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Obamabots Speechless When Confronted With Logic

We all know Barack Obama is the chosen one, worshipped by millions. He can do no wrong. Whatever he says is magic and transcendental, casting a spell over his following. If he says two plus two is six, it is. If you disagree, you are a racist and a hater. (Actually, he probably does believe in that calculation given his incompetence in managing the nation's finances.) Liberalism in general is not a philosophy that demands great intellectual exercise. In fact, it's not a philosophy. It's an emotion driven reaction to circumstance (for example, "free" health care to those who can't afford it, although logic tells us nothing is free). It's default answer to every problem is to redistribute wealth, expand government and restrict liberty.

A terrific illustration of this was the president's campaign rally with "free" (i.e., taxpayer funded) contraception advocate Sandra Fluke Wednesday in Boulder, Colorado (see Caroline May at The Daily Caller). After the rally, Caleb Bonham of asked the Obamabots who attended two simple questions. The first was a no-brainer (at least to the 'bots). The second , which introduced logic, short circuited their wires. If you look closely, you'll see smoke emanating from their ears. Enjoy.

Should the government stay out of the bedroom? "Yes!"

These interviews even caught the attention of Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham:

Then why should government pay for your contraception? "Uhhhh, because Obama says so?"

Pastors Summit In Richmond September 20 Features David Barton, Congressman Randy Forbes, Bill Federer And Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr.

Since our founding 25 years ago, The Family Foundation has worked to engage pastors in the civic process. With new threats to religious liberty and the rights of the church to proclaim publically the gospel exposed every day, there is no time like the present to get involved. In that vein, on September 20, our Pastors for Family Values outreach arm is holding its third annual Pastors Summit, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at the Ramada Plaza Richmond West (directions, information). More than 200 pastors from all corners of the commonwealth already have committed to attending. More are welcome as we have assembled a lineup of extraordinary speakers whose credentials rival that of any national convention, and of which we barely scratch the surface here, including: 

» Historian David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders, who appears frequently on cable news channels (see interview with Mike Huckabee on Fox News Channel); 

» Virginia 4th District Congressman Randy Forbes, Founder and Co-chairman of The Congressional Prayer Caucus, whose House floor speech on religious liberty is one of the most watched Congressional speeches ever (see video);

» Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr., Family Foundation Chaplain and President of S.T.A.N.D., a national organization dedicated to maintaining America's Judeo-Christian heritage;

» Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel David French, one of the country's top religious liberty attorneys, (see Fox News interview with Laura Ingraham, here);

» Author and lecturer Bill Federer (see video), President of Amerisearch and frequently quoted in the media; and

» Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb, a recent participant in the 2010 The King's College Distinguished Visitor Series.

The theme this is, "A Passion to Preserve Our Religious Liberty," which is timely with new and greater threats to our religious liberty emerging almost every day, coming at us from every direction. It is imperative that pastors are equipped and engaged for the inevitable battles that lie ahead, and the reknown speakers addressing the summit will educate and inspire. 

The event is free for pastors, but registration is required (click here). Summit information, including hotel room discounts, can be found there. If you are not a pastor, but think your pastor should know about the summit, please share this link with him. For more details, please call Roger Pogge at 804-343-0010 or e-mail him at It is vitally important that every pastor in Virginia is informed and encouraged to engage the culture in this very important area of our faith.

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., speaking at a Pastors For Family Values event in Norfolk earlier this year, where he underscored the importance of pastor engagement in the public square. 

Eric Cantor Assures America He Will Bring ObamaCare Repeal To Floor Vote

What is it with conservative talk show host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham and Virginia Republicans? Last fall, she extracted a promise from then-gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell to defund Planned Parenthood and prohibit taxpayer funded abortions. Last night, substituting for Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Channel's O'Reilly Factor, Ms. Ingraham  had a spirited discussion with Virginia 7th District U.S. Representative Eric Cantor, the House Republican Whip. At issue was Congressman Cantor's willingness to go all out to repeal ObamaCare in any and all ways possible, but specifically, to bring a bill to the House floor that would immediately repeal the law if he is the next majority leader (pending the results of November's mid-term elections). A recent article in Politico brought some of his already suspicious conservative critics to raise their eyebrows yet higher. But Rep. Cantor was unapologetically determined to repeal the government-run health care scheme. Ms. Ingraham pressed and he pressed back, pledging to "defund, delay, repeal, all of the above" to remove the health-rationing law from the books. The video is below.  

