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Uncle Sam Sheds A Tear: A Bill Of Particulars In An Updated Declaration

In the previous post, we asked that you stand with us for freedom as we are in a perilous time for our freedoms unlike that which most living today have ever seen in our country. The direction of our country — persistently high unemployment, record numbers on  government assistance, a new wave of permanent underclass, economic shambles, ever expanding government control over all aspects of our life, an unprecedented mandate to purchase something or get thrown into a government program and penalized monetarily, incomprehensible national debt, loss of freedoms and conscience protections, religious liberty gutted, marriage redefined, values under assault — is not exactly that for which our Founders pledged their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor."  The litany — which could make for the bill of particulars in an updated Declaration of Independence — is enough to make Uncle Sam cry. In fact, he is. Our good friends at Let Freedom Ring produced this video recently showing Uncle Sam distraught about our current plight. Wrote LFR President Colin Hanna:

This 4th of July, as we commemorate our Declaration of Independence and the patriots who fought to secure our remarkable experiment in freedom, there is a cloud forming over our national celebration. The Obama Administration is weighing us down with a crippling national debt and ever-greater government control over our economy.

To convey this loss of freedom in a poignant yet light-hearted way, we are releasing a video showing Uncle Sam symbolically shedding a tear. ...

We can do better than an America that brings Uncle Sam to tears. The spirit of our Founders still lives in the hearts of 21st century patriots, but if we take freedom for granted, we'll eventually lose it. If we keep it at the heart of our national consciousness, we will remain the land of the free.

Uncle Sam and the Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize much about America today.

What Have You Done Over The Last 925 Days?

We're upon Labor Day and instead of our attention being focused on the American worker, it's on getting America working. Our country is in a jobs crisis. Today's unemployment report reflected the predictable and continued job creation stagnation that surely envelops societies that binge on government expansion, takeovers, bailouts, regulation and massive debt. PGA golfer and ESPN analyst Paul Azinger had a headline grabbing tweet last week that pretty much summed up the situation (see Rick Moran at The American Thinker): Of course, ESPN scandalized Azinger at its hypocritical best (see Dana Loesch at BigJournalism.com). But that's another blog post when I'm on another deadline and need an easy target. What Azinger's comment did do was ring a bell with me when I received this from our friends at Let Freedom Ring. It's a new campaign to highlight the productivity of Americans while their president embarks on golf trips, vacations and creates excuses (though he sought the job) rather than jobs. It's called 925 days — the time from the day he signed his crippling and cynical stimulus into law — to his Martha's Vineyard vacation. It calls our attention to our situation, but also calls us to action.

He still has his: Do we pay him to work or golf? Actually, maybe he should stay out on the course.

If You Can't Get To D.C. Monday, Attend The November Speaks! Virtual Rally Online

Another annoucement regarding the November Speaks! rally on November 15 on Capitol Hill in Washington: Americans For Prosperity launched a new Web site for the event which includes a page where you can participate in a virtual rally if you can't make it to the nation's capital (click here). The rally is designed to raise awareness of, and put pressure on, the lame duck Congress to stand down from any grandiose schemes for still larger government, higher taxes, debilitating regulations and crushing debt, all of which amounts to more control from Washington and less freedom everywhere else. Ignoring the recent election results, Nancy Pelosi yesterday brazenly threw a celebratory party to laud her "accomplishments." But she's not done yet. Starting Monday, she is reconvening Congress, while she still wields the Speaker's gavel, for one last attempt to ram through the big-government takeovers that remain on her leftist agenda. It's already being referred to as the "Zombie Congress" since so many members are the walking politically dead. Rejected overwhelmingly by the voters, they should not trample on the will of the people and leave quietly, having done enough damage.

Among the speakers at November Speaks! are U.S. Representatives Michele Bachman (R-Minn.) (see Paul Bedard's U.S. News Washington Whispers blog), Mike Pence (R-Ind.) (see the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog) and newly elected Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) (see the Washington Post's Virginia Politics blog), as well as AFP President Tim Phillips. Other partners in staging November Speaks! are 60 Plus, Let Freedom Ring, Institute For Liberty, Tea Party D.C. and Smart Girl Politics. For more information about attending in person, click here.

Family Foundation Files Brief In National Day Of Prayer Case

The Family Foundation today signed onto an amicus brief (see brief) by Liberty Institute filed in the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the National Day of Prayer in Freedom from Religion Foundation v. Obama (see news release). Those represented in the brief in addition to The Family Foundation include Dr. James Dobson, the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family Action (CitizenLink), the American Civil Rights Union, Let Freedom Ring, and Liberty Counsel, as well as 27 other state family policy councils. On April 15, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb ruled that the federal government's observation of prayer is unconstitutional (see Christian Post), despite numerous rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court that protect long-standing traditions of religious invocations. Today's brief argues that not only is the National Day of Prayer constitutional, but that Judge Crabb's ruling establishes active hostility to religion and must be reversed.

When Congress passed a statute in 1952 calling for the president to issue a proclamation designating the National Day of Prayer, it memorialized the virtually unbroken tradition of presidents from Washington to Truman, each of whom designated a day of prayer.

In May, The Family Foundation also joined an amicus brief in the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in another important religious liberty case, Joyner v. Forsyth County (N.C.). The details of this case date back to March of 2007 when the American Civil Liberty Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed suit against North Carolina's Forsyth County Board of Supervisors stating:

[the Board] does not have a policy which discourages or prohibits those whom [the Board] has invited to deliver prayers from including references to Jesus Christ, or any other sectarian deity, as part of their prayers.

It is clear that attacks on our first freedom, the right of conscience, seem to be coming every day. The National Day of Prayer has been recognized by presidents of both parties and by Congress for decades and prayer has been part of our national character since its founding. It is appalling that a single judge can undermine that longstanding tradition but, unfortunately, the courts have a mixed record at best on protecting our First Amendment rights.

The Family Foundation has been, and always will be, a voice for religious freedom in our commonwealth. The words of Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom — that are the foundation for the tradition of religious liberty in our nation and the precursor to the First Amendment — must be preserved and protected. That is a legacy that we have inherited and we must defend.