Donna Rice Hughes To Present Enough Is Enough Child Internet Safety Class

Internet pornography, sexting, online predators . . . our children are exposed to garbage and dangers that once could only be found in the seediest parts of town. Now, with a click and a keystroke, your children, from the comfort of their bedroom, can visit Web sites that offer the vilest types of pornography. These images can even be downloaded onto a cel phone or an iPod. Child predators posing as teenagers are befriending our children on Facebook and MySpace, creating dangerous relationships that can end in tragedy. What can you — as a parent, youth pastor, teacher or mentor — do to alert the young people in your life of the dangers awaiting them in the online world that they all live in? What do you need to know to protect them as they surf the Web, download movies and music, and make new friends online?

Learn how you can protect your children from the dangers that the digital age poses. The Family Foundation is joining with Enough is Enough and the Attorney General’s office to present Internet Safety 101 on Thursday, April 29, from 1:00 – 4:30 p.m. at Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond. This free, hard-hitting session, led by Enough is Enough president Donna Rice Hughes, will prepare you to protect your family and equip you to train others in this critical area of need. Each church or ministry represented will receive a complimentary 200+ page workbook and a 4-lesson DVD to share with others in their congregation. All are welcome to attend. To register or for more information, call Roger Pogge at 804-343-0010 or e-mail

What: Internet Safety 101

Where: Immanuel Baptist Church, 3601 Monument Avenue, Richmond

When: Thursday April 29, 1:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Trainer: Enough is Enough President Donna Rice Hughes

Register: Call Roger Pogge at 804-343-0010 or e-mail

More Information:

Enough Is Enough

Pastors For Family Values, our pastor outreach arm, works year round to provide an array of resources and opportunities that will have a direct affect on churches and ministries. One such resource we are proud to offer is the newly released Enough Is Enough: Internet Safety 101, designed to instruct pastors, educators and, most importantly, parents, on how to make the Internet safe for their children. To help best utilize this valuable resource, we are conducting Internet safety training in conjunction with Enough Is Enough and the Attorney General’s Office on Thursday, April 29, from 1:00-4:00 p.m., at Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond. This training is designed for pastors, church lay leaders, school administrators or other ministry leaders. Each ministry represented will receive a complimentary four-lesson DVD and 200-page workbook (a $40 value).

This is program is relevant to everyone with a computer, cell phones, Playstations, etc., especially those with children in their home. Pornography is one of the most destructive forces in the decline of the American family. Recent studies published in the Journal of Adolescent Research indicate that 87 percent of young men and nearly 31 percent of young women report using pornography. The number is probably higher because many will not admit doing so, even anonymously.

Children also are prone to become targets for sexual predators if they don’t know how to protect themselves while navigating through social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Too often, parents just don’t know the dangers.

If you are a pastor or private school administrator, we urge you to attend this important training. If you can’t attend, please consider sending a youth pastor, an associate pastor or administrator or another leader from your ministry. We know attendees will find the session informative and helpful in tackling this difficult and crucial issue. With your participation and that of other church leadership from across the Commonwealth, Virginia will lead the way in protecting our children from the dangers of internet pornography and sexual predators. Children deserve a life of healthy family relationships, not one scarred by stolen innocence.

This free training will equip you with the resources you need to educate the members of your congregation to make their homes safe from the dangers of online pornography. Our young people are very adept at getting around the Web, so parents and Christian leaders need to stay informed and knowledgeable in order to provide proper guidance and instruction to them in this area.

If you would like more information concerning the Enough Is Enough training or curriculum, or to reserve a spot at the April 29 training, please contact Roger Pogge at or call 804-343-0010.

Social Networks And TFF

Social networking was one of the absolute strengths of Barack Obama's campaign for president. Understanding the new ways that the next generation communicates was key to his ability to reach and mobilize younger voters like no candidate in history. Using tools like Facebook (register for TFF page), MySpace, YouTube (see TFF page) and Twitter (see TFF page) is critical to getting a message out and, frankly, bypassing some in the Mainstream Media who can be antagonistic to our efforts.

The Family Foundation is joining this new media revolution once again. In 2007 we launched, which quickly became one of the most read political blogs in Virginia. 

Now, we are pleased to announce we are accelerating our move into the New Media. We have started Facebook and YouTube pages and are offering Twitter updates during the 2009 General Assembly Session (click on the links above to register).

Twitter is an opportunity for you to receive short, concise minute-by-minute updates of what is happening in the General Assembly. You won't have to wait for the "News at Six," or even for a more detailed blog update (which, by the way, we will also provide — faster than any other blog in Virginia).

You will hear the latest Dick Saslaw "foot-in-mouth" incident while the words are still hanging in the air! You will know the votes before they are recorded by the committee staff. You will hear the inside of the inside of the debate, political maneuvering and policymaking.

All in 140 words or less (wow, that is a big challenge).

To sign up for our "Tweets," simply click here.

Also, join the Friends of The Family Foundation Facebook Page. This is another place where you can network with other like-minded citizens. If you don't have your own Facebook page, you must register first (click here or above).

Perhpaps the most fun, especially for those who thrive on information and news, especially that which isn't covered by the Mainstream Media, is YouTube. There's no registeration involved. Simply click here (or above) to go to our new YouTube page and see videos by and about The Family Foundation and issues we work hard to advance. We already have several more to add, which we will do soon. We guarantee this will be a robust page, augmented by this blog. (If you haven't noticed, we like posting videos here, so the two sites are natural complements.)

We also plan to videotape 2009 General Assembly committee debates and then make relevant portions available here and on our YouTube page (we have our own videotaping capabilities now). This way you can watch, listen and see for yourself some of the things our opposition says and does, but which rarely gets reported. As they say, "If only more people knew." We aim to make sure more people will.

All of this effort is to ensure that you are a more informed citizen, and thus better prepared when you contact your legislators and when you vote. We hope you will be part of our new media and social networking efforts. A more connected grassroots via networking gets the word on events and news faster from blogs and YouTube, and soon, the public at large knows and the MSM can't ignore the story anymore.

We look forward to providing more opportunities like these to keep you instantly informed and active in your government and its policies that affect you and your families.