Harry Reid

Song Dedication To Harry Reid: "I'm Just A Bill"

Since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, President Barack Obama — and all, it seems, of liberaldom — have forgotten how a bill becomes a law, here's a brief remedial course on lawmaking dedicated to them. The House of Representatives has done its job. If Senate Democrats don't agree, pass your own version, go to a conference committee and work out the differences. (There's one continuing resolution to keep open the government ready for conference, but Senator Reid refuses to appoint conferees.) Bills don't get passed at news conferences where idealess liberal senators name call and demonize some of their colleagues and House Republicans. (Same goes true for certain Senate Republicans.) How ironic that the self-proclaimed intellectual and sensitive party resorts to calling its opponents "terrorists," "hostage takers," "arsonists," "extortionists," "unhinged," "insane," and people with a "bomb strapped to their chest," among many others (see LegalInsurrection.com). If you want to negotiate, do it the constitutionally prescribed way. Oh, and one other thing . . . our little course in lawmaking includes prayer, doubtless a word that would be left out if this cartoon was made today, but something both sides should probably engage in.

Harry Reid, Barack Obama and others in Washington think bills are passed by holding news conferences and calling their opponents names. They need a remedial class in civics — and civility.

Senator Compassionless

Liberals think they have a monopoly on compassion. They may be right . . . if one defines compassion by how much of other people's money you spend. But even that was called into question today by the far left Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), who exposed the Left's hypocrisy by refusing to pass bills sent to it by the House of Representatives to keep specific federal agencies open during this so-called government. By the way, the Senate majority party also refused to go to a conference committee with the House on any number of spending bills the House has passed to keep the government open, as if it's an insult and not the normal legislative process, demanding the House pass exactly what Senator Reid wants — or it will do nothing at all. So, who exactly is responsible for the shutdown? Conference committees happen every day in state legislatures and used to be a common occurrence in Washington. At the General Assembly they occur with great frequency at the end of session, under tense deadlines, and bills of all kinds get passed — including budgets. (Yet, some running for statewide office this year want to bring the Washington model to Richmond.)

Earlier today, in a random act of journalism, Dana Bash of CNN asked Senator Reid why not pass a House spending bill to fund the National Institute of Health to help children with cancer if he was so concerned about healthcare (i.e., Obamacare). Senator Reid's comments were chilling, the words of ruling parties in despotic countries. See the video below, especially toward the end:

Senator Reid on helping children with cancer during the shutdown: "Why would we want to do that?"

Apparently, then, it's not about healthcare. It's about control — the right of the government to control us and our healthcare decisions, while it exempts itself from Obamacare. Yet, how many times do we hear liberals say, about any issue, "If it can save just one life"?

It's not hypothetical, either. Earlier this year, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius ruled (there's that word again) under her Obamacare powers, that a young girl could not receive a lung transplant. (What in the world is a cabinet secretary doing meddling in an individual medical case?) Fortunately, the girl's parents went legal on the Death Czar and a federal judge rebuked her order prohibiting the procedure.

In addition to Senator Reid's callous, cold determination to deny children cancer treatment, he did another demeaning thing at his news conference. For someone so eager to accuse his political opponents of waging a "war on women," notice his patronizing, belittling verbal joust at Ms. Bash toward the end of the video. It reminded me of this classic remark made four years ago, which also demeaned a woman reporter, by another verbally bumbling liberal politician at a news conference, which made the news as well.

Tell us what you really think: Liberal pols revealing their hypocrisy on healthcare and women.

Why We Like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Many politicians claim to be "independent" and stick to principle. They may have a streak of independence that allows them to  work with one side of the aisle or the other, in the spirit of bipartisanship, just to "get something done," even when that something is counterproductive. It's an another thing entirely for a legislator to be bipartisan in his criticism of his colleagues because he cannot countenance not only the destructive policy of the opposition, but his side's acquiescence to it. That was the case earlier this year on the Senate floor, when U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), The Family Foundation's 2013 Gala keynote speaker, not only tried to derail Majority Leader Harry Reid's authoritarian power play on increasing the U.S. debt limit, but even took to task fellow Republican John McCain and his caucus' leadership for their ostensible and token opposition to it. He showed no fear of the majority nor of his party, which could very well disrupt his career.

