country throughout history.

If You Haven't Heard Who Our Gala Speaker Is Yet, It's . . .

 Rick Santorum!

Courage is not a word used often in modern American politics. In a nation where politicians are more driven by the protestors they see looking out the window of their offices or the latest poll numbers, few are more loyal to our founding principles than our 2012 Richmond Gala speaker, Rick Santorum. See our exciting announcement video, here.

A native of Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum is a former United States Senator and candidate for the 2012 Republican nomination for president, and has been a voice for principled conservatives whose voices have been largely ignored by establishment politicians. But he is perhaps most known for his devotion to his family — his wife of 22 years, Karen, and their children Elizabeth, John, Daniel, Sarah Maria, Peter, Patrick and Bella.

Guided by his faith in God and his belief that our nation can only survive by returning to the founding principles of the sanctity of life and marriage, constitutional government and the values of honesty and hard work, Rick Santorum was given little chance by the "experts" when he launched his campaign for president — only to shock the media and establishment politicians through his grassroots approach to campaigning and his unapologetic adherence to our shared values. We are thrilled that he will join us once again in Richmond, as he was our Gala speaker in 2003.

Speaking of Truth and Courage . . . former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum will be the featured speaker at The Family Foundation's Annual Gala. 

You won’t want to miss hearing Rick Santorum address the crowd at our annual Gala on Saturday evening, October 6, in Richmond. As with the last three years when former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressman Mike Pence and business executive Herman Cain inspired crowds of more than 1,000 people, Rick's personal story will encourage, motivate and energize you for the future.

Already, there has been a positive media buzz as this piece on the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot blog attests. Join other like-minded people from around the commonwealth at this one-of-a-kind event that has become a "must attend" for conservative Virginians and a "who’s who" for politicians and elected officials.

Details including information on sponsorship packages, tickets and program advertisements will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead, but in the meantime, we hope you will reserve this date on your calendar. For additional information, visit our Gala page, here. To receive the information by mail or for questions, please call us at (804) 343-0010 or e-mail

Media Seeks TFF's Opinion On President Obama's Political Coming-Out-Of-The-Closet

The unintended consequences of President Obama's coming out of the political closet to tell everyone what we already knew — that he supports homosexual marriage — we're in the news! Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb was interviewed by WRIC-TV (see below or click here), the Richmond Times-Dispatch (click here) and the Washington Post/AP (click here) about the president's declaration and its impact on the dynamics of the presidential campaign in Virginia, seen as a key swing/battleground state in this November's election, and WWBT-TV ran a statement TFF issued on its 11:00 newscast (click here). It reads:

President Obama is busy pandering to his dwindling base in an election year. It's the sign of a desperate candidate.

In the WRIC report, Delegate Joe Morrissey (D-74, Henrico), just can't contain his glee. He hasn't smiled so broadly or been this giddy since his law license was restored last week. Offering different perspectives are Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13, Manassas) and Victoria.

But if President Obama is being so courageous, as some on the left in these (and other) media reports are saying, why didn't he come out before the North Carolina vote Tuesday, where Tar Heels passed its Marriage Amendment by a 61-39 margin. (It also bans civil unions.) After all, he won North Carolina in 2008 and the Democrats will have their convention in Charlotte. Leading from behind, once again. Never was a man so brave where risk was so unapparent. No wonder he's so loved.

Also interviewed on WRIC is Governor Bob McDonnell, who has an interesting take. While he is continues to be for traditional marriage and supportive of Virginia's Marriage Amendment, he agreed with the president in one respect. He said marriage should be a state issue, not a federal one. Hmmm. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney thinks there should be a federal Marriage Amendment. Does this affect his Veepstakes candidacy?

Ahhhh. Good to see Delegate Joe Morrissey smile again. He didn't have much reason to during the General Assembly this winter.

Happy New Year From The Family Foundation!

As the clock winds down on an eventful 2010 and the first decade of a new millennium, and we head into the unknown of a new year and new decade, we can and should take pause over the next few days to reflect on what has been. But also what could be and how to bring it to fruition — personally and in the public square. It hardly seems possible that another decade has whisked by. Watching not only a couple digits change, but all four at the millennium, was quite something. It's been tumultuous — an impeached president left office and one who barely won came in; sneak terrorist attack, war, roaring economy, economic panic and Great Recession; leftist electoral wins and a conservative comeback (started here in Virginia).

