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Virginia News Stand: March 25, 2009

Let's skip over the state news . . . there's a lot going on in the country and elsewhere. The opposition over Catholic Notre Dame conferring an honorary doctorate on pro-abortion President Obama continues to grow, as the local bishop will boycott the commencement for the first time. (The irony of the "messiah" getting boycotted at Notre Dame; the irony of him invited to Notre Dame in the first place.) In another headline grabber, Planned Parenthood has changed its abortion tactics. Also, parents in California assert their rights over their children's public education, while teenagers across the country now have a conservative radio program of their own, co-hosted by Christian actor Stephen Baldwin and author and Fox News contributor Kevin McCullough.

But, most importantly, because it's just so good, a reprise of the previous post — our first-ever World News item with accompanying video: European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan blisters British Prime Minister Gordon Brown over his shambolic socialism run amok in the U.K. The phrasing of this short speech ("Brezhnev-era apparatchik," "devalued prime minister") gives it more punch than anything twice or three times as long, and certainly more so than anything the "messiah" has ever said for all his rhetorical praises. Has a new Reagan been born? 


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