George Mason

Bracket Busted

Looks like former Attorney General and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell has more than party infighting to soothe on his plate: A Democrat busted his NCAA brackets.  The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports tonight that his NCAA Basketball Tournament pool, which attracted 787 participants, was won by Greg Scanlon, a researcher for the Democrat state party. An omen or a funny irony? Of course, the T-D is billing it as an embarrassment, as if it's possible to keep out political opponents from an Internet contest or that time wasted studying the athletic strengths and weaknesses of 18-22 year-olds prepping for NBA careers is somehow meaningful. 

Earlier this week, Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37, Fairfax) claimed to have clinched the highest bracket score among his rivals for the Republican nomination for attorney general, Dave Foster and John Brownlee

Scanlon's win might not be the bracket buster along the lines of George Mason's Final Four run a few years ago. But who knows? Maybe in the future, whichever candidates, staffers, etc., get the most brackets correct in basketball pools will replace for pundits who wins the Shad Planking sign battle as the early signal of electoral strength.

Now U.Va. And Tech Are Joining The Fun

First it was William & Mary with its "Sex Workers Show," followed by George Mason with its transvestite "homecoming queen." Then W&M upped the ante with child porn photography. "Hold on!" says U.Va. and Virginia Tech. We want in, too! So a certain pornographic magazine is planning its annual "Girls of the ACC" photo shoot. It is visiting U.Va. today and tomorrow in search of just the right girl (or girls) with all those endearing, wholesome qualities — yeah, right! — to pose nude in its publication. But Tech fans, don't despair. Said magazine (which is losing its tail financially, by the way, and pun intended) will peruse your campus on Thursday and Friday, hoping to find qualified Hokie girls.

On campuses with not-quite-big-dance-worthy-basketball-teams, I guess this is what passes as March Madness. How much longer will Virginia's colleges remain out of control?