While there are many highlights from 2010 on which to reflect upon, here we mention, briefly, a local one: this blog. Thank all of you for making it immensely popular. We have doubled our readership, easily, over the last year, and thousands visit this site every month. We greatly appreciate your loyalty. But 2011 only will get bigger and better. We have plans for many upgrades and features — starting with a bang as the General Assembly gets underway in a couple of weeks and we bring you unrivaled coverage with our many sources and lobbyists.

We will need you then more than ever. Stay engaged to bring positive, conservative change to restore our traditional values to the Commonwealth. Not only will we need you to stay informed here, but to stay on top of it all by joining us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. The GA moves fast and we'll pump out crucial information through those sites, as well as our highly praised e-mail alert system (sign up here). When your legislators need to be contacted to vote for or against a bill, we'll let you know through all of these systems as well as this site, which will have more detailed analysis. Our numbers on all of our social media sites are good, but as the stakes in Richmond get higher, we need every possible conservative activist engaged. So help us spread the word!

In the meantime. we will heed our own advice and take advantage of the next few days to unwind and recharge and reflect, and have some fun. We hope you do, too. From all of us at The Family Foundation of Virginia — the Board, staff, volunteers and thousands of grassroots activists across the Commonwealth — we wish everyone a joyful, safe, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year.

Our Merry Christmas Post Card To You

Please accept this eclectic mix of styles and versions of some of our favorite Christmas music as our audio post card to you for a Merry, Holy, Joyous  and safe Christmas. From the Board, staff, volunteers and supporters across the Commonwealth, on behalf of the Family Foundation of Virginia, may God's blessings be with you this Christmas and throughout the New Year. 


A Precious Time To Reflect: Happy Thanksgiving From The Family Foundation, A Proclamation For The Commonwealth

Thanksgiving is a special time of year. More than a prelude to a crass commercial time, it celebrates a recognition of God not only in the creation of our nation, but in its exceptionalism and all the freedoms and responsibilities entailed in maintaining such graces. It calls on us to pause and give thanks to all present and past who have sacrificed for our nation, our states and our families. It is a time to give thanks to the Almighty for the many and great blessings of America, just as our Founders did, the colonists who preceded them and every generation since, no matter how bountiful or bleak the times. It may be coincidence, but the peaceful late fall couldn't be a better time for such a weekend. The quiet of the streets, the briskness of the air, the tint of the sky and the remaining foilage all are perfect accents by which to reflect. Having dear friends and families with which to reunion makes it a more precious time still.

On behalf of the board, staff, volunteers and grassroots activists across the commonwealth, The Family Foundation of Virginia wishes all Virginians a safe, happy and bountiful Thanksgiving weekend. In recognition of this uniquely American holiday, and Virginia's role in it, we commend to you Governor Bob McDonnell's proclamation recognizing November 25 as Thanksgiving Day in Virginia.

WHEREAS, the first permanent English speaking settlement in the New World was established in Virginia at Jamestown in 1607, as Captain John Smith led a group of settlers across the Atlantic on a voyage that would entail much hardship over the coming years, including disease and starvation; and

WHEREAS, to show their appreciation for the colony’s success and to take stock and give thanks for their own gifts and blessings, and in spite of tremendous adversity, the settlers in Virginia found time to celebrate the first Thanksgiving in America at Berkeley Plantation on December 4, 1619; and

WHEREAS, while reflecting upon the actions taken by the colonists at the first Thanksgiving, we also honor the Indian peoples, for without their presence, the survival of the colonists would have been ever more difficult; and

WHEREAS, American leaders and citizens have recognized a day of Thanksgiving since our first president, George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation in 1789, stating “it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly implore His protection and favor”; and

WHEREAS, it is a Virginia tradition for our citizens to come together in unity on Thanksgiving Day and give thanks for the great level of serenity, harmony and abundance with which we, as citizens of a free nation, have been blessed; the rule of law by which we peaceably govern ourselves and by which our civil and religious liberties are guaranteed; and the brave servicemen and women of our armed forces who risk their lives to defend the freedoms and blessings we cherish;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Robert F. McDonnell, do hereby recognize November 25, 2010 as THANKSGIVING DAY in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens; and

FURTHERMORE, I encourage all Virginians to give thanks to our Creator for our plentiful blessings, including the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well as the unwavering strength of our families and communities.

