Fredrick Kunkle

Wagner: Don't Raise Only The Gas Tax, Raise Them All!

This from the Washington Post's Virginia Politics Blog, posted last night by Fredrick Kunkle:

At the Democratic Club meeting in Fairfax County's Greenspring Village retirement community, there was no hemming and hawing Tuesday about whether Virginia should boost the gas tax to fix Northern Virginia's roads.

From the mouths of lieutenant governor candidate Jody Wagner, fellow Democrat Del. Vivian E. Watts, and several folks in the audience, the message was: Bring it on. ...

But the thrust of her remarks suggested that she believes not only that higher gas taxes must be part of a long-term solution, but that other new revenues might also be necessary.

Really, there's nothing to add to such a frank, Mondale-like admission. Oh, wait. There is. Ms. Wagner has forfeited all credibility in calling "negative" the television ads Lt. Governor Bill Bolling is running, which highlight her tax increase pedigree. By her own admission, the ads are, in fact . . . very true!

Jody Wagner calls for higher taxes in front of fellow Democrats, then calls this negative. Go figure.