That's courage. That's principle. That's why we like Senator Ted Cruz. We know you'll like him, too, and will want to see him in person at the Gala on Saturday, October 5, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. For more information, click here. When principle and truth come first, one truly is free, and that gives one more strength than a thousand special interests lavishly telling you what you want to hear (about yourself). I hope you'll take some time to hear Senator Cruz for yourself on the video below as he took on everyone from Barack Obama to Harry Reid to John McCain.

You can't have independence without courage. U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has both.

Debt Limit Teaches Us About More Than Country's Mismanaged Finances

Here's more on the debt limit controversy that is instructive — two short videos, in fact, that punch above their weight for what they tell us. One is a lesson about a dangerous policy. The other is an example of the dangers of the corruption of political speech. First, our friends at Public Notice Research & Educational Fund, which does some of the best work in the country on educating citizens on the seriousness of the explosion of big government, have produced an ad that is going viral almost as fast as Barack Obama and Harry Reid can borrow, print and spend money (more than 470,00 views after only two days). Its instructiveness is a straight-up, in-your-face explanation on the calamitous nature of the national debt. Public Notice has set up a new web site dedicated entirely to Washington's failure to manage our money and to further educate the public on this vital issue. It's called washingtoncouldlearnalot.com. Here's the ad:

Washington politicians are addicted. An intervention is needed . . . by American voters.

The second video is of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (who's never held a private sector job) responding to a question from Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Mr. Wallace simply asks where President Obama's debt ceiling plan is since he has not put out a legislative proposal to Congress. Mr. Geithner employs two of The Left's most vicious tricks. First, he says there is a plan although there is no plan; a non-plan is the plan. Calling night "day" doesn't make it so, except in liberal land. He also adds that Republican debt plans would "devastate the country," as if his 9.2 percent unemployment, nonexistent GDP growth, rising food, gas and commodity prices, and the entire litany of our economic troubles are not devastating the country.

He also adds a twist, a newer leftist tactic: It's not fair to cite facts. Facts, you see, are out of bounds, and besides, it's not our fault. The Left projects what it decides what it wants your words to mean. It's all about redefinition (as with marriage and any institution it wants to co-opt to transform our culture). Only political rhetoric? Hardly. It's a calculated method of muddying the dialogue to obfuscate goals and demonize opponents. Listen in:

Multitasking Geithner-style: Mismanaging the country's finances while redefining the language.

Two short videos. Two significant lessons.

Cut, Cap And Balance; Or, How Come Crazy Spending Is Never Called "Draconian"?

Earlier tonight I saw U.S. Representative Janice Schakowsky (D-Ill.), one of the biggest and most far-reaching leftists in Congress, on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. (She's so far to the left that she doesn't think ObamaCare went far enough and supports the government-run single-payer system — click here to see her gleefully expound on the end of private insurance.) Mr. Blitzer asked Representative Schakowsky about the proposal known as "Cut, Cap and Balance" (see Tom McClusky at FRCAction's The Cloakroom Blog) to solve the impending debt ceiling crisis. Cut, Cap and Balance is the plan put forth by a coalition of members of Congress and conservative, free market and limited government think tanks and action groups that would cut federal spending, cap those levels, and pass to the states for ratification a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. (Click here to see an archived webcast on "Cut, Cap and Balance" featuring U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, R-S.C., among other leading limited government proponents.) Ms. Schakowsky's predictable response perfectly illustrated the vacuousness and illegitimacy of The Left. First, she called it a joke (probably knowing her solution can't be called a joke, because it's more like a horror movie). But the real laugh came when she said "Cut, Cap and Balance" would force "Draconian cuts."