A Campaign For The Unborn: 40 Days For Life About To Begin Largest Ever Effort

Next week, the largest ever campaign 40 Days for Life will commence. People in an incredible 238 cities across the nation and across the world will join together to impact our society for the glory of God and the protection of His children. So far, there are 40 Days for Life campaigns in eight Virginia cities: — Alexandria, CharlottesvilleFairfax, Falls Church, Manassas, Richmond, Roanoke and Virginia Beach. (Click on the cities for more information, or the link prior to learn how to start one in your area.) From Wednesday, September 22-October 31, from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m., 40 Days for Life will focus on:

» Prayer and Fasting: inviting people of faith to join together for 40 days of fervent prayer and fasting for an end to abortion;

» Peaceful Constant Vigil: standing for life through a 40-day peaceful public witness outside a local abortion center; and

» Community Outreach: taking a positive, upbeat pro-life message everywhere possible, through media efforts, the Internet, church presentations, petition drives and public visibility.

I strongly encourage you to get involved in this movement. Time and time again, God has used the faithful few to bring about a beneficial change in their nations. However, not only must we ourselves become active, we must also tell others about this campaign. We must gather together as many people as possible in order to peaceably show abortion advocates and society in general that abortion is most certainly not the best choice — that it is a poor choice. I would urge you to inform your churches of this tremendous opportunity to serve the Lord and show His love.

Although participating in the 40 Days for Life movement will incur a commitment of time and energy, The Family Foundation of Virginia believes that in light of the importance of the cause, the effort will be well worth it. I hope and pray that you will join us in supporting the value of human life, and in affirming the continued power of our great God in this nation.

Official Family Foundation Statement Concerning Governor Bob McDonnell's Application For Abstinence Education Funding

Who says elections don't have consequences. It's taken three long years, but what a difference it makes. From a governor who eliminated funding for a time-tested way of teaching children how to grow up to one who restores it. The ink wasn't dry on the application forms for the federal grants before Planned Parenthood lobbed a rote response into the debate. Below is our contribution:


We are pleased that Governor McDonnell has applied for funding that will help effective and widely supported abstinence centered programs be available to Virginia’s public schools. Despite the rhetoric from the economic loser in this decision, Planned Parenthood, recent studies have shown that abstinence education effectively helps teens postpone risky sexual behavior.

Polling has shown that parents want their children to be taught abstinence and effective abstinence programs are available. This decision by Governor McDonnell is certainly in the best interest of Virginia’s children and families.

Family Foundation Wins Focus On The Family Award!

Yesterday, I was honored to receive Focus on the Family's 2010 Family Policy Council Family Champion Award in recognition of our successful Winning Matters 2009 campaign. Winning Matters was the largest voter education and mobilization campaign in our 25-year history. I received the award while attending Focus' annual Family Policy Council Leaders Conference in Chicago. We are particularly flattered to have been selected from nearly forty family policy councils from around the country to receive this special recognition from Focus on the Family. In presenting the award, Focus on the Family Action (CitizenLink) Vice President Tom Minnery said:

Because the results of their successful efforts were so decisive, Victoria Cobb and The Family Foundation of Virginia have distinguished themselves as a 2010 Family Champion Award recipient.

Winning Matters proved that with the right plan and the right message, values focused voters can be motivated to turn out and can make a difference in any election. We plan to use what we learned from our successes in 2009, combined with the instruction I am receiving this week in Chicago regarding campaigns, to begin formulating our strategy for next year's crucial state Senate elections.

You may recall the Winning Matters campaign included eleven staff, nine that were in the field working with churches across Virginia, meeting pastors, attending community and political events, and using social networking to educate and mobilize our voters. Together, they contacted more than 4,000 churches, distributed nearly 125,000 General Assembly Report Cards — more than twice as many as ever before — and conducted or initiated hundreds of voter registration drives. The Family Foundation Action also produced Get Out The Vote phone calls with Chuck Colson, Mike Huckabee and Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Family Foundation Action mailed thousands of voter education pieces to key House districts and distributed nearly one million non-partisan Voter Guides for the three statewide races and 38 House races, to educate voters — including Spanish and Korean statewide Voter Guides for the first time. In another first, the non-partisan organization created a video Voter Guide as well, to distribute virally through social networking sites.

According to exit polls, the number of evangelicals who voted in 2009 surpassed the previous 2004 Virginia election benchmark, and 83 percent of these voters voted for pro-life, pro-family candidates. Consequently, nearly half of all Governor Bob McDonnell's votes came from self-identified evangelicals.

I would also like to express my appreciation to all of you who supported Winning Matters either financially or through your hard work on the campaign!

I am also pleased to report that there were no protests at today’s award presentation!

