McAuliffe Will Create Jobs Bill Clinton Says

Virginia News Stand: April 28, 2009

The Washington Post today picks up on something we wrote about quite extensively last week — namely, former Delegate Brian Moran's all out adoption of the homosexual lobby's agenda in his bid for the Democrat gubernatorial  nomination. It may work for the short term (the primary) but surely will blow up on him in the general election, if he gets that far. But the big campaign news — as usual, wherever he goes he sucks up all the attention — was former President Bill Clinton's swing through Virginia yesterday in support of Terry "T-Mac" McAuliffe's candidacy for the Democrat gubernatorial nomination. By the way, isn't there a third Dem candidate?

Also, there are two commentaries below. One, by David Limbaugh, is especially timely given how Congressional liberals are trying to rush through and cram down our throats "hate crimes" legislation. Now, who is it that legislates morality? Who limits freedom? Does this remind anyone of the Sedition Act? The other, a OneNewsNow blog comment, reviews how super model Kathy Ireland came to be pro-life and what Planned Parenthood told her.


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