That got me thinking . . . how come the term "Draconian spending" or "Draconian increases" is never used? Or is a $1.5 trillion increase in one year not scary? How bad off were we two years ago when the annual federal budget was "only" $2.25 trillion? Where was the suffering then that The Left says we'll have tomorrow if we adopt "Cut, Cap and Balance"? Could it get worse than 9.2 percent unemployment? These Draconian spending increases don't even take into account the unimaginable sums ObamaCare will cost in future years (see ObamaCare Lies). The amount of printing, borrowing and spending in Washington, D.C., is literally crazy, because no one in a proper frame of mind would put their future or their children's and grandchildren's future at such risk.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on the "Cut, Cap and Balance" package (see Andrew Stiles at NRO's The Corner Blog). It will pass. But what of its future in the Senate? Will it even get a vote? Or will it vote for what Representative Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) calls, "Cut, Run and Hide," also known as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's pass-the-buck plan (see Alexander Bolton at TheHill.com)?

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins offers his thoughts here and encourages people to contact their senators to vote for the former and to defeat the latter (click here to contact Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner):

Unfortunately, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) offered last week a plan to surrender. It would allow the President to lift the debt ceiling and only allow Congress a vote to stop it if it could garner a super majority. No cuts, no reforms, the McConnell plan is supposedly aimed at laying the political blame on the President. But when Senator Harry Reid immediately calls McConnell's plan "serious," one should question its wisdom.

With President Obama cynically leading from behind on this grave issue (read Senator DeMint's statement issued earlier this evening and that issued by House Speaker John Boehner), which has the potential to send the nation into a Greece-like morass, further debilitating our ability to lead the world and relegating America to also-ran status, it is time to take sound, firm and lasting action. "Cut, Cap and Balance" is the way to do it (see Brian Darling at The Heritage Foundation's The Foundry Blog). The Left may caricature it while making the nonchalant spending of trillions seem normal. But we all know the definition of doing the same failed thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

"Cut, Cap and Balance" is gaining momentum: 178 organizations and more than 190,000 citizens have signed the pledge.

General Assembly Issue Five: General Assembly Liberals Take Page From Lady Gaga Playbook

This is the fifth in a series about key issues facing the 2011 General Assembly, which starts January 12. Issue One, Life Defined And Protected, was posted Tuesday; Issue Two, Eliminate ObamaCare Induced Abortion Funding In Virginia, was posted Wednesday; and Issue Three, Restoring The Balance Of Power, was posted Thursday; and the fourth, Transparency Isn't Just A Word, was posted Friday.

Richmond's liberal political class appears to have completely missed the message of the voters in Virginia concerned about over spending and joblessness. Instead, taking a page out of the Harry Reid-Lady Gaga playbook (see Film Industry Network blog), they plan on making homosexual issues their top priority (see Richmond Biz Sense) the coming General Assembly session.

Building on what they view as "momentum" from the lame-duck Congress' vote to repeal the military's "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy, Democrat leaders will focus their energies on passing legislation that would give special protections to homosexuals, not just in state government hiring as they tried in the past, but in all hiring — public and private — across Virginia.

This fulfills the dream of the ACLU's Kent Willis who said last year:

We hope this is only the beginning, and that [it] will inspire legislators to finally pass a law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in both private and public sector employment. (Emphasis added.)

This blatant attack on religious freedom would pose a threat to every church, faith based ministry, adoption agency, school and charity in the commonwealth. No longer content with an incremental approach, it appears that Virginia liberals want it all and they want it now.

Of course, we are confident that their legislation will go no further than it did last year. The fact is that there is no evidence of broad discrimination against homosexuals taking place in Virginia. Even The Washington Post admitted that there are "thousands of homosexuals" working in state government. Proponents of the measure can point to one —just one — case where someone filed suit that they were fired because of their "sexual orientation," but even that case has been disputed.

According to one of the nation’s leading homosexual activist leaders and recent Obama appointee to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (approval for her nomination took place in the late night final hours of the lame duck Congress), Chai Feldblum:

There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases sexual liberty should win. I'm having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.

Those who advocate for the advancement of sexual behavior protections in our law have little or no room for those who have religious convictions on those issues. In her paper, Moral Conflict and Liberty: Gay Rights and Religion, Feldblum, who authored the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), argues quite openly that it is the primary goal of this political movement to elevate (either through legislation or the courts) homosexual orientation to moral equivalence with heterosexual orientation, and to do so at the cost of religious liberty. She admits in her assessment of the clash that:

We are in a zero-sum game: a gain for one side necessarily entails a corresponding loss for the other side, (but) in making the decision in this zero-sum game, I am convinced society should come down on the side of protecting the (sexual) liberty of LGBT people.

