Mike Wade

GOP Finds A Candidate For 3rd Congressional District Challenge To Bobby Scott

In what is nothing less than a gargantuan task, even in what is shaping up as a good year for Republicans, Virginia's Third Congressional District Republican Committee has drafted former Virginia Beach GOP chairman and Navy officer Chuck Smith to challenge incumbent U.S. Representative Bobby Scott (D-Newport News). Rep. Scott has the distinction of being one of only a few, if that, who voted against a Congressional resolution recognizing Christmas as well as against a resolution supporting the Pledge of Allegiance. (Makes you proud, doesn't?) Still, this is district that votes about 70 percent Democrat, allowing Rep. Scott to vote as far to the left as he wants. Mr. Smith, no doubt, will try to paint that as too far to the left, even for the Third District. Mr. Smith earlier sought the GOP nomination for the Second Congressional District seat, but withdrew. His acceptance of what appears to be a nomination by acclamation at the May 22nd Third District Republican Convention comes after at least two other Republicans announced candidacies to challenge Rep. Scott, but withdrew. Here is the news release put out within the hour by the Third District GOP Committee:

Third District Republican Leaders Draft Chuck Smith for Congress

Smith Accepts Call for Duty

Sean Devlin, Chair of the Third District GOP Candidate Committee, today announced that Chuck Smith has accepted a call to run as the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives. This announcement concludes a lengthy effort by grassroots Republican leaders from throughout the Third District to draft Smith and persuade him to take on this important challenge.

"The incumbent may call the Third District home, but he represents only Washington special interests," said Mike Wade, Chairman of the Third District Republican Committee. "There were many fine individuals who considered running this year. I want to thank them for their decision to help draft Chuck Smith. Their decision to bring a united front to our effort means we have a chance to elect a Congressman who will actually represent us, the people of the Third District."

In accepting the draft to run, Smith outlined his reasons for running. "Over the past year, spending in Washington has been out of control, and it is only getting worse," Smith said. "We must help turn the tide by winning this congressional seat for the people. To win, we need a candidate who is conservative, principled and can provide a clear vision for voters on how to get our economy moving again. I believe I am that candidate."

Concluding his statement, Smith added, "There comes a time when our decisions must consider the Greater Good. Our purpose in life is beyond our personal immediacy, interest and goals."

Chuck Smith is a veteran of the Marines and served as a Navy JAG. As a veteran, he understands how important our men and women are to our national security and the sacrifices their families make on a daily basis. As a community leader active with the Republican Party for many years, Smith has talked with hundreds of small business owners who are struggling under an ever-increasing number of mandates passed by this Congress. His number one goal will be to change the direction that our federal government is going in and make creating new and better jobs our national priority, second only to our national defense.

"For too long, the current representative has failed to demonstrate leadership on behalf of the citizens of the Third District," said Chairman Wade. "We are determined to give the people the ‘best of the best’ to represent them in Congress."