As we noted earlier this week, it's hard to turn on national television these days and not see Virginia politicians. It's pretty fun stuff, usually, and when they're on with Laura Ingraham, it's usually news worthy, too.

Defund. Delay. Repeal. All of the above. Republican Whip (and perhaps soon to be House Majority Leader) Eric Cantor pledges to rid us of ObamaCare.

Urge Governor McDonnell To Ban Funding For Planned Parenthood, Taxpayer Funded Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Governor Bob McDonnell currently is reviewing the state budget passed by the General Assembly during its recent session. He has the opportunity to send amendments to the General Assembly to bring the budget in line with his goals, objectives and values. In doing so, he can send to the legislature budget amendments that defund Planned Parenthood, elective abortions and failed embryonic stem cell research. The legislature, in turn, will vote on any amendments Governor McDonnell sends it during its veto session on Wednesday, April 21. In today’s financial climate, it is even more essential that these publicly unsupported expenditures causing the destruction of human life not be financially backed by a fiscally failing government. If financial support is to be handed out from Richmond for anything, there are numerous life supporting and worthy causes that come to mind that deserve and truly need support. Here's some background on the budget language that we hope Governor McDonnell sends the General Assembly:

Banning Planned Parenthood Funding: This amendment prohibits taxpayer funding of the radical pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood. In its last fiscal report, Planned Parenthood Federation of America reported a budget of more than $1 billion. During this decade, Virginia taxpayers have sent nearly $500,000 to Planned Parenthood, one of the most politically partisan organizations in our nation. They do not need your hard-earned tax dollars. By the way, Planned Parenthood is responsible for nearly a quarter of the abortions that take place in our nation.

Banning Funding for Elective Abortions: Incredibly in 2006 and 2007, Virginia tax dollars directly funded 322 elective abortions. The federal government requires states to subsidize abortions only when a Medicaid-eligible woman’s life is at risk or in the cases of rape and incest. In Virginia, we fund elective low-income abortions — a standard beyond what is required by the federal government. Regardless of their position on abortion, a vast majority of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.

Banning Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Let’s be honest, embryonic stem cell research has failed, while adult stem cell research has produced dozens of treatments and cures. Virginia has a clear choice: fund what works or fund failed research to make a political point. According to a recent article in Investor's Business Daily, California, the most severely racked state in the nation, has learned some difficult lessons:

Five years after a budget-busting $3 billion was allocated to embryonic stem cell research, there have been no cures, no therapies and little progress. So supporters are embracing research they once opposed (adult stem cell research).

With all this in mind, we need your action to redirect Virginia in a positive direction on these important public policy issues. They are so important, in fact, that Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham asked candidate McDonnell about them in October on her nationally syndicated radio talk show. He promised then to ban funding for Planned Parenthood and taxpayer funded elective abortions. (Planned Parenthood even attacked him for the pledge.) Hear his pledge for yourself, right here:


Now, please contact Governor McDonnell immediately and urge him to keep his word and send the General Assembly budget amendments prohibiting taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and elective abortions, as ewll as embryonic stem cell research.

Contact him by phone at 804-786-2211 or click here to e-mail him.

Tomorrow Is Code Red Rally In D.C. Or At Webb And Warner Offices!

Our friends at Americans For Prosperity have released this reminder about Code Red tomorrow to convince the U.S. Senate to defeat the so-called health care "reform" bill. If you cannot go to Washington, D.C., then rally in front of the nearest offices of Virginia's U.S. Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner (click their names to get nearest office locations): 

Tomorrow is the day — Dec. 15 — of the Code Red Rally on health care. We hope to see you here in Washington, D.C., in Upper Senate Park at 1:30 p.m. wearing RED!