So there you have it, the true motivation behind the so-called "non-discrimination laws." It is to discriminate against people whose faith teaches that homosexuality is wrong.

FRC Webcast Tomorrow On "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal; New Radio Ad In Virginia

Despite a recent election where Americans rejected their radical agenda,  Congressional Democrats, during a lame duck session, are trying to force an end to the "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy regarding open homosexuals serving in the military. While the economy still struggles and nearly 10 percent of Americans are out of work as we approach Christmas, Congress focuses on repaying their shrinking base.

To learn more about this battle, Family Research Council Action (see Tom McClusky at FRC's The Cloakroom blog) will host a live national video Webcast tomorrow, December 2, at 1:00 p.m., entitled, Mission Compromised: How the Military is Being Used to Advance a Radical Agenda.

Veteran military commanders, Members of Congress, and policy experts will join FRC President Tony Perkins . . . 

to assess the Pentagon's study on the impact of open homosexuality on combat effectiveness and readiness. ... and discuss the report's shortcomings and plans by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to rush a vote during the lame-duck session of Congress without thorough hearings and testimony by battlefield commanders (see entire alert).

According to FRC, the Defense Authorization Act, on which the U.S. Senate may soon vote, not only would force open homosexuality on the military if enacted, it also will turn military medical facilities into abortion centers. Since the vote is expected to be very close, it's vital that you encourage your friends and family to tune into this live Webcast. Participants also will learn how they can help to stop this last ditch attempt by outgoing liberal senators to force a liberal social agenda onto the military.

In addition to briefing on the significance of this legislation, guests will answer viewer questions via SMS text or e-mail. Guests include: Gen. Carl Mundy, former Commandant of the Marine Corps; Sgt. Brian Fleming, Afghanistan war veteran and Purple Heart recipient; Douglas Lee, Chaplain (Brigadier General, Ret.); Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis, (Ret), Senior Fellow, National Security, Family Research Council; Cathy Ruse, Senior Fellow, Legal Studies, Family Research Council; and Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, Family Research Council.

Please register now (click here) and help spread the word about the live Webcast on December 2.

Virginia U.S. Senator Jim Webb is a key vote in this fight. (Virginia's other U.S. Senator, Mark Warner, has indicated he supports repealing "don’t ask, don’t tell"). Because of the nature of this crucial vote, we have partnered with CitizenLink (see "DADT" article by Catherine Snow) and FRCAction on this ad running now throughout the commonwealth. Please listen and share this link with as many people as you can.

Click here to listen to the new ad on the U.S. Senate's vote to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the U.S. Armed Forces.

TEA Party Queen Radtke May Run For Office

Will the one of the driving forces of the TEA Party movement in Virginia run for office? Dr. Bob Holsworth over the weekend raised the specter on his Virginia Tomorrow blog that Jamie Radtke would be a formidable candidate, writing that she is far more polished than Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell, the Republican U.S. Senate candidates in Nevada and Delaware, respectively. Both won competitive primaries over establishment choices and Ms. Angle, a former state legislator, is leading Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Ms. Radkte was the lead organizer of the first-ever Virginia TEA Party Convention October 8-9. The event was the largest of its type in the country, drawing nearly 3,000 people, dozens of prominent speakers, a plethora of sponsors and media from all four corners of the country and some from abroad. Think of it as campaign activists, donors, high profile endorsements and media savy, respectively, and you have the makings of a solid candidate.

She handled it all professionally, too, even though her TEA Party activities are volunteer. Only a couple of hours ago, Anita Kumar of the Washington Post's Virginia Politics Blog, added to the Radtke speculation:

Radtke said if it happens it would not be anytime soon because she is so busy with the tea party movement and because there is no election in the near future (after the midterm election in two weeks).

"It will be something I will consider and think about,'' she said.

