Virginia News Stand: April 2, 2009

The News Stand doesn't have a large inventory today, but what we have is interesting as usual. The gubernatorial campaign is rolling along with Bob McDonnell and Terry McAuliffe continuing to get the headlines. Where are Creigh Deeds and Brian Moran? It's enough to prompt House Republican Whip Eric Cantor to call it for T-Mac already. Meanwhile, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich sounds the warning on President Obama's war on churches and charities, squeezing them out in favor of a care-for-all, omnipresent government. Speaking of McDonnell, he's promised to run the most technologically savvy campaign in Virginia history. It's a hard lesson Republicans have learned from Democrats who have outpaced them by far in use of the Internet via social networking and the like. But according to Rachel Alexander, there is a conservative tech revolution going on.

Speaking of revolutions, do they have tea or corn parties in Iowa? For all those gearing up for the various Virginia tea parties on April 15, you might want to read and view what went on in Iowa's legislature recently, where the Democrat House Speaker, Pat Murphy, tossed out taxpayers opposed to his tax increase plan. Ah, yes. Freedom of speech in the Age of Obama!


McDonnell pledges support for business during campaign stop (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

McDonnell's gubernatorial campaign makes local stop (Winchester Star)

McAuliffe's Fundraising: High-Dollar, High-Mileage (Washington Post)

Does Cantor Really Think McAuliffe Wins? (

Ex-Lobbyist, Kaine Brother-in-Law, Among 4 Proposed For U.S. Attorney(Washington Post)


Web 2.0 and the New Conservative Revolution (

National News:

Obama's 'war against churches and charities' (

When the American Tax Payer Becomes a Nuissance (


Taxpayers Kicked Out Of Capitol During Tax Debate — Iowa (

Virginia News Stand: March 23, 2009

Today's News Stand has the typical political fare. However, for something completely different, and for a taste of other states' political and legal news, see the articles from It seems that Indiana has its own license plate controversy, settled in favor of the good guys, while the trial of notorious Kansas abortionist (and friend of HHS Secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius), George Tiller starts today. Also, the arts are in the news, and how Christian themes are part of two new movies — or do they really live up to those themes? We provide the link. You decide.

Speaking of art, on the lighter side, check out today's editorial comic. I haven't seen a more appropriately named or more accurate reflection of the Mainstream Media than in this simple two panel illustration. Comedy is best when it's kept simple . . . and true. 


Noel Seeks Chance To Challenge Landes (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record)

Gilbert Will Vie For Third Term (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record)

GOP 'Grass Roots' at Center of Turf Battle (Washington Post

Infighting expert cites risk to GOP (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Records fail to show full extent of lobbyist, lawmaker relationships (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

National News:

Tiller trial kicks off today (

Reference to deity OK in Hoosier State (

Films solicit Christian support, fall short in Christian substance (

Editorial Comic:

"Fundamentally Predictable" (William Warren,

Virginia News Stand: March 4, 2009

It's an economy-sized News Stand today, so I threw in an editorial comic. After all, you have some great articles from yesterday's News Stand if you haven't read them yet as well as Lt. Governor Bill Bolling's interview with us earlier this afternoon where he took a lot of questions and gave in-depth answers. News:

Lesbian custody case appealed (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Local Lawmakers Tout Successes (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record

Editorial Comic:

"Capitol South" (William Warren,

Virginia News Stand: February 10, 2009

The News Stand is back! It's hard to search out these articles each day during session with lobbying, videotaping, regular blogging, etc., on the agenda. So — ironic as it is — we are posting fewer News Stands during session (as we mentioned would be likely), even though there are more articles on state issues now than any other time of year. The good news? The articles today concern priority bills of ours. The bad news? Several deal with our public prayer bill that went down to defeat yesterday in — where else? — a Senate committee. Two others deal with Delegate Kathy Byron's (R-22, Bedford) ultrasound/enhanced informed consent bill, HB 2579, which passed the House earlier today with 60-plus votes and is on to the Senate — most likely Ed and Health (start contacting members now; click here). Plus, I think today's "Capitol South" is particularly funny and relevant. It's about Vern the intern and the senator.


Va. Senate panel votes down bill allowing sectarian prayers (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

Senate panel rejects public-prayer bill (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Prayer bill killed in committee (Roanoke Times)

Senate panel defeats bill aimed at meeting prayers (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

Byron's ultrasound bill awaits final House vote (Lynchburg News and Advance

Va., 10 other states consider law requiring ultrasound before abortion  (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Editorial Comic:

"Capitol South" (William Warren,

Virginia News Stand: December 30, 2008

Not much for sale today at the News Stand as our communications department decided he was going to coast to the end of 2008. I have found some editorial comics, however. (Highly recommended are "Pay Raise," "Obama in a huff," "2008 Returns" and "Merry Christmas," the last for something less cynical.) Hope you enjoy. We will be off for a bit over the next few days, but please check in — perhaps on Friday we'll have something. Regardless, we'll be back Monday, vigorous as ever, as the General Assembly will be a major focus point from here through March. It begins in 15 days! Yipes! So you will want to visit here often, as no blog covers the General Assembly better than we do, with our physical proximity to capitol square, five lobbyists and dozens of volunteers patrolling the General Assembly Building, and our very reliable contacts, we will post all the information the Mainstream Media either won't report or simply does not have access to, or that other blogs do not have the time or resources to cover; and we'll archive it nice and neatly in our Capitol Square Diary for your convenience.

So, despite the scarce selections on today's News Stand, be ready for a healthy dose of original reporting about our lawmakers starting next week.

Also, look forward to a bunch of interviews, online debates, new features (such as Twitter and possibly a new look), and a virtual lobby day, all to be announced later. Stay tuned. And Happy New Year.


