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If You Can't Get To D.C. Monday, Attend The November Speaks! Virtual Rally Online

Another annoucement regarding the November Speaks! rally on November 15 on Capitol Hill in Washington: Americans For Prosperity launched a new Web site for the event which includes a page where you can participate in a virtual rally if you can't make it to the nation's capital (click here). The rally is designed to raise awareness of, and put pressure on, the lame duck Congress to stand down from any grandiose schemes for still larger government, higher taxes, debilitating regulations and crushing debt, all of which amounts to more control from Washington and less freedom everywhere else. Ignoring the recent election results, Nancy Pelosi yesterday brazenly threw a celebratory party to laud her "accomplishments." But she's not done yet. Starting Monday, she is reconvening Congress, while she still wields the Speaker's gavel, for one last attempt to ram through the big-government takeovers that remain on her leftist agenda. It's already being referred to as the "Zombie Congress" since so many members are the walking politically dead. Rejected overwhelmingly by the voters, they should not trample on the will of the people and leave quietly, having done enough damage.

Among the speakers at November Speaks! are U.S. Representatives Michele Bachman (R-Minn.) (see Paul Bedard's U.S. News Washington Whispers blog), Mike Pence (R-Ind.) (see the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog) and newly elected Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) (see the Washington Post's Virginia Politics blog), as well as AFP President Tim Phillips. Other partners in staging November Speaks! are 60 Plus, Let Freedom Ring, Institute For Liberty, Tea Party D.C. and Smart Girl Politics. For more information about attending in person, click here.

The Feds Only Regulate Big Business, Right?

Wrong. Way wrong. According to Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty, who spoke today at the Tuesday Morning Group, the federal government's regulatory burden on small business equals $7,700 per employee. For a small, family-owned company, with 10 employees, that's a $770,000 annual gorilla on its back. This is small business, the engine that creates about two-thirds of all American jobs. That figure doesn't include state and local regulations, either. Get the picture as to why we need smaller government?

The irony is that many big businesses don't mind regulation. It locks in many advantages it has over competitors. That's why Philip Morris lobbied for the recent bill that empowers the FDA to regulate tobacco (see New York Times). Large companies have the wherewithal, lawyers, accountants and savvy to maneuver around and take advantage of the avenues and loopholes the regs provide.

But you poor small business owner saps . . . good luck. More is on the way (see Entrepreneur's Daily Dose blog).