Family Foundation, Alliance Defense Fund To Discuss Christian Legal Society Vs. Martinez

The Family Foundation of Virginia and the Alliance Defense Fund will host a discussion Tuesday, April 13, on the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Case Christian Legal Society vs. Martinez. The Court will determine whether a public university can require recognized campus Christian student organizations to have nonbelievers and persons engaged in activities contrary to the beliefs of the organizations as voting members and officers if the club receives money from the school (see more from Sort of like forcing someone who favors a neighborhood development into a group that opposes it. Doesn't make a lot of sense. As for the money question, it comes from student fees, so it's not really "money from the school." We'll have more after the event concludes on Tuesday. For more information, call 804-343-0010. We look forward to our continued alliance with ADF, a legal team dedicated to preserving religious liberty.

Event Update: Future Of Health Care In America Roundtable Topics Announced

Last week we announced that we and The Heartland Institute were hosting and sponsoring, respectively, a roundtable discussion on the Future of Health Care In America. It takes place tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to noon in the 12th floor conference room at One Capitol Square, 830 East Main Street (the corner of 9th and Main Streets), in Richmond. Here's an update on the topics that will be discussed and the presenters:

The Mega Trend Movement to Consumer-Driven Health Care: Paul L. Kitchen, President and CEO, nHealth, Inc.

Update on Free Market Activities in Virginia: Victoria Cobb, President, The Family Foundation of Virginia

Health Reform at the Federal and State Level: Ben Domenech, Managing Editor, Health Care News

Update from the Commonwealth of Virginia: Dr. Bill Hazel, Secretary of Health and Human Resources; Delegate John M. O’Bannon, M.D. (R-73, Henrico); and Delegate T. Scott Garrett, M.D. (R-23, Lynchburg)

The True Costs of Health Care: Peter Fotos, Director of Government Relations, The Heartland Institute

With the liberal Congress and administration ignoring recent election results and public opinion, and again threatening to ram through nationalized medicine (see U.S. Chamber update), this event is a can't-miss. It's complimentary, too, and refreshments will be served. Pre-registration is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome. Those wishing to register should contact Robin Knox at The Heartland Institute at (312) 377-4000 or We hope you will be able to join us for this informative discussion.

The Truthful Response To NARAL

Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb was interviewed by Roanoke station WDBJ-TV/7 after the NARAL news conference today at the capitol in Richmond. She refutes the fiction produced by NARAL and its liberal ally lawmakers, who are attempting to suffocate pregnancy resource centers in Virginia through outrageous legislation and other tactics.

Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb gets a little equal time to set the record straight concerning the manufactured allegations against pregnancy resource centers by NARAL and its legislative allies.

Silent Night: Merry Christmas From The Family Foundation Of Virginia

It's been such an eventful year, in the commonwealth and nationally. It most likely will get more frenetic in 2010. We join those who wish we could take a breather. Fortunately, this time of year allows that as we let the Peace of His birth, His humility to live among us, set in our hearts. We hope hope that meaning stays with everyone year-round, not only during this season. We also wish that everyone has the peace and love of family and friends that is such a meaningful part of Christmas. From the Board and staff of The Family Foundation of Virginia, we offer the comfort of Silent Night as our Christmas wishes to all of you. May God bless all of you with a joyous Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

For He so loved the world, he sent his only Son to atone for our sins.

Planned Parenthood Attacks Bob McDonnell

At our Gala Monday evening, the loudest applause line of Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb's address was when she said that pro-family Virginians expect that the next governor of Virginia to submit a budget that ends taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood. In a radio interview the next day on the Laura Ingraham Show, Republican candidate for governor Bob McDonnell stated that he would do just that. Now, Planned Parenthood is going berserk over McDonnell’s comments, despite the fact that The Washington Post today claims that Planned Parenthood didn’t receive any taxpayer money in this year’s budget. For several years The Family Foundation has worked with other pro-life organizations to end the taxpayer subsidizing of Planned Parenthood, often finding it difficult to uncover how much money they receive or through what agency or program.

While Planned Parenthood alleges that the money they receive is used for "women’s health care," the fact is that this is a $1 billion a year organization that performs more than one-quarter of all abortions in the nation, with roughly one-third of its income coming from taxpayers.

Oddly, for an organization that claims to be about "health care," it is run by a hard-core partisan Democrat, Cecile Richards, the daughter of former Texas Governor Ann Richards and former chief of staff to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The truth is, it is nothing more than a partisan organization that uses its taxpayer funding to bludgeon pro-life candidates across the country and to promote abortion on demand. This year, Planned Parenthood endorsed McDonnell’s opponent, Creigh Deeds, who supports taxpayer funding of that organization. in fact, Planned Parenthood endorsed all three Democrat statewide candidates.

