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Is There Vote Fraud In Virginia? Join Us For A True The Vote Presentation Tomorrow Night In Centreville

Here's a reminder about a great event we're co-sponsoring tomorrow night in Centerville explaining how to investigate and prevent voter fraud. We we hope you can attend if you live or will be in the area. The King Street Patriots from Houston is a group that was shocked to uncover several voting irregularities in its hometown elections, so it created an initiative called True the Vote, which is becoming a model for groups to fight voter fraud across the country (see video and read background, here). With General Assembly elections this November — normally very low turnout campaigns where a few votes can mean the difference between a conservative or liberal Senate — eliminating voter fraud is more important than ever. If elections are not fair they are not free. So, please attend Centreville Baptist Church tomorrow night at 7:00. to learn more. Catherine Engelbrecht, President of The King Street Patriots (see, will share the shocking experiences she encountered with the Houston True the Vote organization.

The video below is a Fox News Channel interview of Ms. Engelbrecht and Family Foundation friend Kelly Shackelford of the Liberty Institute. (Kelly was a key partner of us developing strategy during the Marriage Amendment campaign and LI has successfully argued religious liberty cases at the U.S. Supreme Court.) In it, they explain the outrageous and scary voter fraud discovered in Texas during recent elections.

Ms. Engelbrecht, herself, has a remarkable story and worth the time to see. She is a successful entrepreneur in the oil services industry, a mom and someone who was motivated in recent times to get involved in the political process after seeing the direction of our country. She founded The King Street Patriots and her work for it is entirely volunteer.

At the meeting you will also receive updates from American Majority, a Virginia-based national training organization whose mission is to train leaders committed to individual freedom through limited government and the free market. In addition, The Family Foundation will provide an update on the latest General Assembly and November election news. If you are in Northern Virginia, will be in the area, or want to make the trip, we encourage you to attend. For more information, contact Roger Pogge at 804-343-0010 or

The event is free and open to the public. Click here to register, for directions or for more information.

True The Vote Informational Meeting

Centreville Baptist Church

15100 Lee Highway, Centreville

Tuesday, May 17

7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Much is at stake this November: "If elections are not fair they are not free."

Congratulations To Liberty Institute's Kelly Shackelford!

We want to congratulate a dear friend of The Family Foundation and a true partner — Kelly Shackelford from the Liberty Institute in Texas, who successfully argued the Salazar v. Buono case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The court, in a 5-4 decision this week, ruled that a Cross could be displayed at a World War I memorial in a former national park (now in private hands) in California's Mojave Desert. Kelly, who heads the Texas family policy council, led the charge for the passage of the Texas Marriage Amendment, and is a true national leader. Some of you may remember that we brought Kelly to Virginia in 2006 to assist us in Marriage Amendment campaign strategy. He also was the keynote speaker at out annual Lobby Day in 2006. Way to go Kelly!