Or, if you cannot make it to Washington, go to YOUR local U.S. Senate office at 1:30 p.m. your time.

Join Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D., Sen. Jim DeMint, Laura Ingraham, AFP President Tim Phillips and our 15 coalition partners as we tell the Senate: "Hands off our health care!" The Democratic leadership is trying to get to a final vote this week, so the timing couldn't be better for us to take this stand.

If you cannot make it to Washington or to your local Senate office, please call your Senators' offices at 1:30 p.m. You can make a difference tomorrow!

Let's make sure they hear from all of us tomorrow.

Planned Parenthood Attacks Bob McDonnell

At our Gala Monday evening, the loudest applause line of Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb's address was when she said that pro-family Virginians expect that the next governor of Virginia to submit a budget that ends taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood. In a radio interview the next day on the Laura Ingraham Show, Republican candidate for governor Bob McDonnell stated that he would do just that. Now, Planned Parenthood is going berserk over McDonnell’s comments, despite the fact that The Washington Post today claims that Planned Parenthood didn’t receive any taxpayer money in this year’s budget. For several years The Family Foundation has worked with other pro-life organizations to end the taxpayer subsidizing of Planned Parenthood, often finding it difficult to uncover how much money they receive or through what agency or program.

While Planned Parenthood alleges that the money they receive is used for "women’s health care," the fact is that this is a $1 billion a year organization that performs more than one-quarter of all abortions in the nation, with roughly one-third of its income coming from taxpayers.

Oddly, for an organization that claims to be about "health care," it is run by a hard-core partisan Democrat, Cecile Richards, the daughter of former Texas Governor Ann Richards and former chief of staff to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The truth is, it is nothing more than a partisan organization that uses its taxpayer funding to bludgeon pro-life candidates across the country and to promote abortion on demand. This year, Planned Parenthood endorsed McDonnell’s opponent, Creigh Deeds, who supports taxpayer funding of that organization. in fact, Planned Parenthood endorsed all three Democrat statewide candidates.

The fact is that, regardless of their position on abortion, most Virginians do not like the idea of their tax dollars paying for abortions and, by extension, organizations that perform them. Planned Parenthood has plenty of its own money; it doesn’t need any from the taxpayers.

McDonnell Pledges Veto Of Planned Parenthood Funding On Laura Ingraham's Show

On Tuesday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell appeared on the Laura Ingraham Radio Show and, to the delight of many pro-lifers, took a definitive stand on banning taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. For many, such as Virginians For Life, such a public stand from McDonnell was essential and urged him for some time to make a public pledge. Remember, he has not signed a no-tax pledge. To others, his commitment to the pro-life cause was never in doubt. But Ingraham brought up the issue and McDonnell responded by saying banning state funds to Planned Parenthood is something he's been for since the beginning. Here's the interview. It lasts 7:19 and the Planned Parenthood question is at about the 3:40 mark.

Bob McDonnell takes the "No Planned Parenthood Pledge" on the nationally syndicated Laura Ingraham Radio Show.

Planned Parenthood’s Congratulatory E-Mail

Planned Parenthood (see article here), the nation's number one abortion provider (and recipient of your state and federal tax dollars), sent a congratulatory e-mail to its members last week. It is posted below, verbatim. After reading it, please consider joining us at The Family Foundation of Virginia Annual Gala, to be held at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, November 20, (more details here) at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, who was named a "domestic terrorist" by Planned Parenthood, is our keynote speaker (see videos of him speaking about life here and here and click here to see an interview with him and Laura Ingraham.)  Ticket information is available by clicking here, by calling 804-343-0010, or by e-mailing

Letter From Planned Parenthood To Its Supporters

From:   Cecile Richards, President                 Planned Parenthood Federation of America


Dear xxxxxx,I've been wondering what it would feel like to know that the president of the United States supports women — it's been a while — and I must say, it feels amazing.