That may be a bit coy on Ms. Radtke's part. As astute as she is, she knows there are elections next year in Virginia for the House of Delegates as well as the Virginia Senate. Could a TEA Party come to a GOP primary or general election near you in 2011?

Alert: Senate Votes Tuesday To Turn Military Bases Into Abortion Centers, Allow Open Homosexuals

FRC Action President Tony Perkins just sent out an urgent appeal on legislation before Congress that is a high priority on the homosexual lobby's agenda: Ending the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy and allowing open homosexuals into the U.S. Armed Forces. But it's worse than that. there's a major payback to the abortion lobby as well. In what is supposed to be a Defense Department authorization bill, the leadership of the most left wing Congress ever also have included language that would make American military medical centers, both domestic and overseas, full-service abortion centers — Planned Parenthood on steroids. If this is what the American public so desperately desires, why won't the leadership put these measures in stand alone legislation for an up or down vote? Why, instead, is it attempting to hijack the authorization process for our military during a time of war? As Tony requests, we hope you call our senators, Mark Warner and Jim Webb at (202) 224-3121, as soon as possible and ask them to oppose this bill. The vote is Tuesday.

Here's Tony's take:

With the economy still in the doldrums, and a massive job-killing tax increase scheduled for January looming over our heads, you would think that legislation to help average Americans find jobs in the private sector would be the top priority for the Democratic leadership in Congress. If you thought that, you would be wrong.

This Tuesday the Senate will vote on a bill that would overturn the 1993 law which codified the military's longstanding prohibition of homosexual conduct in the ranks. The language that would force open homosexuality upon the military is found in the defense authorization bill — along with another anti-family provision that would turn U.S. military medical facilities here and around the globe into abortion centers.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has arranged it so that pro-family senators do not have an opportunity to offer any of their own amendments to counter his political abuse of our military. This means the only way to stop this monstrosity is to vote against proceeding to the bill.

This bill is not necessary to fund our military — an appropriations bill does that.

Senators should reject Reid's distorted priorities by voting against advancing this bill at every step. Call your senators today at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to stop using the military to impose this administration's radical homosexual agenda.

Thank you for taking action today and God bless you.

Harry Reid Is One Of The 9 Percent

Shocking, I know, but here is more from the Left Wing Honesty File — as thin as that is. In fact, two in one day pretty much blows open the the file and spills the contents to the ground. But here is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) (see Sharron Angle ad) telling an audience of left-wing "NetRoots" bloggers last week that the health care bill didn't go far enough and that he will ram through a public option (i.e., absolute government control of health care). That makes Harry one of the 9 percent (see Rasmussen Reports poll), along with Pete Stark, who believe the federal government has no limits on its power. Still, I'm not giving Harry too much credit for honesty. He also says in the video below that the public now supports the health care law. Not true, as the Rasmussen poll vividly demonstrates. But when you think the government can do anything, liberties with the truth are a small casualty.

Harry Reid believes in total government control of health care. He believes the public agrees. He probably believes he's in for a good November.  

DISCLOSE Act Defeated For Now

We've kept you updated on the so-called DISCLOSE Act over the last couple of days. The hideousness of the bill's free-speech restrictions and its partisan purpose are easily understood simply by reading no further than the sponsors line (see Eliza Carney at National Journal): U.S. Representative Chris Van Hollan (D-Md.) and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the current House Democrat Campaign Committee chair and the two-time Democrat Senate Campaign Committee chair, respectively. As the Wall Street Journal reports, this bill is Senator Schumer's tool to take over as Majority Leader. Fortunately, last night, if barely, the Senate failed to invoke cloture, losing on a 57-41 vote (60 votes were needed). All Republicans voted no with the exception of Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), who voted with the GOP for a procedural reason. Virginia's two Democrat Senators, Mark Warner and Jim Webb, predictably voted to stifle free speech. (See and hear what  Senator Warner thinks about people with opposing views.) One Republican, Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada) was absent, but presumably on the correct side.

With the Senate about to take its August recess, the bill may be dead for the year. But there's no guarantee the Dems won't go after their favorite Republicans — Senators Scott Brown of Massachusetts, and Maine's Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins — or try a parliamentary trick to pass it. Anything to maintain their grip on absolute power.

More from FRC Action Senior Vice President Tom McClusky:

The Senate's rejection of the DISCLOSE Act is a victory for free speech rights and for the democratic process. Liberals in Congress failed in their attempt to push through legislation which only amounts to Democrat incumbent protection legislation disguised as campaign finance reform.

Instead of addressing the problems often found in the financing of campaigns, the DISCLOSE Act would add to the already onerous burdens placed on organizations that act within the law by going after their donors and exposing them in public forums. The exceptions, or "carve-outs," in this unconstitutional bill demonstrate the hypocrisy of its supporters. They provide special treatment for select special interest groups in a bill supposedly designed to crack down on the power of special interests.

Tell Warner And Webb To Vote "No" On Kagan

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Elena Kagan for a place on the U.S. Supreme Court. We urge Virginians to contact U.S. Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb now and urge them to vote "No" on her confirmation. A few days ago, The Family Foundation signed on to a letter written by Americans United for Life that will be sent to senators urging them to conduct a thorough investigation regarding Ms. Kagan prior to voting on her confirmation.

While there are several reservations about her qualifications for the court, it is her judicial philosophy that gives us the most pause. At 50 years old (16 years younger than the average age of the current Supreme Court justices), Ms. Kagan's impact, if confirmed, will last much longer than most justices. Therefore, it is even more critical that her judicial philosophy is properly vetted, her integrity examined, and her commitment to respect the constitution and the laws of our nation determined. Failure to uphold the law is refusing the people their freedom to self-govern.

Ms. Kagan has done precisely that. As Solicitor General, she failed to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in Gill v. Office of Personnel Management (see PointofLaw.com). The Department of Justice, along with Ms. Kagan, stated that it does "not believe that DOMA is rationally related to any legitimate government interests in procreation and child-rearing." Not only is this utter disrespect for the God-given institution of marriage, but also a disowning of the binding laws of our land. Take a guess at how Ms. Kagan would rule on a Supreme Court challenge to DOMA . . . or any other enshrined law of the land for that matter?

Additionally, Ms. Kagan is implicated, despite her recent denial in Senate testimony, in unethical actions while she was an adviser to then-President Bill Clinton, where she manipulated and even rewrote memos from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. That organization wrote that there was never a defense for partial birth abortion, but she altered ACOG's definition of partial birth abortion in order to nullify the meaning of the memos (see LifeNews.com). 

It is markedly clear from her actions as solicitor general on the DOMA issue, her integrity in her relations with ACOG, and her contempt for the military (as Harvard Law School Dean, she banned the Pentagon from recruiting on campus) that Elena Kagan will be an activist justice making law, rather than a justice interpreting the law. This approach, and her leftist agenda, is contrary to how the majority of Virginians view the role of the U.S. Supreme Court. It is about time that our two U.S. Senators live up to their self-labeled titles of "radical centrist" and "moderate," show some independence, and vote with the majority of Virginians and not simply as puppets of Harry Reid.

Please contact Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb and urge them to vote "No" on the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. Click here to contact Senators Warner and Webb.

Update: Cuccinelli To Webcast Briefing On Health Care Lawsuit June 16

It's the talk of the nation and certainly has provided motivation for viscous attacks by left-wing bloggers and politicians, but it is right and just — the law suit brought by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli against the freedom crushing government run health insurance plan concocted and rammed through by President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Because the mainstream media and left wing groups have attempted to demonize the law suit, the attorney general smartly is going around them. So, here's a reminder thatthis Wednesday, June 16, at 8:00 p.m., Attorney General Cuccinelli will host a Webcast town hall meeting to discuss the facts of the case, the constitutional issues involved and the legal process. He also will take questions from the online audience.

Click here to sign up for this free event, that promises to be very informative as well.

We urge you to take part in this Webcast. As the national debate over government-run health care continues, the mainstream media and statists who support it continue to spoon feed their deception to the public over the airwaves, in newspapers and on the Internet, especially throught political party manipulated bloggers. Knowing the truth is essential as you discuss this important topic with your friends, co-workers and fellow church members.

