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Virginia News Stand: August 18, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations Virginia's own, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, makes the national headlines, again, with his rebuttal of the administration's analysis of its "stimulus" program. He says it ain't working. Speaking of money, the commonwealth is going to report more bad news tomorrow on revenue projections on which to fund the budget, which means more cuts are on the way by the DNC Chairman, Governor Tim Kaine.

As Chris wrote in the previous post, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds has yet another position on abortion. First, it wasn't going to be an issue. Then it became an issue for everyone. Now, it's one only for the poor. See the analysis by J.R. Hoeft at BearingDrift.com.

There's a lot else going on. Of course, health care, which is all consuming, it seems. But there's a new angle — the White House invasion of your e-mail. Bobby Eberle and others discuss it, as well as the thought-cop in chief, the new "Diversity Czar." Then, there's the AARP, deservedly losing members for flirting with siding with socialized medicine and rationed care for its own constituency! Plus, don't miss the always great Thomas Sowell's take on it. We also have more on the Obama Justice Department trying its best to undermine the Defense of Marriage Act in a underhanded way.

For those who think only the left knows how to generate engaged communities of activists via the new media, 600 conservative bloggers and online activists gathered in Philly last weekend at the Right Online conference. Rachel Alexander has the exciting details. We have several commentaries on the old school activism — town hall style.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers go out to American Family Association Founder Don Wildmon, who is in the hospital suffering from meningitis. He was in intensive care, but his son reports improvement.


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Sabato Takes His Swipes

I've often enjoyed reading the commentary of University of Virginia professor and political analyst Larry Sabato. Not because I agree with him, which I normally don't, but often just for the humor that I find in his typical rage against the right. How anyone sees this guy as objective is beyond me. In today's Virginian-Pilot, Mr. Sabato finally "comes out," so to speak, making it abundantly clear about his view of conservatives and in particular, the dreaded "Christian right." Shockingly, he urges Republican nominee for governor Bob McDonnell to distance himself from conservative Christians:

In his campaign for governor, McDonnell is positioning himself as a moderate Republican.

"One of the underlying concerns that many thoughtful Virginians have about McDonnell are his ties to the Christian right," Sabato said. "I can't tell you how many times senior people have asked, 'Who will Bob McDonnell appoint to the 4,000 appointments he gets?' 'Who will run the college boards of visitors and the state agencies?'

"The reasons these questions matter to the people asking them is they fear it will be the far right and the Christian conservatives," he said.

"I can guarantee you whoever the Democratic nominee is, that's going to be one of his major lines of attack: McDonnell is tied to the far Christian right and he will disproportionately make his appointments from that group. And that's not where Virginia is anymore. That will send the key independent and swing voters to the Democrats."

So, let's see . . . if you are a "thoughtful Virginian" you clearly have to be concerned about McDonnell and the "Christian right." The implication is, of course, that if you are the "Christian right" you must not be thoughtful.  (You know who you are — the "poor uneducated and easy to command" as the media once referred to you.)

Plus, and perhaps most importantly, those ties "will send key independent and swing voters to the Democrats." Not "might send" or "probably will send" or "could send," but Mr. Sabato categorically has decided that if you are an independent or swing voter you simply aren't going to vote for a conservative. I guess you might as well stop thinking now.

Let's cut to the chase here. The last people Republican candidates need to be listening to are media pundits (next to, perhaps, their consultants). Sabato clearly wants Democrats to win elections — the debate over his objectivity is over. This is really what he's saying: "If you're a Republican please don't run as an actual conservative Republican with any of those principles you used to talk about, you know, back when you used to actually win elections.  Since you have been losing by avoiding principle, please continue with that strategy. It'll work this time, I promise."

This diatribe (which J.R. Hoeft at Bearing Drift addresses masterfully here) is getting seriously old and it is astonishing that any "thoughtful Virginians" are influenced by it.

It does all bring back memories of Charlie Brown and Lucy and the football.  Remember, Lucy would promise time and time again to hold the ball and this time she'll actually let Charlie Brown kick it. And Charlie Brown eagerly falls for the lie every time. 

Time will tell whether Mr. McDonnell listens to Lucy and goes to kick that football again.