State groups on opposite sides of 'Conscience rule' (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Kaine eyes green-friendly Virginia (Washington Times

Editorial Comics:

"Capitol South" (William Warren,

"Obama in a huff" (Eric Allie,

"Buried by the times" (John Cole,

"Good Riddance" (John Darkow,

"2008 Returns" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)

"Pay Raise" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)

"New Year's Change" (Daryl Cagle,

To go out on a high note:

"Merry Christmas" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)

Virginia News Stand: December 23, 2008

Welcome back to the News Stand. There was no News Stand yesterday because there was no news. Really. If you don't believe me, then find the News Stand from yesterday. See? Told you. Below is the day's Virginia news and a Merry Christmas treat from William Warren and Capitol South.  The News Stand and the blog itself will take a few days off after today. We hope everyone has a joyous and blessed Christmas.


Nonbelievers go through the motions (Roanoke Times

State budget a work in progress (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Kaine's tax plan: hazy forecast (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Kaine's proposed cigarette tax gets a chilly reception (The Daily Press)

States set to impose bevy of new taxes (Washington Times

For Va gov, year of political triumph, policy flop (The Daily Press)

Editorial Comic:

"Merry Christmas" (William Warren,

Virginia News Stand: December 18, 2008

It's mostly all about the Virginia budget and how Governor Kaine proposes to deal with the deficit, and the Republican response. I've added some Christmas themed editorial comics at the end. Enjoy. News:

Kaine's proposal slashes jobs, raises (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Kaine Offers Major Shifts In Proposal To Cut Budget (Washington Post)

Kaine defends proposal to double cigarette tax (The Daily Press)

GOP: Cuts not enough (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star) Kaine's plan would cut millions in education funding in '09 (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Kaine proposes taking a scalpel to state budget (Roanoke Times)

Plan to double Va. cigarette tax assailed (Washington Times)

Kaine Plan Gets Mixed Reaction (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record)

As the Man Caught in the Middle, Moran Faces a Struggle (Washington Post)

Recount confirms Perriello victory (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Editorial Comic:

"Better Be Good" (William Warren,

"The Fed" (Gary Varvel, Indianapolis Star)

Virginia News Stand: December 9, 2008

News: Supreme Court: Va. must enforce child-visitation rights (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Justices won't hear Miller's visitation request (Winchester Star)

Family of Slain Lawyer Sues Three Former Housemates (Washington Post)

Richmond politicians line up for Deeds (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Editorial Comic:

"Capitol South" (William Warren,

Virginia News Stand: December 5, 2008

Here's a lot to chew over the weekend. Click on the editorial comics, as well, which are particularly incisive.  News: 

Video captures abortion coaching (Washington Times

Va. Republicans gather today at The Homestead (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Va. GOP Leader's Tenure at Crossroad (Washington Post)

GOP gathers to assess challenges, begin new race (Daily Press)

K-12 cuts, more layoffs ahead (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Virginia one of 13 states facing $1 billion deficit next year (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

Virginia state senator will seek to rein in tax breaks (Washington Examiner)

Kaine rules out Cabinet position (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Kaine: Environment, energy are priorities (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

Moss rejoins Democrats, to run again for Norfolk treasurer (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

DC same-sex marriage activists regroup (Washington Times

Editorial Comics:

"Government Stinks" (William Warren,

"Capitol Visitor Center" (Nate Beeler, Washington Examiner)

Virginia News Stand: December 2, 2008

The TFF communications department finally put in a full day at the office today, and look what it came up with: Lots to look over and read. The draught is over. Enjoy our first News Stand of December.  News:

Couples turn to ceremonies in face of gay marriage ban (We're mentioned in this one.) (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Planned Parenthood offers gift vouchers (Washington Times)

Survey Finds Growing Deceit Among Teens (Washington Post)

Don't cut school money, Chesapeake board pleads (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

Democrats Make Most Of Shifts in Va. Electorate (Washington Post)

Field not set, but let governor fundraising begin! (Daily Press)

Gubernatorial candidate Moran solicits local support (Winchester Star)

Bolling Racks Up Support (Washington Post

Knight wins GOP nod for vacant House of Delegates seat (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)   

Democrats to vote soon on Jones' successor (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Ken Alexander gets some opposition (Bearing Drift)

Editorial Comic:

"Capitol South" (William Warren,

What Cometh In The Age of Obama?

How about a new national security force and more mind-numbing, societal homogenizing that is beyond your capacity to imagine? If you haven't read this post yet, look it over and read the accompanying article. Here are two more articles to read. One, here, is by Michelle Malkin about how a homosexual activist successfully hounded through the courts the Christian online matchmaker into offering homosexual dating services, despite the fact that it is a private business and has every right to pursue its own business model. Forget freedom of association, I guess. Who's going to make the homosexual dating sites alter their businesses? But it's even worse. Read Malkin's column then ponder if this is the tip of the iceburg.

The other article, here, is by William Warren of about a woman who told an Obama volunteer she was not voting for himand then promptly felt the wrath of Obama's security team who found her out and visited her home. True story. Remember, he openly campaigned for the establishment of a national security force.

The future is . . . very scary. But please, enjoy your turkey and football this weekend.

Virginia News Stand: November 25, 2008

It's Thanksgiving week which means the news is slow. This is what our crack communications department came up with for us today. Never fear. I've found an editorial comic for some holiday cheer. News: 

Census skewing school funding (Washington Times)

Republicans Seek to Fix Short-Sitedness (Washington Post)

Jindal's Medicine (Wall Street Journal Online)

Editorial Comic:

"Capitol South" (William Warren,