Too many of our fellow Virginians do not know the actual content of our constitution or what it means. You must be equipped with the facts and arguments to be able to counter the pro-government run health insurance crowd.

We also hope you will take the time to read the attorney general's brief on the case (you can bet most of those raising their hackles about it haven't) by clicking here. It summarizes the constitutional law and historical arguments that are the foundation of the commonwealth's case against the Obama administration.

As Americans get ready for summer vacation and are fixated on the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, decisions will be made in the coming weeks and months that will affect the very foundations of our our way of life. We highly encourage you to join the Mr. Cuccinelli Wednesday night on the Webcast to learn more about this incredibly important case.

Virginia News Stand: April 8, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Recent History Repeating Itself

Not only was the Confederate History Month proclamation by Governor Bob McDonnell deja vu from past controversies over such proclamations, it was recent history repeating itself : Only a few weeks ago, the governor issued an "executive directive" which seemingly watered down his own executive order that did not recognize sexual orientation in state hiring policy. At least this time, no one can blame the attorney general. Speaking of the AG, you know liberals' attention is diverted when the headlines are absent an attack in him. In National News, Nancy Pelosi is urging Bart Stupak to seek re-election. That ought to help him, and Dems everywhere, as the AP reports, just wish health care would go away. Which ignites the question: Why they'd vote for it!? Elsewhere, Harry Reid is begging for help while Michael Steele may have weathered his storm, and the Census Bureau admits to more problems (surprise me not).

Please check out Analysis and Commentary today. We proudly introduce another outstanding source upon which we draw upon: The American Spectator. Long one of my favorites, it brings incisive insight to the great issues of the day with a great array of writers, all while appropriately belittling the left as the occasion calls. But it's not afraid to hammer Republicans deserving of the beating. Today, W. James Antle, III, exposes Republicans already abandoning the "Repeal and Replace" war cry. Meanwhile, George Neumayr expounds on the left's campaign against the Catholic Church and the Pope. Also, Joseph Shattan may surprise you on what man was most responsible for electing Barack Obama, and why. In addition, Bobby Eberle, Dick Morris, Paul A. Ibbetson and Matt Towery all have unique takes on the president, the mid-term elections, technology and politics, and the culture, respectively. 


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Virginia governor amends Confederate history proclamation to include slavery (Washington Post)

National News

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Theories and Reactions to Racial Theories (Thomas Sowell/GOPUSA.com)

Obama Administration In A Class By Itself: Creating "Double Talk Newspeak"! (Reduce Deficit By Spending More?)

Does nothing shock the public anymore? In yet more Orwellian redefinition of language, Christine Romer, head of President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, said the other day that in order to reduce the deficit, the government needs to spend more. If that doesn't qualify as newspeak, nothing does. But it's worse than that: The president himself said during the State of the Union that he wants to freeze discretionary spending. So, it's double talk newspeak! She also said the almost $800 billion "stimulus" is working (ABCNews.com). That tops U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) definition of "good news." If 9.7 percent unemployment is "working" I'd hate to see what she thinks a failure is.

Christine Romer: Does she know up from down or know it and not care?

Pelosi: "Pass The Bill . . . To Find Out What Is In It"!

First, we had a senior Democrat Congressman, John Conyers (D-Mich.) say he wouldn't read the government-take-0ver-of-health-care-bill because it's too large (2,600 pages) and that it takes a team of lawyers to understand it (see video). Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was far more outrageous and arrogant when she said:

"We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it"!

Leaves us speechless. It's even worse than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nevada) comment about 36,000 people losing their jobs as "good news." But we're sure liberals out there will find a way to defend the arrogance and the outright admission of incompetence, mismanagement and horrible policy this bill is.

Speaker Pelosi doesn't mince words. It only takes five seconds, but in her arrogance, she's brutally blunt.

Where's The Liberal Compassion? Harry Reid Redefines "Good News," Celebrates 36K Job Losses!