People around here are finally exhaling, after eight long years. Just think, the massive amount of time, energy, and resources that the Planned Parenthood community had to spend shielding women and teens from the harm caused by the Bush administration can now be directed to expanding women's access to the reproductive health information and services they urgently need.

Not only that, we also defeated anti-choice ballot initiatives by decisive margins in California, Colorado and South Dakota. Thank you so much for helping us protect women's reproductive rights this election — your support and the hard work of people in those states made the difference.

It's genuinely exciting to think about what we can achieve if we pull together. But we have to make a special commitment to one another. We have to pledge to seize our new opportunities with as much energy and tenacity as we've used to fend off the risks and challenges of the last eight years.

President-elect Obama said it so well last night, "This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were."

It's up to us to take up that challenge and urge Barack Obama to act on his deep commitment to women's health and reproductive freedom by reversing the global gag rule, restoring funding for UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and acting quickly to overturn any dangerous last-minute anti-choice regulations that the lame-duck Bush administration may seek to put in place. We'll be asking for your help on these issues soon.

Today, we are determined to turn the new climate of hope and possibility into real change for the women Planned Parenthood serves . . .

Imagine — being able to reach out to the generation of young women and teens that Bush administration policies have left without access to comprehensive sex education and affordable birth control.Imagine — reducing our tragically high rate of teen pregnancy and the disastrous spread of sexually transmitted infections, currently affecting at least one in four teenage girls in America.

Imagine — being able to help patients overcome rising barriers as more and more women turn to Planned Parenthood for their health care needs.

Yes, there's hard work ahead to achieve our vision for a healthier America and a healthier world for women. But making that vision a reality is now, happily, ecstatically, within our grasp.xxxxxx, I want to extend my gratitude to you. You stepped up when women were besieged from all sides by anti-choice hardliners, and you saw those women and Planned Parenthood through every challenge. Thank you.


Cecile Richards, President Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Family Foundation Gala Set For November 20

The Family Foundation of Virginia's Annual Gala Celebration is only a few weeks away.  This year's Gala is on Thursday, November 20, at 7:00 p.m., at the Greater Richmond Convention Center's Grand Ballroom. It is black tie optional and a private reception for event sponsors begins at 6:00. We are especially excited about our keynote speaker, Phill Kline. Last year, attendees were amazed at the presentation of Eric Metaxas, author of Amazing Grace: William Wiberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery, the companion book to the critically acclaimed movie Amazing Grace. His talk about William Wilberforce set the stage for a real life Wilberforce at this year's event: Phill Kline.

For some hard core news junkies, Mr. Kline may be a familiar name, while most people probably are unfamiliar with him. But no one in American politics better represents our theme this year: "Principle Over Politics." Mr. Kline has faced dramatic political, personal and legal repercussions for his battles with Planned Parenthood, first as the attorney general of Kansas and now as a county prosecutor. He may be the foremost pro-life public official in America today and his commitment to expose Planned Parenthood's cover-up of illegal activities in Kansas truly is inspiring. Although it has cost him elections, Mr. Kline  has not compromised his principles. To preview his talk, we will post here in the near future an interview we are going to conduct with him. We also will post some video of and about him, starting with one at the end of this page.

Tickets for the Gala are $85 per person or $165 per couple. Sponsorship opportunities also are available. To reserve your tickets or to become a sponsor, click here for a printable order form. (For more information about the Gala and articles about Mr. Kline, click here.) Completed forms can be mailed to:  

The Family Foundation of Virginia One Capitol Square 830 East Main Street Suite 1201 Richmond, Virginia 23219

For those travelling a long distance, we have secured a significantly discounted group rate at a nearby hotel that will be guaranteed through October 30. For more information concerning tickets, sponsorship opportunities or hotel reservations, please contact Dan Thompson at (804) 343-0010 or e-mail with "Gala Information Request" in the subject line.  

We look forward to seeing you in Richmond on November 20. In the meantime, to give you a preview of what to expect, please view the video interview below with Phill Kline by Laura Ingraham on the Fox News Channel: