Government run health care

Senator Hagan Gets Schooled On Health Care By More Knowledgable Constituents

Nothing better illustrates the arrogance of the extremists in Congress who rammed into law government-run health care than these videos (thanks to my cousin B.J.). U.S. Senator Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) tries to tell constituents how great the new system will be until a much more informed mother of two disabled children, who has real life experience and who has read the bill, confronts her. Here's the take at Freedom's Lighthouse. The senator's office had ignored the woman's communications and now woe be unto the senator. The power of the constituent's intensity and focus is remarkable, not to mention her knowledge. She illustrates how she has been able to get coverage for her children up to now, but with the new law, it won't be there — her husband's company is cutting back on coverage because of the new law's taxes and the government agencies created to do so won't pick up the slack.

The senator is alternately in denial and unaware of the facts. But most of all, the woman defines America and its independent spirit and bluntly tells the senator (to applause) that she and her colleagues are redefining and diluting that spirit contrary to all common sense. Words can't describe it. Watch for yourself:


A working mom of three read the bill and understands it. Is that too much to ask  of Senator Hagan and the liberals who voted for it?

If that isn't enough, some college students — Students For Life — pin the senator on taxpayer funding of abortion in the law. Of course, the senator denies it. But it's there.


First a mom, then college students for life, school a sitting U.S. senator on what's in the bill, and that includes abortion funding.

These North Carolinians stood up to Senator Hagan and, quite frankly, embarrassed her (as inevitable as that is when defending the indefensible). Now, will Virginians be as bold to Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner?

November Is Coming, Starting Tomorrow, To Virginia

Conservative grassroots activism has never been greater nor more effective than over the last year-and-a-half. Tea Parties, town hall meetings, anti-government-run health care rallies and other events in localities as well as in Washington, D.C., have grabbed the media spotlight, dominated the political debate, sent powerful messages to the big spending politicians, and reshaped and re-energized the conservative movement. Now is not the time to let up. Tomorrow and Friday, our friends at Americans For Prosperity are bringing their November Is Coming bus tour to the commonwealth. Per AFP:

While politicians in Washington are hoping voters are asleep at the wheel, they are trying to hide their big-government spending policies from the public and pass them with ease. Government spending has grown out of control under the current leadership in Congress . . . may soon vote on job-killing cap-and-trade policies against the outspoken voices of millions of Americans. Daily, big government power grabs by the Obama/Pelosi/Reid machine continue.

We must tell Congress very clearly that if they keep voting YES on big government programs, we will vote NO on their re-election this November! We need to tell these big-spending liberals in Washington . . . that "November is coming"!

Here is the November Is Coming bus tour schedule. We hope you can attend one of its stops.

Thursday, September 9:

Charlottesville: 8:30 a.m., Albemarle County Administration Building, 401 McIntire Road

Lynchburg: 11:30 a.m., Liberty University Dining Hall Parking Lot, 1971 University Boulevard

Rocky Mount: 3:00 p.m., Franklin County Courthouse, 275 South Main Street

Danville: 5:30 p.m., Danville Courthouse, 401 Patton Street

Friday, September 10:

Abingdon: 8:00 a.m., Virginia Highlands Community College Higher Education Center, 1 Partnership Circle

Wytheville: 10:15 a.m., Wytheville Courthouse, 225 South 4th Street

Roanoke: 12:30 p.m., Roanoke City Municipal Building, 215 Church Avenue

Obama Advisor Donald Berwick Freely Admits Socialist Agenda: "We Must, MUST Redistribute Wealth!"

The video below is making the rounds, primarily because the man speaking in it, Donald Berwick, President Barack Obama's choice to head the agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid, said to a crowd of true believers in Britain that socialized medicine is the way to go. People speak from the heart when with fellow ideologues, so there is no misunderstanding here, and when one is so infamously outspoken, it's near impossible for the president not to know this man's philosophy. So, what does that tell you? Exactly! (See David Limbaugh.) But his adamant insistence that health care "by definition" means, "we must, must redistribute wealth!" has obfuscated his three other extraordinarily extremist statements — no easy feat in a sound bite a little more than two minutes long:

1. "tough choices and planning supply" (a government planning supply = rationing); 

2. "darkness of private enterprise" (a definitive condemnation of free markets and choice, and an embrace of government control over commerce); and

3. "single route of finance" (an unapologetic plea for "single payer" or government-run health care).

Combined with the president's own words ("spread the wealth around" and "I do think at some point you've made enough money," among an inexhaustibly list), it no longer is a question of the president's philosophy, and not even of whether what to expect of him (he told us he wanted to "fundamentally transform America," while giving lip service to centrism).

Rather, it's a matter of himself and his government, admitting it clearly and plainly, and why he thinks government control of industry is preferable to the system of free commerce that created the highest standard of living and largest economy known to man. (Nancy Pelosi's lame rationalization is a symptom, not a cause, so to speak, and doesn't come close.) After all, the Soviet Union would be thriving still today if the government-run system was equal or superior to the "darkness of private enterprise" (a shameful remark that slaps at the core of American ingenuity that has given so much to the world).

Not that the president is alone in this. Even Republicans, with the rare exception of some such as Newt Gingrich, won't call it what it is (see Bobby Eberle). But, in the meantime, here is Mr. Berwick, praising socialist Britain and slamming America for the evil that it is.

Donald Berwick at home in England while hammering America the awful.

The Left's Warped Sense Of Fair And Balanced: "Left Vs. Center-Left"

The American left can't get over itself, which is a shame. It truly stifles honest and thorough debate on the issues of the day. But it is more insulated with itself the the Bubble Boy from Seinfeld fame. No better illustration of that, no better admission of that (one might even claim arrogance, in fact), came from MSNBC's Chris Matthews, he of the tingling leg sensation when he hears Barack Obama speak (see YouTube). This time, instead of talking "stimulus," Mr. Matthews espouses his idea of fair and balanced presentation of views. There's no problem with the time he allots various sides. The problem is what he considers the various sides. Apparently, Mr. Matthews thinks the range of political discourse in America should range only from the "left" to the "center-left" (about 1:30 into the video below). Now, there's tolerance for you! Interestingly, he blames President Obama's sinking popularity and the distaste for government-run health care on the Fox News Channel, as if one cable outlet can dominate opinion over three broadcast and two cable networks and a host of major daily papers and weekly magazines.

More astonishing, he can't comprehend that people inherently know that government interference, especially in something as sensitive as health care, is wrong, and the care, inevitably, incompetent. But, that's what happens when you live in a (misguided, liberal) bubble.

Chris Matthews: Fair is fair — liberals vs. extreme liberals, and that's all you need to hear!

Family Foundation Virtual Lobby Day: De-Fund Planned Parenthood!

Tomorrow is The Family Foundation’s Annual Virtual Lobby Day and we have a great way for you to participate! You may have heard of "Money Bombs," the latest technique for candidates to raise money quickly — they send an e-mail solicitation asking for a small donation from thousands of people to raise a substantial amount of cash to make a difference in their campaigns. We saw how Senator Scott Brown did this to counter all of the big liberal money raised against him in the special U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts a few weeks ago. What a difference that made — it put the brakes on government-run health care! We’re not asking your for money. But we are asking you to make a difference by e-mailing your senators and delegates tomorrow (Thursday) with a simple message:

DE-FUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD in the Commonwealth’s new budget!

Tomorrow also happens to be Planned Parenthood’s lobby day. Imagine the difference we can make if thousands of values voters e-mailed their legislators tomorrow with the same message about de-funding Planned Parenthood before the pro-abortion lobbyists even stepped foot in the lawmakers’ offices!

If you attended Family Foundation Day At The Capitol in January, following up with an e-mail tomorrow with your delegates and senators is a great way to leverage the relationship you established with them. If you did not attend, now you have the opportunity, simultaneously, with likeminded, concerned citizens across Virginia, to have an impact with the ease of a few keystrokes.

Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar partisan behemoth that masquerades as a health organization. Inside its abortion center doors over a quarter of all abortions in the United States take place. Over the years it has received tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars from Virginia. Virginia’s taxpayers should never be forced to bail out this radical organization, especially while the Commonwealth faces a spending surplus of billions of dollars. It is time for this funding to stop!

In addition to the “De-funding Bomb,” tomorrow Lt. Governor Bill Bolling will conduct a live interview on our blog starting at 9:00 a.m. Click here to leave a question.

In addition, look for several other very special features we have lined up in the next several days, including interviews with noted political commentator Dr. Bob Holsworth and House Republican Caucus Chairman, Delegate Sam Nixon (R-27, Chesterfield).

Remember, tomorrow, Thursday, February 11, please e-mail your senators (click here for contact list) and delegates (click here for contact list) and urge them to end the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood! If you don't know your delegate and senator, click here.

Europeans Warn Us Against Government-Run Health Care

I think it's written somewhere that one of the signs of the Apocalypse is government heavy Western Europeans warning America about the dangers of government-run/nationalized/socialist health care and against adopting said government-run/nationalized/socialist health. Certainly, the creation of such an abomination would live up to one of Barack Obama's campaign promises: Transforming America. But most Americans are saying, "no thanks," to that type of change because, quite frankly, they rightly see no hope in it. Eline (pronounced "a-lane-a") van den Broek of Holland and the European Independent Institute, in this video for the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, explains in a crystal clear, by the numbers approach, why such a system is doomed to fail — and has failed wherever it has been tried.

Warning from Europe: Don't do it like us, America!

Poll: Vote For Your Favorite Campaign Gaffe, Uh, Moment

As Virginia's statewide campaign winds down, it's a time for reflection . . . what's been your favorite gaffe moment? There are many, to be sure. But we took the painstaking task of narrowing it down to seven. Creigh Deeds and Jody Wagner star in three each. All but one are below in video or audio form, and there's a link to our original report for the other. If you need a refresher, feel free to review them again — or watch/listen/read them again for old times sake and a good laugh. Or, if they are burned indelibly into your mind, vote straightaway. If you have another nominee, feel free to cast a write-in vote in our comments section. However, as tempting as it is, votes for the Deeds, Wagner or Shannon campaigns as a whole are not allowed. It's just not fair. Feel free to forward or share this link (especially to undecided voters).