Just gotta love liberals. They're into redefining everything! Whether it's marriage, life, you name it, they're intent on an Orwellian re-write of anything that built our culture and society into the envy of the world, all to debase said culture and society into some Euro-statist model. Now, they're even re-defining what good economic news is. Friday, on the Senate floor of all places, he said this:

Just brilliant, Harry. We're sure those 36,000 workers are celebrating big time, too.

Developing Story: Obama, Congressional Liberals To Force Through "Health Care" Bill With Abortion Mandate

Looks like the arrogance in D.C. marches on unabated. Never mind three straight statewide defeats only a year after the president carried them, never mind the polls and massive rallies and town hall opposition, and certainly never mind the disinterest from "moderate" Democrats, but the Obama-Pelosi-Reid troika have figured out a way to ram through health care "reform" and, with it, an abortion mandate! That is, taxpayer funding of abortion and requiring insurance companies to offer abortion "coverage." The plan will be rolled out as early as February 21. Here's how it will work: The House will pass the Senate bill. The Senate will then take it back and add in the abortion changes it and the House couldn't put in originally. The Senate will avoid a filibuster by rerouting it through the budget reconciliation. Then Madam Speaker will attempt to ram it back through the House. But will pro-life Democrats, responsible for the Stupak Amendment prohibiting abortion mandates in the original House bill, go along? They can make the difference. Here's the story reported earlier this morning by Congressional Quarterly via  StopTheAbortionMandate.com:


The Congressional Quarterly in Washington, D.C. is now reporting that the final health care proposal is expected to be released by the White House "as early as Feb. 21" — this weekend!

Abortion proponents are aggressively assembling a coalition to ram through a health care bill that is fully expected to mandate abortion coverage and government funding of abortion.

With a final version expected out as early as Sunday, it’s clear that abortion advocates know they’re on the verge of having the votes they need to force this bill through in a way that is filibuster-proof:

The most likely way forward is for the House to clear the Senate’s health care bill (HR 3590) and for the Senate to pass a package of changes to it, using the filibuster-proof budget reconciliation process. That set of changes would incorporate the deals struck with the House, which would then send the new package to the White House. Obama would first sign the original Senate bill, then the ‘corrections’ package. The last measure signed into law would be the one that dictates the final shape of the overhaul.

You see, the House passed the Stupak language that would save lives and protect taxpayers from funding abortion — but it was completely stripped from the Senate version.

With intense pressure mounting for the House to just roll over and pass the Senate version, millions of lives are at stake!

President Obama has refused to address the issue of abortion — and every indication is that he will keep abortion funding as a centerpiece of his proposal.

And with the immense amount of pressure that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have been applying to pro-life members of their party, we must act NOW!

So, there you have it. With Washington liberals in control it's: Abortion now. Abortion always. Abortion the first option. Companies must offer it . . .  and we must foot the bill.

Can The Truth Finally Be Told? Mark Warner, Way Out Fiscal Liberal!

The biggest mystery since the Easter Island must be the myth the Mark Warner (contact) is somehow a "fiscal conservative," not to mention these famous remarks (click here). Starting with his Virginia record tax increase (breaking a campaign pledge) in 2004 to his 50 percent increase in state spending while governor, it's unfortunate that too many in Virginia's business community helped perpetuate the myth. Now, please, can we do away with it once and for all? Senator Warner voted for $787 billion stimulus last winter in his first major vote. Then, he voted for the omnibus spending bill ("stimulus 2"). Now, within the last two weeks, he's voted for a $1.1 trillion spending bill ("stimulus 3") (see Richmond Times-Dispatch) and for the trillions-dollar-plus socialized medicine bill. Please tell me how this is fiscal conservatism?

Of course, don't tell that to the Washington Post, which published a feature Saturday on the senator's first year. Poor baby. He's frustrated that he can't get more of his Democrat colleagues to take a more centrist course. It's pretty frightening to think of Senator Warner's definition of "centrist" after stacking up centuries of debt on us. His early record shows little sign of centrism and almost every sign of way-out-on-the-left-wing-Barbara Boxer-Harry Reid-John Kerry-(pick your favorite liberal here)-leftist-elitist-liberalism. Let the lie die now, please.