The fact is that, regardless of their position on abortion, most Virginians do not like the idea of their tax dollars paying for abortions and, by extension, organizations that perform them. Planned Parenthood has plenty of its own money; it doesn’t need any from the taxpayers.

About Last Night: Gala Was A Smash Hit

The nearly 1,300 pro-family Virginians who gathered at the Greater Richmond Convention Center last night at The Family Foundation of Virginia’s Annual Gala were treated to a fantastic evening of inspiration, motivation and topped off by a wonderful keynote address by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. The host of the Fox News Channel hit Huckabee was in great form with an inspirational speech filled with philosophy, morality, Biblical principles, humor (lava soap, anyone?) and capped with a moving exposition as to what happens when people ignore the tragedies around them (see Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog).  Just a week before election day, it was abundantly clear that pro-family citizens are excited about the future and are mobilized to act. The energy in the convention center was palpable. From the beginning of the program with an inspirational rendition of our National Anthem by eight-year-old Alana Springsteen to the final special music by April Lee, no one could leave room last night not feeling excited about the future of Virginia and the future of The Family Foundation.

Governor Huckabee combined humor with personal stories and an emotional challenge to the crowd, encouraging them to fight for our freedom, regardless of the cost. Touching on his time as a pastor and then as a politician, he made it abundantly clear that there is no time when Christians should abandon politics and government. Instead, we must continue to fight for our values to ensure a prosperous future.

As Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb told the audience:

We look forward to election day this year with cautious optimism. One might even say we look forward to the future with hope for change. Yet, while we may anticipate electoral victory, we realize that it is just one small part of the cultural renewal that we seek, and there is so much more to be done. The Family Foundation has had one of the busiest years in our history, but the results on Election Day are not the completion of our work – just a new beginning. 

The Family Foundation Gala has become the largest pro-family gathering of its kind in Virginia and Governor Huckabee’s message was perfect for the evening. Joining the him in the program were our emcee, and new Chaplain to The Family Foundation's Pastors For Family Values, Bishop Earl Jackson; Speaker of the House Bill Howell, who introduced Governor Huckabee; and Pastor Jonathan Falwell of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, who gave the invocation and voiced strong support for the Family Foundation's work.

Also last evening, Delegate Glenn Oder (R-94, Newport News) was honored with The Family Foundation’s Legislator of the Year Award for his leadership on payday lending reform (see The Shad Plank). Delegate Oder showed principled leadership and an ability to work with a diverse coalition of organizations and legislators to get results on a tough issue. The compromise bill he was able to craft has significantly reduced the number of payday lending stores in Virginia and helped protect families from predatory lenders.

Tonight Is The Big Gala Night With Mike Huckabee And You Can Still Attend!

We're all excited that our big day is here: The Annual Family Foundation of Virginia Gala with keynote speaker Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate, and current host of the hit Fox News Channel program Huckabee. Although there are opportunities to live blog from the event and other activities, such as the press availability with Governor Huckabee this afternoon, we're going to take in the sights and sounds and report to you tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week. The Gala will be a memorable event, to say the least. In addition to what will be a dynamite presentation by Governor Huckabee, other speakers and performers, a near capacity crowd of 1,300 people in attendance (doubling last year) will guarantee a unique experience of camaraderie and fellowship. The good news is, you can still attend! Although online registration closed at 1:00 p.m. today, some tickets are still available at the door at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Doors to the ballroom will open at 6:30 p.m., but with the large crowd we encourage you to arrive early to have time to find parking and make it to the ballroom. The event will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

The reception for full table sponsors will begin at 5:30 p.m. Because of the large crowd and photo line with Governor Huckabee please plan to arrive at the reception promptly. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Anyone who wants to meet yours truly, please ask the staff. I'll be around. Looking forward to bringing to everyone reviews and thoughts over the next few days.

Hear Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb Preview The Annual Gala

Last week, Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb previewed our Annual Gala on American Family Radio's Richmond affiliate, with host JimmyG. The Gala features as its keynote speaker former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who currently stars on the Fox News Channel show Huckabee. In the nine minute interview, Victoria covers a lot of ground: The Gala (click here for more information), The Family Foundation's mission, the upcoming Virginia statewide elections, and issues important to Christians and values voters. 

To listen to the interview (8:50) with Victoria Cobb on AFR Richmond’s JimmyG Show, click here.