The Deeds Dodge on taxes.

Marriage should be between a man and a woman except you shouldn't discriminate against same-sex couples.

I feel strongly both ways on the public option.

Steve Shannon's "Jeopardy!" moment. Where's Alex to make him answer?

Jody Wagner will have a lot of time to spend looking for the Lt. Governor's Mansion.

AUDIO CLIP (8:34): Jody Wagner's Rambling "Let's Be Clear" Interview With WRVA's Jimmy Barrett (click here).

BLOG POST: Jody Wagner Sticking With A VEA Accusation Against Bill Bolling That Even The VEA Retracted And Apologized For (read here).

President Genius

From the man who tells those who disagree with him to "shut-up" and that they spread "lies," and worshipped by those who adulate him as the world's smartest man, let's look at one of his many, shall we say, nonsensical statements last night:

(But first, have we ever had a president who relentlessly hammers job creators, as if they are the enemy?)

This man said government run health care (which he said wouldn't be government run health care) would lower costs for everyone, but then had the audacity to lecture (i.e., threaten) insurance companies that under this "reform" they would be mandated to cover the entirety of a policy holder's medical costs. Hmmm. How does he expect insurers' to come up with that funding (absent the authority to tax and print, as he has, of course)? Ummm, perhaps by raising premiums? But do that enough and — ooops! — no more customers and the business goes under. 

Of course, in the age of Obama, that's good! It's just one more evil industry disposed of, driving millions into the much more welcoming and loving arms of government care — run, by his own admission, like the post office! I can't fathom this man's genius!

Putting the private sector out of business and driving taxpayers into the incompetent arms of the government. It only sounds better with the teleprompter, but the truth of its nonsense comes out with or without one.

Believe What The Liberals Say!

It is perplexing that voters don't want to believe what the extreme left admits about their own policies. Of course, they will, when necessary, obfuscate what they believe to appear "moderate." But during the campaign last year, Barack Obama said he wanted "to spread the wealth around," yet no one wanted to believe that he wanted to "transform America" into a socialist economic model, even though those phrases are right of the socialist playbook. He even wrote in his autobiography that in college he chose as his friends Marxist students and professors. We all know about his adult friends in Chicago. But still, there were those who insisted he was a "moderate" who wanted to cut government spending.

Now, we have the ultra-left winger, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of one of the most powerful committees in Congress, telling a supporter of the single payer health care system — that is, government-run health care — he wants single payer but doesn't have the votes for it. Instead, he says, let's fool America with a "public option," let it grow, then go for single payer later.

Earlier this week we posted a statement from Rep. Frank, again, right from the extremists' redistributionist lexicon. Now we have the video of him speaking plain and clear. Warning: Believe what he says they will do!

First things first. Barney Frank elaborates on the virtues of incrementalism needed to achieve socialized medicine to a leftist zealot who wants it all now. Warning: Believe what these guys say they will do.

Before Visiting Your Doctor, Consult Your Government Run Health Care Chart

Health care charts have come a long way since just last week, when doctors had to go to all the trouble of flipping open a clip board to take a look at your status. The Obama-Reid-Pelosi proposed government run health care scheme gives a radically different meaning to "your chart" (as made famous in a Seinfeld episode, see script dialogue here). Instead, your chart would look more like the one below: It is the chart that Speaker Pelosi is censoring House Republicans from mailing to constituents via Congressional mail. It describes the colossal maze Americans would need to navigate to understand what doctors we see, what type and how much (or how little) insurance we want, how much interference government bureaucrats in Washington will provide, what fines we pay, and how much treatment and medicines we are allowed to get from the rationed supplies. (Why does the president talk about the elderly needing to make "other choices" if medical care isn't going to be rationed?)


Your medical freedom is at stake with ObamaCare, and all this time we thought liberals were for "choice."

Your chart: Not just for doctors anymore under ObamaCare. What will the government know about you that it won't let you know?

Say It While You Can: "Government Run Health Care"

Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. Government run health care. We're saying it now, symbolically, in as many different ways as possible since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has censored Republican members of the House of Representatives (see Roll Call) from using the phrase "Government run health care" in their constituent newsletters (see Human Events), which are mailed for free via Congress' "franking" privilege. Franking cannot be used for partisan  purposes and the speaker says "government run health care," and a color-coded chart (see here) designed by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) that Republicans use to explain how the  nationalized medical system would work — with its numerous  beauracratic agencies determining your health needs — are not allowed to be mailed at taxpayer expense. (The different colors above are a nod to the chart.)

If Congress now, you and I when?

Government run health care. Government run health care. Nah, nah, nah-na-nah. Government run health care!